April 02, 2021

I’m sure you’ve heard before: The opposite of love is not hate; it’s fear.

But --

How do we embody courage?
How do we practice fearlessness?
How do we dissolve fear of conflict?

One of my favorite quotes from Chogyam Trungpa is:

“True fearlessness is not the reduction of fear, but going beyond fear.”

One of the fears I see most these days is fear of conflict. We don’t want to offend anyone. Or be attacked. We don’t want to face anyone’s wrath. And we’re even MORE afraid of what we’ll do if we express our own anger.

In reflecting on other types of fears, I keep coming to the conclusion that in most cases:

We’re primarily wary of what we might feel -- in the situations that we’re afraid of.

Boiled down ... we’re afraid of feeling.

The root of the word courage is ‘cor’, which means heart.

The earliest definition of courage was: “To speak one's mind by telling all one's heart.”

Often, the first step is to speak our mind to ourselves about what we’re actually afraid of.

Once we’ve faced the overwhelm of looking at our fears head on -- that’s when the transmutation starts. Then we can lean into flower essences for support.

From the list below …

Which fear are you most acquainted with?

Which fear would you most love to transmute and go beyond?

And if you get overwhelmed … stop reading and just look at which flowers attract you the most. Start there.

Fear of conflict.

Nectarine Blossom helps you see benevolence everywhere.

Fear of being judged or cursed on social media.

Bonsai Plum Flower amplifies curiosity, exploration and risk-taking.

Fear of your own anger.

Black Bat Flower alchemizes your anger into advocacy (Also in Truthteller).

Fear of emotions, the unknown & your worst nightmare.

Crown Flower magnifies equanimity, discernment and freedom from fear.

Fear of what others think or ostracization.

Desert Milkweed helps us experience the world as a friendly, understanding place.

Fear of vulnerability.

Cannonball inspires us to surrender into deeper intimacy in life without fear of being exposed.

Fear of persecution.

Rose of Venezuela infuses us with the courage to expand without fear of what others think (Also in Inner Knowing).

Fear of attack or being drained.

Jade Vine helps us fearlessly engage with the world around us.

Fear of violence.

Bodhi Tree amplifies a sense of safety and peace (also found in Boundless Wisdom).

Fear of seeing the [ugly] truth.

Clock Vineinspires us to see deep down into ourselves & where we want to make changes (also found in Open Heart).

Fear of death or separation.

White Magnolia magnifies deep peace, acceptance and spiritual fulfillment (also found in Boundless Wisdom).

Fear of yourself -- at your full potential.

Pink Primrose calls us to action with innovative new ideas (also found in Gamechanger).

Fear of running out of time.

Banana Blossom helps us feel that we’re in the right place at the right time (also found in Gamechanger).

Fear of regrets or spinning out of control.

Saraca inspires a natural sense of timing and being present in the moment (also found in Open Heart).

Fear of failure.

Night-Blooming Cereus magnifies realization of our true gifts and the ability to act on them (also in Full Bloom).

Fear of being unlovable or not mattering.

Hong Kong Orchid amplifies total self-acceptance and self-appreciation (found in Infinite Love Elixir).

Fear of sexual abuse.

Squash Blossom dissolves past trauma and helps us feel at home and safe in our bodies (also in Luscious Embodiment).

Fear of motherhood.

Rhododendron induces motherly love, protection and self-mothering (also in Fierce Compassion).

Fears of pregnancy, breastfeeding, motherhood, menopause.

Papaya harmonizes our relationship with motherhood and transitions (also found in Full Bloom).

Fear of not enough money.

Peony liberates an uninhibited abundance mentality; we feel wholly innocent & luscious (also found in Wild Abundance).

Fear that things won’t work out.

Sweet Pea amplifies our ability to embrace infinite possibilities (also found in Expansive Presence).

Fear of going crazy.

Sacred Datura shines a light into dark places and gives us a new perspective.

Fear of growing old, useless and unattractive.

Shower of Orchids inspires a profound understanding of your value + contribution in the world.

Fear of being in the spotlight.

Star Flower inspires unapologetic beauty & embracing our greatness (also found in Expansive Presence).

Fear of asking for what you want.

Royal Poinciana gives us the courage to ask for what we want and know we deserve it (also found in Truthteller).

Being overcome by everyone else’s fear.

Red Clover turns down the volume of the influence of the collective fear and amplifies your natural courage (also found in Radiant Energy).

Fear of loneliness & things not turning out.

Magenta Epidendrum amplifies our open-heartedness to life & helps us experience acceptance when people or situations don’t live up to our expectations.

Fear of not having what it takes.

Bamboo amplifies determination and the thought pattern, “I can do it” so we can make the impossible possible (also found in Full Bloom).

Fear of setting boundaries.

Wild Delphinium elicits our fiercest self so we can value what we offer, voice our needs and receive others where they’re at (also found in Luscious Embodiment).

Fear of abandonment.

Pink Torch Ginger heals old wounds, dissolves our yearning for another to complete us and helps us radiate from the inside.


If you made it this far, I congratulate you.

It’s not easy to reflect on all the different kinds of fear.

But once we acknowledge our fears, we can work with them. Flower remedies soften and dissolve them so we can go beyond them. And then we can inspire others with our fearless heart.

My flower essence teacher used to tell me that if 3% of the world’s population was working with flower essences regularly, it would create enough ripple effect -- for the future of our planet to radically change for the positive.

Imagine this: as a result of you expressing more courage and fearlessness, everyone around you feels it -- and is empowered to be more courageous in their lives.

Here’s to your contagious courage!

Love + flower petals,