May 20, 2020

I collected the Epidendrum Orchid, Epidendrum radicans, from a Sri Lankan gardener in Santa Monica, California. His name, Ratna, means jewel in Sinhalese. While the flower essence was infusing, I had tea and cookies with this kind-hearted man and his wife, as well as an in-depth tour of his beautiful garden. Before I left, he wrote my name for me in Sinhalese, with its beautiful flourishing spirals and curls. 


If you’re attracted to the Epidendrum Orchid, you may be yearning for more ease and connection. You may have found yourself nervous that things won’t turn out the way you want them to, or worried that you’ll ‘miss the boat’.

Or, you may have a subtle fear running in the background that you’ll be alone or lonely at some point in the future. Ultimately we come in and out of this world alone -- aloneness is real.

And everything is inherently unknown - we cannot orchestrate the future and we have no idea what is actually coming next in life. As humans, we tend to fear the unknown. We put up walls when we are afraid. We grow tense with resistance, wary of the unknown. We dig in our heels and resist. We cannot control life, so it makes us uneasy.

We don’t want to face that possibility of our greatest fears. We want to avoid them; the future cannot be manipulated to our liking.

If you are drawn to Epidendrum Orchid, a part of you is longing to find more freedom in the unknown and ever-changing nature of life.


Go to the heart of the matter.

Epidendrum Orchid teaches us how to open our hearts to life. When we’re open to life, we can allow things to fall into place. We can work with whatever arises around us. We can be more open to deep, meaningful connections with people that we ordinarily would put up walls to keep out because of a simple fear of the unknown.

We can go right to the heart of the matter, and there is no confusion. We are at ease, because we are in our integrity. We are clear and direct and heart-centered. We come from a malleable and soft place that can put itself in others’ shoes and better understand the other.

When we can stay open to what is, we become curious about the truth of the situation and how to work with it. When we engage and cultivate our curiosity, we’re more receptive to fortuitous occurrences and synchronistic events with people and the environment around us: Do what you do well, keep your heart open and the rest will fall into place. Nature does not make great effort - it just blooms.

Our openness also allows us to understand that there are multiplicitous outcomes, not just one right way for things to happen. As a result, we can stay open and allow life to unfold in front of our eyes like a choose-your-own-adventure book -- except that we are influencing the storyline.

We can forgive others for not living up to our expectations. And we can forgive ourselves for having expectations. We are able to drop into the ease of observing the present moment and our awareness of what’s happening and our own participation in it.

Epidendrum helps us have a visceral experience of love - that there is an abundance of love all around us. There is no scarcity or lack. If expectations are not met in one area, they will be met in another area. There is no need to search for love. It is everywhere around us, so we can rest into it and allow life to unfold, along with our active participation in the choices that we make.



Magnifies: Open-heartedness; curiosity, being open to life; feeling that love is all around; being direct and heart-centered; going right to the heart of the matter; forgiveness when others don’t live up to our expectations

Dissolves: Anxiety that things won’t turn out the way you want them to, uncertainty or fear of the unknown; worry about missing the boat, being alone or loneliness; avoiding situations out of fear; shutting down the heart out of fear or worry


This elixir showed up in the midst of one of the most challenging weeks I’ve experienced in a while. Taking this elixir made each turn feel safe. I felt held by the universe -- like laying in my mothers lap -- and truly knew that everything would be okay.- Rachel F.


Most epidendrums are epiphytic orchids, meaning they grow on the surface of a plant and derive moisture and nutrients from the air, rain or debris accumulating around it. This Epidendrum, though, is actually a terrestrial orchid, meaning it grows in the earth.

Epidendrums are some of the easiest orchids to grow - they are hardy and persistent, often blooming several times over the season. They do well with low nutrient sites and are amazingly adaptable to a variety of conditions.

They usually have tough, leathery leaves and long, thin stems with long-lasting clusters of flowers.


Love + flower petals,