March 22, 2019

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Lathyrus odoratus
Activate: Possibilities
Message: Anything is possible.

Whenever we’re picking up flowers for a Flowerlounge, I cannot resist piling on another few hundred roses. The last time we were in NYC, Simon from our favorite flower market kindly removed the bright pink Sweet Pea flowers from my arms: “I don’t think you want these,” he said, explaining that they had been flown in from Japan at $75/tiny bouquet (!). Simon was right, haha. But that little 5-minute love affair was fun while it lasted.

sweet pea flower essence lotuswei


The Sweet Pea, an annual climbing plant, is native to southern Italy and the Aegean Islands. Reportedly, a Sicilian monk sent the first Sweet Pea seeds to England in the 17th century, where they became highly cultivated. No English garden was complete without the lovely colors + unique fragrance of the Sweet Pea, who is affectionately referred to by gardeners as the ‘Queen of the Annuals.’

The flower was immensely popular during the Victorian era, a time known for ‘the language of flowers,’ in which the Sweet Pea represented pleasure and gratitude. They are still found in many home gardens + are in high demand in floristry (as my small $75 bundle shows!).

Unlike the edible pea, Sweet Peas are toxic if ingested in large quantities.

Sweet Pea was also used extensively in the study of genetics, after Gregor Mendel’s famous cross-breeding studies. With its ability to self-pollinate + easily observed traits such as color, height, and petal form, the Sweet Pea flower helped many genetic principles to be validated.

sweet pea flower essence LOTUSWEI


If you’re attracted to the Sweet Pea flower, you may feel like you’ve been hitting walls in your life—your business, relationships, career, personal growth. Things may feel like they're just not working out as planned. You may feel like you're hitting dead ends, forcing you to question yourself + your actions. Out of frustration, you may find yourself striking out at yourself (through inner dialogue) or being critical of others (even if just mentally).

You may find yourself getting caught in a poverty mentality, feeling lost or unable to conceptualize how you’ll get from where you are to where you want to be. You may experience lack or scarcity, or doubt that proposed ideas won't pan out (“That won’t work”).

sweet pea flower essence


Sweet Pea is the quintessential ‘money’ flower. It helps us pull out of our tunnel vision of how things ‘must be’ and open our minds to limitless possibilities. We get a sense of the abundance of opportunities + myriad ways of doing things.

It magnifies gentleness, softness, and ease, allowing us to slow down + take a look around, approaching our ‘dead ends’ with complete openness. We are able to rest regardless of our external situation and magnetize creative solutions/opportunities—instead of feeling like we must keep going until every problem is solved.

sweet pea flower essence


Magnifies: Prosperity; open-mindedness + adaptability; patience; forward thinking
Dissolves: Feeling like things aren't working out the way you planned; frustration; stubbornness

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Love + flower petals,

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Shireen D

November 18, 2019

OMG! This was such a beautiful and on target write-up, I must say. Upon sight I was immediately drawn to the color, then the delicacy, serenity and overall beauty of the sweet pea. But as I continued to read, everything written regarding this flower was so spot on, it was eerie. It described my situation (current & ongoing) at length. This elixir spoke loudly to and resonated with me. A definite MUST purchase! She ready!

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