April 03, 2020

Last year when we removed the previous owner’s name from our building in large black serif letters glued to the wall: ‘Arizona Medical Association’, the bush underneath the letters died unexpectedly. Several of the more green-thumbed folks analyzed it (namely, my Mom), and we couldn’t figure out why it died.

Shortly after we placed the new letters of our sign: Self-Arising Nature Center, underneath the word ‘nature’ a wild plant sprouted up from the gravel rocks. It had huge pale green leaves that looked like a milkweed variety (and butterflies love milkweed!) so I asked our landscaper to let it grow.


Over several months it grew from a few inches to a few feet tall. We left it there to do its thing, until one day, Taylor was walking around our property and saw that the flower had exploded into full bloom!

In late March of 2020, right at the initiation of the American ‘lockdowns’, this plant burst into magenta, indigo and pale green stars.

Taylor immediately researched the flower and found that it was not native to Arizona and not commonly planted in gardens. How did it get here? But what really blew our minds was the name:

Crown Flower (Crown in Spanish = Corona).

This self-arising flower had already previously felt auspicious to us -- now that it was blooming at this particular time and with that name -- seemed too coincidental to ignore. I had a serious desire to sit with this plant, like it was calling to me, yet when I got close to it, it made me feel wary and energetically nauseous. It felt to me that it was something to behold, a powerful remedy.

I made a mother essence of it and my team quickly moved into action to make it available as an elixir. After ascertaining the qualities of the flower, it is yet another example of the purely and absolutely inexplicable magic of Mother Nature, always here to support us when we need it most, blooming right at our front door.



If you’re attracted to the Crown Flower, you may be in the process of facing and liberating your fears so that you can expand into a more powerful version of yourself. Whether internally or externally provoked, you may be looking at the possibility of your worst nightmare (whether real, in appearance or a fear of the unknown), causing you to experience paranoia, worry and nervousness.You may dread or fear seeing what’s ugly a situation, the world or yourself.

Alternatively, you may be wary of your emotions overwhelming or overtaking you.

Fears can come in many shapes and sizes. They can be intense and they can be mild. Little tiny happenings during a day can trigger a bigger, deeper hidden pattern. In order to understand what Crown Flower would specifically be working with in YOUR psyche, you’ll want to ask yourself what your fears are. What really scares one person is different for each person. 

Just for fun, here’s a list - you may have fears of: abandonment, someone unexpectedly dying, sickness, losing control, being invisible, not being taken into account, being left out, being extricated or expelled from groups, being persecuted/roasted/criticized publicly, being seen/heard/exposed/imposter syndrome, loved ones seeing something about you that’s ugly/embarrassing, failure, looking like a fool, unknowingly hurting someone, being alone/lonely, growing old/dying alone and phobias (snakes, spiders, bugs, the dark, ghosts).



Crown Flower essence helps us maintain equipoise when confronted with our ‘worst nightmare’. Rather than a false sense of stability, a calm neutrality pervades our existence. We become more adept at discerning true sources of danger vs. fear of the unknown, illusory appearances or what if’s. We’re able to face our fears with equanimity and even a curiosity.

We come to a deeper understanding of the nature of fear and our own true nature. 

We realize that the vast majority of what we perceive is merely that -- a perception -- and in most cases we realize that there was actually no threat all along. We ultimately become more able to remain in a state of spacious awareness even in face of death, our loved ones’ death or whatever represents our greatest nightmare at the time.

Crown flower essence allows for a swift expelling of toxins, releasing any stuckness or gunk from our digestive systems (or emotional material we’ve not been able to ‘digest’). Our approach softens and rigid dualistic mental constructs loosen from extremes of: right/wrong, black/white, good/bad.

It expands our capacity to receive nourishment from the sun through our crown, making us clearer and better equipped to tap into our own source of inner wisdom.


We experience a new peaceful freedom in the body and express ourselves in a simple, unassuming way as “this is me”, which both allows for the simplicity and humility of: “I am human”, as well as a vaster, more spacious, timeless, spiritually powerful version of ourselves. We become comfortable with our own embodiment of the queen/king archetype, reigning the realm of our own existence and creation.

Crown flower essence dissolves worry and angst and helps us experience our own true self-arising nature. We can rest in our own expanded awareness states with a greater capacity to hold complex situations without grasping or wanting to solidify positions.

In summary, Crown Flower helps us liberate our wildest fears so that our wildest dreams can happen.

Note: when working with this essence, it is important to take a quiet moment to yourself when you take this elixir. Immediately after taking it, rest for a few minutes and notice what you experience.


Dissolves: Wildest fears, worst nightmare, paranoia, frantic, worry, disgust, not wanting to see what’s ugly; fear of emotions overwhelming you or overtaking you; causes of fear and dissolves fear out of the body; extreme dualistic perceptions of good/bad, black/white, right/wrong; fear of the unknown.

Magnifies: Fearless equipoise, peaceful neutrality, freedom from dualistic perceptions; discernment between true danger vs. fear of the unknown; fresh new freedom in the body and in how we express ourselves; allows more of what’s inside to come out in a balanced, poised way: “This is me,” in a simple, unassuming way. But “this is me” is also a mind-blowing introduction to your own true self-arising nature.

Note: If you experience a healing crisis with this elixir it will look like one day of amplification of fears or discomfort. It may not feel like fear - it could feel instead like tension or grumpiness. And then it will dissolve and the following day you will feel better, more neutral and spacious. 


Love + flower petals,