August 12, 2012


Ficus religiosa
Activate: Boundless love
Message: True love is unconditional.

The first time I saw a Bodhi tree I had just landed in Bodhgaya, India. As the courtyard, a strange sensation came over me and I began to weep quietly to myself. Something overtook me - I was so filled with love and peacefulness. It was as if I felt like I was coming home from a long journey, one that I previously hadn’t known I was on or where I had originated from.

When I collected the Bodhi tree leaves to make the essence, the sun was shining and everything around me seemed to sparkle. I was surrounded by monks, nuns and other meditators doing their practices. Stray dogs were prancing around the area and brightly-colored zinnia flowers looked like pinwheels in the sun. Time seemed to pause. The huge, heart-shaped leaves quivered on the branches of the massive trees that offered shade and cool moisture.

Bodhi tree Bodhgaya India LOTUSWEI flower essences

 Why it's Special

The Bodhi Tree is a rare and sacred fig tree, native to India, Nepal, Burma, Sri Lanka and southern China. It symbolizes pure body, pure speech, pure mind and its leaves are shaped like exquisite hearts. 

Not all of the Ficus religiosa trees are called "Bodhi" trees. Bodhi is a special name, meaning 'awakening' or 'enlightenment,' reserved for those trees that belong to an unbroken lineage from the original ficus tree that sheltered the Indian prince, Shakyamuni, who would become known as the Buddha. He vowed to sit, under this tree in Bodhgaya, until he became enlightened: 100% free of fear, anger and all disturbing emotions, awakening an all-pervasive love, compassion, kindness, pure motivation and a total understanding the past, present + future.

The massive Bodhi trees at the base of the stupa are descendants of the very tree that existed there over 2500 years ago, where the prince made his vow, and became the first of many ‘Buddhas’, or enlightened ones.

Bodhi tree India LOTUSWEI flower essences

The experiences I had during this these months in India changed me and my life forever. An entire decade passed before I went back to visit Bodhgaya again in 2013. This time, I wanted to be able to capture some of the power, magic and love that emanates from this special place and from the hearts of the sincere meditators who come to visit. What better way, then to make an elixir of the Bodhi tree!

{If you’re interested to see more photographs of the area precisely where I collected the essence to make the Bodhi Tree elixir, find them here.}

Bodhi Tree Leaf LOTUSWEI flower essences

What it Reveals

If you are attracted to the Bodhi Tree or its leaf, you may be wishing to express your love more deeply, or you may be yearning to fuel your spiritual connection. You may need to carve out some extra time for meditation, prayer or spiritual practice.

Whatever it is that connects you with the divine, whether it's a specific practice, creative expression or being in nature, make time for it and be intentional with it. There may be gifts and treasures that are waiting to be discovered when you give that extra space for awakening your spiritual side.

Bodhi Tree Leaf LOTUSWEI flower essences


What the Elixir Catalyzes

The Bodhi Tree essence catalyzes an all-encompassing love that pacifies negative emotions. It helps us cut through fears and anxiety, as well as experience unwavering peacefulness, open-heartedness and tenderness. It magnifies patience and the ability to accept others as they are, forgiving and unconditionally loving them without wanting to change them.

Bodhi Tree calms aggression, anger and violence, inspiring kindness and gentleness. It awakens devotion and a deeper experience of spiritual connection.It helps us embrace life as it is, perceiving the sacredness woven into the fabric of everyday life.

*The Bodhi Tree Elixir is a very strong and potent elixir. If at any time any discomfort arises, you can slow down and take it 1-2 times each day instead of five times/day. 

It is also part of our Boundless Wisdom collection. 


Experience the divine magic of Bodhi Tree!
Experience the divine magic of Bodhi Tree in Boundless Wisdom! 
In Essence

{Magnifies}: All-encompassing love and devotion; patience and accepting others as they are; feeling safe, loved and patient; sense of something greater than oneself; tenderness, open-heartedness, softness and gentleness.

{Dissolves}: feeling disconnected from your spiritual life; negative emotions; fear, aggression, anxiety and obsession; fear of violence; feeling unsafe;

Love + flower petals,

Katie Hess Signature LOTUSWEI

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August 07, 2019

Hi Tiffany!
We always recommend to begin with the 5 drops, 5x/day, as that is generally the usage at which elixirs are most effective. And remember – discomfort isn’t always a bad thing! It often allows us to see and become aware of things that we typically might try to avoid. But yes, if you become too uncomfortable, bring down to 1-3x/day.
Send us an email if you have more specific questions, we’re happy to help!


August 07, 2019

Do you suggest taking as directed 5x daily and reduce to 1-2x only if discomfort occurs?
I was planning to take it 1-2x daily at first to avoid any discomfort :)

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