September 02, 2020

I believe that one of the most important skills or qualities required for right now is the ability to be vulnerable.

When I first conceived of this new blend called Open Heart, I thought it was about being vulnerable with other people around us, and while that is part of it, I believe the first step is actually in being vulnerable with ourselves.

Happy to say that Open Heart is here to support us in this endeavor!

As the 3.0 expanded expression of Infinite Love, Open Heart helps us dive deep into vulnerability, seeing the truth, slowing down enough to address what IS -- and having the energy to maintain a child-like curiosity with even the most challenging aspects of our lives.


Open Heart is an antidote to soften the hardness in our hearts. It helps us find the ground of our being. It helps us first and foremost be able to open our hearts to ourselves, to turn toward all the parts of ourselves that we’ve tucked away because they are scary.

When we open our hearts to our inner demons of anger, bitterness and grasping -- and accept them wholeheartedly and welcome them to be at the dinner table with us, they soften.

Softening harsh self-judgment and criticism is key. Once able to turn toward and soften to everything within ourselves, particularly the sticky parts we’d rather avoid, we can begin to speak the truth to ourselves. To explore with curiosity what’s working and not working, and what elephants are in the room that want to be addressed.

Here are the flowers that I've found to be the most effective at magnifying raw vulnerability, openness & engagement with life:


If you are attracted to the Cannonball Flower, you are (likely) human, just like the rest of us! Deep down you may feel a little wary about getting into your vulnerability, or witnessing someone around you become vulnerable. We get nervous about emotions, especially those ones we fear might overcome us or make us feel like we’re losing control.

For this reason we might experience reluctance, tension or resistance around core wounding patterns within ourselves. If there is a deep dark part of us or skeletons in the closet, some kind of unresolved grief, anger or other intense emotion, it's possible we keep it buried. Or, more commonly, we don’t even realize it exists.

If someone around us becomes vulnerable, we may fear getting wrapped up in a story or hooked into an emotional dynamic. Seeing other people in their vulnerabilities makes us face our own vulnerabilities. Seeing people experience intense emotional states connects us with our own unresolved wounds- and that can be scary.

Cannonball magnifies our ability to be vulnerable with ourselves and others. It allows us to be in situations where we fully surrender to ourselves and in the presence of another person. We can also see and appreciate another's ability to surrender. We let go of inhibitions and are able to hold a container of space in which whatever arises can be met with softness, love and acceptance. We can experience appreciation and affection.

If it is us suffering, we no longer feel that there is something terribly wrong with us. We allow the floodgates to open, relieving the pressure and tension of buried or unresolved wounding. If it is someone within our own sphere who is suffering, we no longer feel the need to 'solve the problem' or be their savior. Instead we can hold a certain space or energetic field, so the person feels like they are in an embrace, allowing them to simply transform on their own.


If you find yourself attracted to the Clock Vine flower, you may be ready to see or unleash a part of you that is very deep inside your heart. There may be something bubbling inside you that you've not previously wanted to see or face, because it might require some sort of discomfort. And yet, there is also a part of you that is so totally ready for a big change - a bolder expression of YOU, a more expansive manifestation of all you have to offer in this life, that requires you to fully look at what's been previously hidden.

You may also be sensing that you are standing at a crossroads, choosing between two very different paths to take. Or you may have the feeling that you are standing at a doorway, knowing full well that if you step through it, you will feel a grander acceptance of gifts and abundance.

The Clock Vine flower enhances our ability to be completely honest + self-accepting of whatever our experience is, and when the time is right, be open to showing others what it is we are experiencing on the deepest levels. It magnifies our ability to let things fall apart + disassemble, in order to reassemble them into a new order, one that's more aligned with our highest potential. It helps us tap bravery & courage to look fearlessly at our lives, and where there is misalignment, be able to do something about it.

We may not know what it is or fully understand it, but that which is bubbling up within us gains a direct channel through our heart. We are able to 'take out our guts and put them on the table' - for ourselves to see + be with, as well as having the bravery to allow our closest loved ones to also witness or gain a window into what's happening deep within us. We see more clearly whatever it is that we have not been confronting within ourselves.



If you find yourself attracted to Lady’s Mantle, you may be ending a winter season, either literally or metaphorically. After having endured many challenges, you are ready for spring. And - you are ready to spring forward and not be held back in any way. Projects that may have slogged along and bogged you down are ready for a fresh infusion of energy. You may have felt limited or slowed down, and you are now ready to break free of all boundaries and pioneer a new path. If not specific projects or aspects of your life, it can indicate a desire to break out of your usual norms and routine. It can facilitate a more outgoing, uninhibited approach in areas you might previously have kept under wraps or been more conservative.

Lady’s Mantle promotes emphatic engagement with life and our surroundings. It helps us push past boundaries, get outside our comfort zone and forge the way. It dissolves apathy, boredom and the doldrums, and helps us feel energetic, cheered up and excited. It revitalizes our childlike essence, giving us a fresh perspective on what we’re experiencing today.

Just as a flower leaps out of the ground in spring, Lady’s Mantle helps us conjure up and express joyful, fresh energy from within ourselves, helping us expand in unique new ways. It helps us maintain curiosity, especially when facing challenges.


If you find yourself attracted to Saraca, you may have felt stuck, stagnant or as though there is not enough time. You may feel worried, impatient, strained or that you are rushing. You may be experiencing chaos, lack of safety or a sense of spinning out of control. There may be an area of your life that you have the nagging sense that it’s not how you want it to be (even if you don’t yet know what you do want).

Saraca flower helps us sink into the groove of experiencing the natural rhythms of life. Rather than feel a sense of lack around time, it awakens within us a deep valuation of what we already currently offer to the world (vs. constantly focused on what we’ve not accomplished yet and how little time there is).

It helps us gently support and nurture ourselves without rushing. It brings out motherly qualities in us, like a peaceful, loving, enduring and safe approach, helping us slow down in order to do things correctly. We get a sense that we have all the time in the world - that by taking our time, life can be more meaningful.

This elixir dissolves fear of running out of time, feeling stuck or spinning out of control and can assist in creative visioning and the ability to know the next steps of creating your ideal life, while opening ourselves to the experience of the present moment.



Green Turquoise fosters serenity and wholeness within. It is a talisman of abundant creativity, helping us integrate the fragments of ourselves into a peaceful cohesive balance.


These are two flower elixirs that we feel are so important, we put them in every formula we make! We infuse blend with Pink Lotus (wisdom + insights) and Yarrow (re-energize after being on cell phone/computer). Pink Lotus is also a 'catalyst flower essence', strengthening and boosting the synergistic effects of every blend.


After months of formulating this blend, we settled on what I think of as a spicy cherry liquor. A perfumer’s simple classification of the blend would be: Floral Fruit. The mist and the anointing oil are delightfully, intensely fruity and the serum in its lighter dilution smells like lemon vanilla cream pie. Natural essential oils are magical in that they smell so different in varying dilutions!

Note: I know there are two kinds of scent-perceiving humans on the planet, i.e. some people love cilantro and for others it smells soapy. I perceive Open Heart as: cherries to the max in a liquor - super ultra fruity with hints of floral lemon-vanilla in an after dinner liquor. But some people smell banana - please tell me what you perceive because we’re all curious! ; )


1. The thought of vulnerability makes your entire body tense up.

2. There’s something you’re avoiding or don't want to look at.

3. You feel resistant or aloof to emotions.

4. Life feels stagnant -- and then change you know you need to make is going to really rock the boat.

5. There's a hard conversation you need to have with someone you love.


1. Radical open-heartedness with yourself.

2. A sense of shameless surrender or inner devotion.

3. More patience to listen to other people’s stories.

4. A greater willingness to imagine what life must be like for whoever you talk to.

5. An easier time staying in hard conversations.

6. More intimacy in love relationships.

7. A willingness to gently address anything you’ve been avoiding.

8. An energetic opening in a way that people feel they can be more vulnerable with you.

9. Less attacked and more open to people who you perceive conflict with.

10. Greater ability to face something you would typically avoid.

11. More child-like curiosity about yourself & others.


MAGNIFIES: Engagement with life; raw vulnerability; revealing the deepest parts of yourself; bringing ideas to fruition; pushing past boundaries; feeling ready to move forward & not be held back; forging a new path and leaving your comfort zone; nurturing ideas; intimacy with yourself & with others; perfect timing; curiosity and wonder; direct channel from your heart

DISSOLVES: Resistance to emotion; boredom; apathy; dread; worry; impatience; rushing; feeling stuck; stagnant; going against the natural rhythms of life; fear of vulnerability; being closed; pride; aloofness; pretenses; fear of others seeing something about you that is ugly or scary


Cheers to you -- and your wildly open heart,

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