March 27, 2020

I believe now is the time, more than ever, to recognize the spiritual + energetic power that each of us possesses.

It is time to allow ourselves to receive more abundantly.

It is time to allow things to be more effortless. 

We don’t have to do it all and we don’t have to do it all alone. We can let loose and be more of ourselves, because we have done the work of liberating old fears. We can receive all parts of ourselves (even what we thought was ugly) and embody the wholeness of who we are as a divine human being. 

We deserve nourishment, and success doesn’t require self-sacrifice. We can do it a new way. We can be more vulnerable and allow help. We can make ourselves a priority, knowing that what’s best for us is best for everyone. 

We can become more aware of how we spend our time and only put our resources into that which is expressive, supportive and ultimately that makes us better humans. We don’t have to allow distraction to run our lives. 

We can expand and create success, knowing that our success and abundance does not mean that there’s scarcity for others, in fact, just the opposite. We can put ourselves out there as our ‘real’ authentic selves, without fear that we will be alienated or judged. 

We can be unapologetically beautiful and fearlessly independent.

We can be free to express ourselves and we can find wild comfort even in the unknown. We can feed our visions and take bigger risks. We can be greater leaders, of ourselves and our lives and the rest will fall into place.



If you are attracted to the Red Cup Water Lily, you may be yearning to experience a fuller realization of your potential.It melts feelings of hesitation and restraint, allowing you to embody your full potential.It indicates a time for listening deeply, in order to recognize the divine within yourself and in the people around you.

The divine presence that you possess is emerging and expanding on a more powerful scale.

Red Cup Water Lily inspires an ease within, allowing us to step into our power and embrace it. We can step into our full leadership capacity, embodying our majestic, noble + sublime qualities. Energetically, we're more equipped to magnetize the support that will facilitate and liberate our greatness and better able to fully accept and receive. Gentle insistence and open presence, rather than fighting, becomes the means for bringing aims to fruition.

This flower essence helps us to openly receive not only what it is we seek but also to receive ourselves—meeting and greeting and cherishing ALL parts of ourselves, whether we believe those to be beautiful or ugly, shameful or exquisite.

Red Cup Water Lily magnifies the divine feminine within all of us, helping us embrace that gentleness is power. Tapping into interconnection, this flower essence enhances our willingness to support each other as wisdom beings. With this support + recognition, we reflect our divine nature to each other and are able to see divinity within ourselves.



If you’re attracted to Meadow Cabbage, it’s likely that you are on the verge of major expansion—within your personal growth practice, your business, or some other aspect of yourself that you are ready to bring into the world in a big way. But you may be unsure of not only what that looks like, but whether you even have the capacity to make it happen.

You may also be caught in a loop of thinking you need to do it all yourself, and that anything that’s worth doing will be hard, take all your time + energy, and leave you exhausted and depleted. 

Meadow Cabbage expands our capacity to see in what ways we can level up—we get a better understanding of how a larger vision can emerge.

It helps us get super clear + determined about what we want, and it becomes effortless to let go of anything that doesn’t feed our vision.

Your own nourishment becomes your #1 priority as you realize that you can only be big and do big if you’ve eaten the meal, done the meditation, drank the water, taken the downtime, been flexible with your schedule, etc. It uproots the patterns that make us believe that in order to do big things in the world, we need to work harder, feel exhausted, and deplete ourselves. It rewires our capacity to build a grander vision while simultaneously being nourished and find ways to build the vision in which everyone involved is nourished.

This internal nourishment + recognition of what we need also creates a greater capacity to receive external support and nourishment. Instead of thinking we need to keep it all together to make it happen, we are able to let others in ~ sharing where we’re at and allowing them to support us. We are also able to see more clearly where we are truly supported and let go of the relationships + situations that are not deeply nourishing.

There is a reduced fear of the unknown and unraveling the habitual pattern of always seeing how it ‘won’t work.’We no longer get stuck in the details about how it’s going to happen; Meadow Cabbage increases conviction that it’s going to happen, period. And then you follow it up with action, which happens at the right timing.

Meadow Cabbage helps you to become more aware of how you allocate your time, energy, and attention—rare and precious commodities in today’s world. Maybe you begin to see little ways you waste these resources, from talking about things that don’t matter (mindless chatter) to scrolling mindlessly through social media (depletion). When you develop this awareness, you can take breaks and refocus that time + energy on yourself so that you can invest it in things that will allow your big vision to gain traction.



If you’re attracted to Sweet Pea, you may feel like you’ve been hitting walls in your life—your business, relationships, career, personal growth. Things may feel like they're just not working out as planned. You may feel like you're hitting dead ends, forcing you to question yourself + your actions. Out of frustration, you may find yourself striking out at yourself (through inner dialogue) or being critical of others (even if just mentally).

You may find yourself getting caught in a poverty mentality, feeling lost or unable to conceptualize how you’ll get from where you are to where you want to be. You may experience lack or scarcity, or doubt that proposed ideas won't pan out (“That won’t work”).

Sweet Pea is the quintessential ‘money’ flower.It helps us pull out of our tunnel vision of how things ‘must be’ and open our minds to limitless possibilities. We get a sense of the abundance of opportunities + myriad ways of doing things.

This essence assists us in recognizing the things that fall in line with our energetic signature or that resonate with us—and which things don’t—so we can feel:

expanded versus contracted.

Sweet Pea magnifies gentleness, softness, and ease, allowing us to slow down + take a look around, approaching our ‘dead ends’ with complete openness. It reminds us that sometimes we need to let things fall apart so that better combinations and solutions can self-arise from the spaciousness of what's possible—without our effort.

We are able to give ourselves permission to rest and listen to ourselves, regardless of our external situation, so that we can magnetize creative solutions/opportunities. Instead of feeling like we must keep going until every problem is solved, we can stop and wait until the timing feels right, letting things fall into place naturally.



If you’re attracted to Star Flower, you may be shy about "putting yourself out there." Fear of failure, being in the spotlight or stepping out on your own might hold you back from your own greatness. You may worry that if you are fully yourself, others may get angry or jealous or abandon you.

You may prefer to stand in the background and let others be front and center. Or perhaps you’re worried that if you step out of the shadows, you’ll lose your support system and have to stand all alone.

You may have heard the saying: “It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.” Often it is our greatness that we fear most because we fear what will happen as a result.

Star Flower helps us embrace our greatness—not only the luminous, magical, beautiful qualities of our essence, but also our unapologetic fearlessness.

There is a sense of comfort in who we are—ALL of who we are, all parts of ourselves.

As we stand up for what’s meaningful to us, we realize we can be our biggest, truest selves without alienating ourselves or losing the support of others. We recognize the freedom in being "real," no matter what that looks like. We dissolve resistance and fear to being fully comfortable with the most raw and wild expression of ourselves.

Without subconscious worries of being cast out or abandoned, we operate out of security and independence. We are unafraid to be great, to be in our own power, to be in the spotlight. And we become more immune to other people’s energetic fluctuations as we grow stronger in ourselves. We know the world is a supportive and loving place, waiting for us to share our gifts and unique abilities.

We allow ourselves to revel in our own luminosity as we reflect back to others their own unique beauty. By recognizing our own innate preciousness, we are able to honor the preciousness inherent in everything and everyone else.



These are two flower elixirs that we feel are so important, we put them in every formula we make! We infuse blend with Pink Lotus (wisdom + insights) and Yarrow (re-energize after being on cell phone/computer). Pink Lotus is also a “catalyst flower essence,” strengthening and boosting the synergistic effects of every blend.


In the world of gemstones, Citrine is a talisman of prosperity. It helps us recognize the resources and opportunities around us.


The scent of Expansive Presence is the wildest one I’ve made so far, and made with expensive, rare essential oils like White Champa Flower, Costus Root, Orris (Iris) Root. At first, the scent may appear strange or unknown to you -- much like being in a situation of unknown or lack of recognition -- and then it grows on you. It’s earthy, floral and powdery, alluding to an abundance of pollen.


MAGNIFIES: Expansion; leadership from within; fearless independence; freedom of expression; unapologetic beauty; stepping into your (inner) power; prosperity; magnetism; open and receptive presence; comfort with fear of the unknown; allowing things to fall into place; fuller realization of who we are as divine beings; ability to receive support and nourishment; see your priorities clearly + focus action on them; open-mindedness + adaptability; forward thinking; feed your vision; experience more ease being in the spotlight; ability to take greater risks.

DISSOLVES: Contraction, holding back or hesitation; self-sacrifice, or the pattern that depletion is the only way to accomplish a great vision; feeling stuck or spinning your wheels + not getting anywhere; fear of the unknown, failure or things not working out; confusion around how to make your vision a reality; frustration that things aren't turning out as you had planned; afraid to be yourself or be in the spotlight for fear of alienation or lack of support; feeling left out or left behind; fear of being cast out or of abandonment; feeling that you have to ‘go it alone’ or that you have to do everything


    Love + flower petals,

    P.S. When we're on the verge of major expansion, we may feel stretched, uncomfortable, unsure, impatient, irritable, overly-serious or a sense of contraction. This is completely normal. In fact, all of us at the office had our own version of this happen within the first week of taking Expansive Presence.The antidote? Support this process of expansion withJoy Juice. It dissolves any excessive seriousness or tendency to over-complicate and enlivens us with a sense of freedom, simplicity and fun!

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