October 12, 2016

Full Bloom is for when you want to take a big leap + sky-rocket to the next level of your growth.

The wish-fulfilling botanical treasures in this blend awaken mind states that help us feel like like anything is possible. And in fact anything IS possible. It is usually just our tricky, sneaky minds that play tricks on us - with self-limiting patterns and false beliefs downloaded from family lineage, cultural messaging or past experiences that register 'messages' in the cells that affect our view of reality and what's possible.

The antidote? Flowers that wake up the power of fearlessness, openness, perseverance + realization of your true gifts.

Night Blooming Cereus Argentine Giant by Louie Shwartzberg LOTUSEWI flower essences
Activate: Fearlessness
Message: Take the leap!

Being drawn to the Cereus flower indicates that you are ready to see those fears or limitations as illusory appearances and move past them - you are ready to do what it takes to accomplish your highest expression. You have the courage to sift through your fears and old patterns to free the part of yourself that wants to propel you forward in a big way.

Usually flowers that bloom at night are for helping us see a side of ourselves that we don’t usually look at. They illuminate different shadow aspects of ourselves that we don’t often see. This particular flower digs deep into fear patterns. It unearths self-limiting habits and conscious or subconscious fears that are running in the background, in the shadows, and oftentimes affecting our behavior.

Fear holds us back from being our greatest selves. This isn't about your fear of spiders or snakes or falling off a fifteen-story building; rather, it’s related to the fears that would prevent you from getting out of your comfort zone. Night-Blooming Cereus brings these fears into our awareness, so we can look at them and release them.

I often talk about this flower as being the catalyst for changing my whole life and business - which is true. I went from doing one-on-one consultations to making hundreds of products for the largest hotel chain in the world. I had always had huge aspirations, but the Night-Blooming Cereus helped me materialize them.

Not about baby steps, Cereus helps you take a big leap towards reaching for your full potential. It pushes you past any preconceived self-limitations, moving you into new territories, new expression of your gifts. When you fearlessly go out on a limb after your dreams, you can achieve what you may have thought was unattainable.

Activate:Hidden potential
Message: Uncover your secret talents.

If you are attracted to the Banana Yucca flower you may have experienced a recent urge to ‘break out’ or have felt a desire to experiment with how you show up in the world and how your ‘work’ manifests into physical form. You may have felt that you have a big vision, yet you’re not clear how it’s going to play out. You might see the big picture, but the details are fuzzy. Or perhaps you have a clear plan, but are feeling open and flexible to wilder and more adventurous expressions of what your creations.

Metaphorically, the shape of the flower reflects its superpower, as one of it’s main special qualities is to unleash hidden potential {the star} within each of us. We all have talents, yet oftentimes we are talented in areas that we may not even be aware of yet. Banana Yucca helps us unearth these hidden talents and have a stronger sense of purpose about our lives.

Along with helping us experience a deeper understanding of our abilities and capabilities, Banana Yucca dissolves any shyness or insecurity we have around our skills and abilities magnifying conviction, perseverance and sense of support. We are able to make great leaps and bounds in our progress - with Banana Yucca, we even surprise ourselves with what we’re capable of.

Bamboo essence

Activate:Unwavering determination
Message: Make the impossible possible.

If you're attracted to Bamboo, you may be planning a big project or about to engage in something that challenges you. You may want to take what you're doing to the next level, and need an extra shot of determination. You may have big ideas, yet have lingering reservations about going all out, or occasional doubts that you have what it takes.

As an essence bamboo is unparalleled for making the impossible possible. It offers unfaltering strength, persistence and tenacity, with a perfect balance of flexibility, gracefulness and the ability to accomplish something against all odds. Bamboo enhances focus, clarity and awareness of how our every day actions relate to our greater goals. It deepens an understanding of our actions as a part of the bigger picture, as well as being unwavering in whatever it takes to accomplish our aims.

Bamboo elixir dissolves the thought pattern, “I can’t do it" and eliminates fears and non-constructive enmeshment with others. Bamboo is all about rapid growth: no hesitations or doubts as it reaches for the sky - it simply goes for it, with perseverance, determination and power.  

Message: Gentle is powerful.

If you are attracted to the Papaya flower, you may be exerting a lot effort and overextending yourself. You may feel the desire to collaborate instead of compete, yet find it difficult to accept help. Being drawn to Papaya flower may indicate that you are reevaluating your relationship to masculine and feminine qualities within yourself.

Just as the enzyme in the fruit is known for its ability to tenderize and soften, the Papaya flower plays a special role in helping our planet recognize the power in being tender and soft. As we enter into a time of increasing female leadership, Papaya flower elixir prepares our collective consciousness for honoring the feminine just as much as the masculine. We are re-learning to value and cherish both masculine and feminine aspects within ourselves, and how that plays out in our every day actions.

As a culture, we are learning to find a balance of masculine/ feminine energies, focusing more on ‘being’ just as much as ‘doing'. Papaya flower teaches us how to flourish by attaining a healthy balance of both yin (feminine) and yang (masculine) qualities in ourselves and our culture. Both are necessary and vitally important. However, if we are to find a balance, it is time to enhance the yin qualities which have been historically devalued: receptivity, listening, nurturing, intuition, collaboration, compassion and tenderness.


Dissolving fears of moving into the unknown + programmed belief systems, Azurite gemstone elixir activates clear understanding, deeper insights + new perspectives.

Aroma:Citrus Spiced Euphoria

Aroma-therapeutically, it's the blend that practically every person on the earth loves without hesitation, men and women alike, with its sensuous, yet accessible blend of citrus and spices.

Use Full Bloom when you feel:
  • Shyness about purpose in life or insecurity about capabilities
  • Feeling alone or having to do it all yourself
  • Confusion or lack of clarity around purpose or vision
  • Old habits, patterns and illusions, fears, negativity, self-limitations
  • Extremes of inferiority complex and superiority complex
  • Any excess of hardness of character
  • Competition, envy, looking at others’ accomplishments and feeling small
  • Refusal to accept help
  • Devaluation of feminine energy or roles
  • Attitude of “I can’t do it”
  • Lack of follow-through, stamina or determination
Using Full Bloom regularly will magnify:
  • Perseverance, unfaltering strength, persistence, tenacity
  • Awakening of hidden talents and unearths hidden power
  • Unexpected leaps and bounds in progress
  • Strength in the “I can do it” mindset
  • Making the impossible possible
  • Focus, clarity, awareness of everyday actions + how they relate to greater goals
  • Realization of your true gifts
  • Fearlessness, openness + confidence
  • Deeper understanding of your shadow side and illusions
  • Purification from the inside-out of all limitations necessary to accomplish the highest goal
  • Balance of feminine and masculine aspects
  • Ability for collaboration, receptivity, receptivity, intuition, nurturing and community mindset
  • Learning the balance between ‘making it happen' and ‘magnetizing’ what you need

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May the flower in your heart bloom full!

Love + flower petals,

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