Sacred Body

The subtle body is a gateway to your vitality.

Auric revitalization. Bioenergetic purification. Ethereal alignment.

Sacred Body Flower Elixir Supplement
Flower Elixir Blend with Silver to support the body’s natural detoxification and self-healing processes.

Sacred Body Wei Qi Facial Mist
Flower Elixir Mist with Silver + Jasmine essential oil sprayed directly on the face.



Infused with 9 flower remedies for rapid detox, self-healing & vitality.

Customer Reviews

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Justyna Wallace
Detox Boost from Heaven

I’m so grateful for this elixir & spray set. I’ve had lots of trouble teasing out layers of old traumas, skin problems, and postpartum changes since having my second last year, on top of all the stress in the collective. I perceive this blend really calms my nerves & helps ground. I am able to pounce back playfully and prioritize my health & closest relationships. My appetite has improved too in a balanced way, tremendously helpful for breastfeeding. I feel supported, its very uplifting and like a delicious smelling silent but sensual cheerleader. Im on my second set & love it! Thank You Katie & team!

Corinna J.
Sacred Rest

I am slowly understanding the sacredness of my body. I was so conditioned to rush and push and override any tiredness and resistance within me that relaxation became really difficult for me. Since I am taking Sacred Body I notice that I am less willing to force anything, that I am letting go more often and remember to rest my body and take care of my whole being. I am not on my second bottle.

Sacred Body

Okay, I am not sure if this is possible but with the first 5 drops of Sacred Body I just took, I swear my body did something amazing! It was like the tension and things that have been bothering me started to exit my body. Not everything yet but the exit has begun! Holy cannoli, that was the most profound thing that has happened in my life so far! I immediately sent my bestie a text to let her know she was going to need this! Thank you. I am so excited to see how it helps me in the long run and to use the Self Heal as well.

Michelle Z
Sacred Body

I bought this with high hopes.Long story short, I have been dealing with post concussion issues including dizziness, fatigue & weakness. I have been getting regular acupuncture & am working with a functional med dr which has been very helpful in my healing.
I decided to purchase Sacred Body elixer to clear any Energetic imprints that might be lingering in my system from the accident. I took the elixer every 1/2 hour the first day and then 5 times a day the next 2 weeks! I Within 3 days I started to feel much clearer, the vestibular symptoms subsided & I felt stronger in my body!
I ran out of it too soon & am reordering the elixir & spray & want to take it for a full 6 months to see what happens & i will write a new review then!
Thank you for this Sacred & powerful elixir that is so very needed at this time of great uncertainties. ❤️🙏🏼🌺🦋🥰

Elena Litvack
Essential and sacred

Love this elixir.
I am on my second bottle and in this day and age feel it's integral part of my routine to stay grounded present and safe.
It's a subtle yet fierce protector of my energy, guardian of my heart and a lovely teacher.
It think the Sacred body elixir will forever live in my medicine cabinet!
Thank you Lotuswei!