Sacred Body

The subtle body is a gateway to the physical body.

Auric revitalization. Bioenergetic cleanse. Ethereal alignment.

Sacred Body Flower Elixir Supplement
with Bio-Active Silver for rapid detox, self-healing & vitality. 

Sacred Body Wei Qi Facial Mist
with Bio-Active Silver & Jasmine sprayed directly on the face.



Infused with 9 flower remedies for rapid detox, self-healing & vitality.

Customer Reviews

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In Love!

The past year has been heavy and I wasn't aware of everything that I was holding on to and carrying. Sacred Body helped bring back my clarity and focus by gently removing dense and clogged energy. When I can feel the anxiety begin to bubble up, I take 5 drops under my tongue and immediately feel more relaxed. Thank you Katie for creating this magic.

Karen Betten
Won’t leave home without

It is truly the best. I had Covid symptoms in April + had a lingering exhaustion that this little bottle of magic took took care of after about a week of taking it regularly.

Now whenever I feel symptoms arising like sore throat or achiness, I start taking it as often as my body asks for it + within a day the symptoms move through.

I won’t leave home without it. Genius creation, such a gift to the world 💫

life force energy in a bottle

Warning TMI… but too good not to share!!
I’ve had constipation issues for a few years now. I’m an active and healthy person so it always baffled & frustrated me that my body would not detox the proper way!
This happened to come up in conversation with Katie one day because I had gone 9 days without proper elimination. She was beginning to curate Sacred Body at the time and recommended I try it out.
Long story short, when I say my life has changed, I really mean I CANNOT EXPRESS ENOUGH how much things have completely transformed!!! I kid you not, from that day on I have BARELY missed a day. I've been using for three months now and can easily say I only miss a day once in a blue moon now!. It blows my mind how easily everything shifted!!
On top of this, I just feel so strong and supported in my body. Taking it daily makes everything run so optimally and I notice such a difference in energy levels if I’m between bottles for a day or two. If I’m ever feeling off, sick, period symptoms, etc I will start taking every 5 minutes or so and it ALWAYS shifts the way I’m feeling with the hour. It’s like life force energy in a bottle! I cannot recommend enough!

An absolute essential!

These days when I go out into public or crowded places, I've been developing a weird headache afterwards that feels like a vice grip on my head with pressure between my eye brows. The only thing that has helped is Sacred Body! I mist it directly all over my face, and take the Sacred Body elixir by mouth every 10-15 minutes, and then the weird headache goes away. What a relief. Don't leave home without it!

Instant purification.

I have a wonderful job teaching art to an elder community. The crazy thing is we have to wear masks - ugh. After two hours of breathing my own breath and being in a crowded room, I am ready to tear off my clothes and jump in a pool! The first thing I do after taking off my mask is to spray Sacred Body mist all over my face and in my eyes, ears and nose. It is like an instant purification. I also take a dropper full of Sacred Body elixir. This is real medicine for our time! Thank you Katie for this dose of sanity and grounding essences in this world out of balance.