September 21, 2017

Musa acuminata
Activate: Spacious mind
Message: Slow down a little.

Though I had seen many banana trees when I lived in Mexico and traipsed through the jungles from Chiapas to Tulum, I didn’t make a flower elixir of the Banana blossom until I lived in the Arizona desert a decade later. I met a botanical genius who had created his own little sustainable oasis in the desert, with palm-thatched huts, hot rock saunas, and self-cleansing lily ponds. His every thumb and finger was green, and he could get anything to grow in the desert, even flowers that should only grow in the tropics or herbs that should only grow in the moist, black soil of Oregon.

I spent a day on his land, which was a paradise by any standard, much less in the dry Arizona desert. It included a bamboo forest, a banana tree forest, enormous avocado and loquat trees, tiny unraveling ferns, and other secret treasures, like white and yellow bog irises, exotic-looking cashmere plants, and explosions of elderflowers. I chewed on sour grass and ate hollyhock petals and sweet mulberries. I got intoxicated with aromas of fruity roses and tulsi holy basil. His living garden was lush and full of revitalizing plant medicines and nourishing food.

banana blossom LOTUSWEI flower essence

One of the plants that I felt most embodied the lusciousness of this utopian wonderland was the banana tree. Coincidence or synchronicity would have it that I arrived at this magical place on the full moon—when flowers are right at their peak—so I climbed up on a ladder and made a flower elixir of the blossoms exploding out of the top of a huge banana tree.

The life cycle of a banana plant is a short three years. It shoots out from a potatolike root with “eyes” and grows tall. From the top of the plant a gorgeous pink and purple bud hangs down, called an inflorescence. Little white and yellow flowers hide under each section of the purple inflorescence, and these are what ultimately turn into bananas. After the bananas come and go, the tree dies. Many more banana trees grow up from its roots.

Banana plants are a pioneer species, meaning that they take keenly to growing on land through which a fire has just passed; they are one of the first species to grow in such areas. They are also known as a keystone species, which means that they open the door for more wildlife to come into specific environments, because they regenerate so rapidly and provide a food source for so many different animals.

banana blossom LOTUSWEI flower essence

What it Reveals

If you’re attracted to the Banana blossom, you may have recently been feeling pressured for time or worried that you won’t make a deadline or accomplish something within a specific time limit.

You likely feel like you’re always on the go—rushed or worried about making deadlines. The scurry of today’s lifestyle rarely inspires the great ah-has of the century, and it can sometimes squeeze you so tight that the channel to your best potential is squelched and temporarily shut down.

Simultaneously, you may crave taking a vacation on a tropical island somewhere. You may feel like slowing down your life’s pace and dedicating time to yourself to decompress.

You may also be experiencing fears around time frames regarding long-term or life goals such as finding love, getting pregnant, establishing a career, or growing a business. 

What the Elixir Catalyzes

The Banana flower elixir dissolves fears of not being able to do something within a specific time limit. This can apply to work projects with deadlines, for example, when we worry about not being able to complete the project in a given time line. Banana elixir helps us trust ourselves and our ability to get things done on time.

Banana blossom gives us confidence in our ability to achieve our utmost priorities, simultaneously helping us feel more at ease, stable, peaceful, and honest with ourselves and others about our progress. It frees our mind of the fears around time, so that time doesn’t rule us. Instead, we rule time.

Oftentimes we get our best ideas when we’re able to step away from the pressures of e-mails and phone calls and other people’s emergencies. When we allow our minds to relax, stretch, and perceive the world with more awareness, we can more fearlessly and effortlessly accomplish our aims in a way that’s beyond what we think is possible. In science they call this the state of “flow,” and it happens when you’re able to let go and your time is relatively unstructured—even if it’s only for a short period.

Banana blossom enhances the experience of being totally in the groove, when time seems to stretch itself and a huge amount of work, creativity, or innovation is churned out in a very short time. When we slow down a little—enough to let the pressure subside—and we can be ourselves and in tune, euphoria and effortlessness arise.

banana blossom LOTUSWEI flower essence

In Essence

{Magnifies}Spacious, expansive mind; bringing projects to fruition with ease; slowing down to rest and feel nurtured

{Dissolves} Hurrying; feeling anxious; worry about not having enough time 



Drawn to the spaciousness Banana Blossom has to offer? Experience the magic with its elixir.



Love + flower petals,

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