November 17, 2014


Everyone wants more love, right? Romantic love, love from your children, love for your family, love for your pet, a love for what you do and most importantly love for yourself.

Loving and accepting yourself as you are is challenging for most people.

If you live in the U.S., Japan or any other place where the widespread cultural habit of self-criticism is high, flower essences are an important antidote and a magical love potion.

Flowers to induce love and kindness are also particularly good for anyone living in cities where population density is high - to dissolve irritation caused by energetic saturation. Now with almost 80% of the world’s population living in cities, we all need more love!

Here are some of the flowers that I’ve found to be most needed by people today - and the most effective at inducing all forms of love:

Bauhinia blakeana
Activate: Self-acceptance
Message: Express yourself.

The national flower of Hong Kong, this orchid-like flower grows on a tree. When its flowers bloom, huge red, magenta and pink blossoms explode from the branches. And the leaves are equally as beautiful as the flowers - they look like someone cut out round shapes from a folded piece of paper - like Siamese twin leaves connected at the seam.

I first discovered the Hong Kong Orchid tree in Santa Monica, CA and later learned that can grow really well in Phoenix too! I fell so in love with this tree that I planted one in the front yard of our offices where it blooms like crazy each year.

Hong Kong Orchid teaches us self-love and self-acceptance. It helps you love and accept every part of yourself so you can delight in your full self-expression, without insecurity or fear of being heard, seen or exposed. It helps you feel totally comfortable with all parts of yourself, which magnifies your ability to love and accept others. It enhances your ability to deeply appreciate your uniqueness and be seen as you truly are.

Pink Magnolia LOTUSWEI flower essences

Magnolia liliflora
Take exquisite care of yourself.

Another exquisite tree flower, the Pink Magnolia, has beautiful pastel pink flower petals that look like cups opening up to the sky. Its branches hold hundreds of gorgeous pink flowers. If you’ve seen one up close, you know how peaceful you feel gazing at it.

Pink Magnolia is for those times in our lives when we’re giving so much love, time and energy to others that we forget to take care of ourselves. It helps to retain energy, so that we don’t give away too much. It magnifies a sense of completeness, wholeness and purity, and encourages taking time for breaks and self-care.

fireweed LOTUSWEI flower essences

Chamerion angustifolium
Activate: Recovery
Message: Forgive someone now. 

Fireweed grows in mountainous regions like Colorado, Lake Tahoe and British Colombia. I collected Fireweed from the alpine forest north of Whistler in British Colombia. I had made a clear intention that morning to find the flowers that people most needed today. I was led to this flower by a butterfly, who fluttered around my head in a circle three times and then landed on this flower, as if leading my eyes to an important remedy.

Over the years, this flower has proven to be vitally important. I believe now that everyone should use this flower essence at least once in their lifetime, because it dissolves old heartaches, heart breaks and bad memories. It can be a conscious or subconscious pattern that affects your character in some way - even something that happened when you were in the womb or very little that you don’t consciously remember. Fireweed dissolves painful or traumatic experiences from your cellular memory, uprooting the emotional trigger.

In regions where Fireweed is native, after a wild fire or if a new freeway is being built - Fireweed flowers will grow in abundance, responding to the area’s need for support. Fireweed helps the environment, animals and all living beings in the area adjust and recover to the traumatic change. Fireweed is indicated anytime you feel or have felt uprooted, drained or attacked.

Fireweed also enhances love for ourselves and others - it gives us the sense that love is all around. It magnifies our capacity for forgiveness, gives us strength in situations in which we’re feeling attacked and speeds up recovery time from emotional pain.

orange hawkweed LOTUSWEI flower essences

Heiracium aurantiacum
Fall in love with yourself.

Orange Hawkweed is a bright orange wildflower that brings you down to earth and boosts  clarity about the choices you make. It inspires you to fall in love with yourself so much that you don’t need love from the outside. It cuts through unproductive yearning for affection and magnifies self-sufficiency, giving you the sense that you accomplish anything (without needing others).

Hawkweed also dissolves mental fogginess, fantasies and unproductive daydreaming. In relationships, this flower helps us cut through any neediness or non-constructive wanting or desire, allowing for true unconditional love for oneself and others to develop over time.

Several years ago, I combined the essences of these flowers into a synergistic remedy called Infinite Love, and not surprisingly, it is one of the most needed and popular remedies that we have.

Increasing your capacity to love yourself is powerful, because how you treat yourself is how you treat others. It may sound cliche, but it’s true - how much we’re able to love others is directly related to how much we love ourselves. We must learn to deeply love and cherish ourselves.

Usually within a week of using the Infinite Love flower essences, you feel quite a difference. Negative self talk decreases - sometimes we don’t even realize that we say a lot of things to ourselves in our minds that we wouldn’t say to a three-year-old - until we notice that it’s gone. Within several days you notice that you’re kinder to yourself.

And then you notice that others respond to you in a different way. They are more magnetized to being around you. You may get random compliments from strangers, and your loved ones may suddenly demonstrate more affection.

Over the years I’ve heard a lot of feedback about situations in which the Infinite Love blend powerfully and positively impactful - here are some of them:

  1. Pregnancy - enhance warm and fuzzy feelings and create a cocoon of love
  2. Children - recover quickly from temper tantrums, irritation and sibling rivalry
  3. Teenagers - enhance self-love and acceptance during a this challenging time in life
  4. Hospital - protect friends/family from funky hospital energies during their hospital stays
  5. Hospice - create a soothing atmosphere and enhance loving transitions
  6. Caregivers & customer service - give love to people who are always serving others
  7. Dating - enhance your magnetic quality
  8. New Relationships - magnify unconditional love while remaining independent
  9. Break up’s - end relationships smoothly and soothe heartache, jealousy and anger
  10. Pets - eliminate snapping or biting and ease sibling jealousy
  11. Portraits - soften your features and reveal inner beauty and radiance in photographs
  12. Dinners, parties & holidays - create an especially warm and loving atmosphere

It has always been our intention to create a worldwide ripple effect of positivity and love.

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Love + flower petals,

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December 03, 2014

Thanks for being here, Elizabeth!

E. Wingfield

November 21, 2014

That’s a whole lotta love!

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