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A Blessing in a Bottle!

I'm 2 weeks into my Flowerevolution program after years of being fascinated by the Lotus Wei website and not knowing where to start. I couldn't be more thrilled and impressed with the program as well as the effects of the flower essences. I've started with the program during the Starburst Flower stage and it was perfect for me. Within 5 days I was noticing shifts in my confidence and ability fulfill my own dreams. I find the content and the way the information is delivered on the platform to be easily accessible and fun. I am forever grateful to this program and excited to learn more as it unfolds.

Flower Magic

This comprehensive program is a magical way to experience Lotus Wei's flower essence. The TCM, the anointing oil paired with each elixir, and all of the information and support materials make this such a valuable experience. I'm really getting a lot out of this membership.

A monthly gift to myself

I signed up for Flowerevolution this year after completely falling head over heels in love with Lotus Wei last year. I always really enjoy the meditations and journal prompts that come with all of the products and thought this would be a great way to take it to the next level. I'm 2 months in and totally love it. And Katie's selection of each essence is *so on point!* I'm already looking at next month's essence and it's exactly what I've already been thinking that I need as my next steps in my life. It's so cool. I've also really enjoyed getting to receive the supportive blends and trying (and falling in love) with more Lotus Wei offerings.

Blue Penstemon

I just joined Flower Revolution with Blue Penstemon and am so grateful for the opportunity - thank you Katie/Lotuswei. I love how the month is organized with teachings/prompts/TCM very fun deep dive but not overwhelming. The flower images are exquisite.
First I found myself tidying up and tending to things more ease-fully (seems to happen with a new essence).
~ I found myself pausing more with my sisters, not reacting & letting myself "see" them more and being more aware and considerate and then just saying something kind - also speaking up rather than feeling need to hold back or pretend. Also seeing I need to make clearer boundaries.
~ I've had a couple of strong IMAGES come up: One I was walking at the beach/ocean and feeling free - like ME! Another image I was outside in my yard/garden in summer and working with these beautiful flower essences and feeling such a Beautiful Sense of JOY and FREEDOM.
~ About a week in with Blue Penstemon, I took the elixir and applied a drop of Boundless Wisdom oil on my heart center at bedtime. I had several vivid dreams - in one I was traveling to visit someone (my ex sister-in-law?) and I stepped outside into a garden it was nighttime and there were all these bright white blooming flowers all round! Hmmmm maybe a "hint" of the need to work with some night-blooming flower elixirs??
~ Real experience: One day driving home from grocery shopping on the highway I became so aware of everything in front of me and around me in my view - the concrete road/cars/light posts/wires/sky/trees - I thought what is all this, this is crazy this is all ONE all part of the same....then I got teary eyed.
Blue Penstemon is a beautiful flower to be working with :))
I don't have a facebook account (oddball I know!) and was wondering how I might still share some experiences with Blue Penstemon, a few minutes later I saw the Lotuswei email to do a review :)) synchronicity?

I can see clearly now

I signed up for the monthly LotusWei subscription box the day of my first COVID-19 vaccination (I work in healthcare). The side effects were awful and severe. As I lay in bed with a massive headache scrolling through my phone, I came across an ad for the monthly program. Something in my higher self said: you need this. Now.

So I listened.

That was 3 weeks ago. The Blue Penstemon elixir showed up a few days later; I began taking it as directed. Within a week all kinds of opportunities for assistance, community support, and healing arrived. A housekeeping service that I could afford. A shamanic therapist for my youngest daughter. My mother reaching out to help my eldest son in the middle of a crisis. My partner getting a promotion that allows us to keep our house and not have to move.

Being the matriarch that holds together the emotional well-being for all members of a large blended family during this pandemic has been the source of some next level exhaustion. Suddenly, though, I don’t feel overwhelmed, scared and run down every day. I feel like the answers are right there. And then, miraculously, they are. They weren’t there when I tried to micromanage everything for everyone. But they showed up when I got sick, broke down, backed off, and prioritized myself for a change. The really beautiful part is, I didn’t have to try hard to make things happen. I just allowed the answers to appear. And used my Blue Penstemon/Boundless Wisdom combination 5 times a day.