May 30, 2019

Asclepias subulata
Activate: Trust in your environment
Message: The world is a friendly place.

When collecting the Desert Milkweed flower in the Arizona desert, I was overcome by waves of anxiety and fear. Silly, as this plant is not endangered nor was I somewhere I shouldn’t be! But this experience helped me to see the imbalance the essence helps us to dissolve: the subconscious patterning of fear of persecution or getting into trouble while trying to do good.

desert milkweed flower essence lotuswei


Desert Milkweed (also known as Rush Milkweed) is native to the southwest United States and northern Mexico. Most frequently found in wash areas of the desert, it can grow upwards of four to six feet tall, and the milky sap that comes from the cut woody stems contains latex! Like others in the Milkweed family, the fruit pod splits when ripe to disperse its seeds in fluffy, hairlike plumes.

The distinctive yellow/white flowers bloom from spring to fall, and the Desert Milkweed is one of 30 known milkweed species that is considered a Monarch butterfly host plant. Though there are reports of the plant being used by the Pima and Hopi tribes as an emetic and laxative, there are high levels of known toxic agents that cause most grazing animals and humans to avoid. (These same agents are what appeal to Monarch caterpillars, as it ingesting them as larva makes the butterfly unattractive to predators!)

desert milkweed flower essence


If you’re attracted to the Desert Milkweed, you may be feeling as the world or your environment is not a friendly place and that anything you do will be judged. There may be a sense that the projects or expression of yourself you want to bring into the world will be subject to persecution, you’ll be blamed for anything that befalls, or simply just not understood.

This feeling can play it in more obvious ways, such as concern that your new business idea will not be accepted by the world at large, your family, your community. But we can also find this pattern in the day to day when we find ourselves not acting for fear of ‘doing it wrong’ or ‘looking like a fool,’ and also just worrying in general what others will think.

You may find yourself feeling that others are unforgiving, angry/annoyed, or even ‘out to get you.’

desert milkweed flower essence

What it Catalyzes

Desert Milkweed enhances one’s capacity to accept yourself as you are and not worry so much about what others think. You can speak and act more freely, because there’s less fear of being misunderstood. If you say something and it is misunderstood (which happens!), you’re able to let it go faster instead of ruminating.

Desert Milkweed allows us to see the areas of our day-to-day lives or psyche where we have subtle fears around others' perception of what we do (and, in effect, who we are), whether it’s around judgement, making someone angry, or where we may be blamed for any mishaps.

desert milkweed flower essence

It also helps you look more easily at things that scare you, even parts of yourself. You can effortlessly make space for these aspects - not seeing them as solid or fixed and “who you are”, but rather as something that is constantly shifting over time. You can better understand the parts and pieces and different personalities that you have - instead of feeling like you have crazy or grotesque parts of you, you can make enough space to get perspective, see alllll the parts of you, and then realize that you are not your pieces and parts. You are the you that is seeing them.

In this way, Desert Milkweed facilitates your ability to be seen and seeing yourself as you are. It helps you see the areas where you don’t perceive a ‘welcoming’ environment, and then shift your perspective so that you are welcome in your own body + thereby welcome in any environment anywhere.

In Essence

{Magnifies}:Confidence, comfort, and peace with being out in the open and watched by others; having a sense that the world is a benevolent, understanding + friendly place

{Dissolves}: Worry about what others think; feeling persecuted; having a sense that others are out to get you, blame you, or that they’re unforgiving

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Love + flower petals,


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