August 11, 2012

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Oenothera speciosa
Activate: Rapid growth
Message: Make it effortless.

I first collected the Pink Primrose flower south of the border - in Tecate, Mexico. I was at a very special place called Rancho La Puerta

rancho la puerta Mexico LOTUSWEI flower essences

A group of spa professionals dedicated to eco-friendly practices and products, the Green Spa Network, put on the event. I ended up getting choked up on the last day of the conference, because I had realized that I had felt so alone in my career doing flower essences consultations.

And I realized that I had found a whole group of people who cared equally as deeply about saving the planet and humanity - so deeply that it was at the core of their being - and the motivation for how they lived their lives and ran their businesses.

It’s no surprise that part of what this flower essence does is to prepare us for ‘explosive growth’. It was perfect timing for me to find Pink Primrose:  it was shortly before the launch our line of products in the spa industry and online. After making (and taking) the Primrose flower essence and launching the product line, our business more than doubled annually each of the first couple years.

Katie Hess Rancho La Puerta Mexico


Why it's Special

The Pink Primrose flower, aka Mexican Primrose or Pink Evening Primrose, is native to the Southwest and Mexico. It blooms in spring and summer, and occasionally in the fall. The pastel pink flowers bloom in the evening and nighttime, staying open during the day, closing only when the sun’s rays are the strongest.

They are most commonly pollinated by moths, as they are mainly night-blooming flowers. The flowers glow at dusk and though they don’t have much of a scent, you can sometimes detect a faint whiff of an aroma like bubble gum or earl grey.

What’s most amazing about this flower is how prolifically it grows. When the plant gets water, they spring up very fast and are a strong, hardy plant, despite how delicate the flower looks. Primrose can grow in what would be challenging conditions for most plants: dry, rocky and nutrient-poor soil.

When planted in non-native areas or places where the soil is nutrient-rich, gardeners find that when they plant them too close together they can become invasive - they take over rapidly and confetti the area in an explosion of pink. It doesn’t choke out the other plants or harm them - it just fills in the spaces with pastel pink.

field of pink primrose LOTUSWEI flower essences

If you’re looking for a plant that acts as ground cover, this is it. I dream of the days when Dandelions and Primrose are allowed to roam free in green lawns. If you’re not a gardener, this is the perfect plant for you, because it will grow and grow, no matter what conditions or if you forget to water it.

What it Reveals

If you're attracted to the Pink Primrose, you may have a big project you're teeing up or a big vision of what's possible in your future. When this is the case, subconscious fears often arise in the form of a subtle resistance, distraction or procrastination. Or the project starts to feel like 'work:' lots of effort, pushing a rock uphill, a chore or drain on your energy. When this happens you start to feel stuck.

You've probably had the experience of being "on," when you could work for hours and hours without fatigue, moved by some force within you that infuses your experience with ease and effortlessness. Everything flows like a steady river, resistance disappears and your mind is able to access wild creativity and fresh ideas. You may currently be vacillating between this stage and feeling stuck, overwhelmed or resistant.

Pink Primrose LOTUSWEI flower essences

What the Elixir Catalyzes

Pink Primrose Flower Elixir helps us prepare for rapid growth - often personal growth, but it can also refer to business/career growth or creative growth. Primrose helps us identify any areas of disharmony in our lives, so we can eliminate them or remove bumps in the road that would become bigger obstacles down the line.

Primrose dissolves fear, hesitation and holding back, enhancing a sense of readiness for big changes in our lives or work. It also cuts through the belief that daily activities are draining or a chore. It gives us a sense of effortlessness and ease, along with the ability to think creatively to come up with out-of-the-box solutions. Primrose helps us adjust to major transitions in life, helps us birth new projects and moves us swiftly through phases of feeling stuck, stagnant or resistant during the creative process. It is part of the Gamechanger blend.

Primrose can also help us prepare for birthing a baby and all the changes involved with being a new parent.

Pink Primrose LOTUSWEI flower essences


In Essence

{Magnifies}: Effortless action; fearless about new ideas, birthing new ideas and projects; thinking outside the box, feeling creative, innovative; fearless readiness and sense of being called to action

{Dissolves}: Fears, reluctance, hesitancy, holding back; perceiving things as a chore; feeling unprepared, caught off guard, stuck or stagnant

Pink Primrose Flower Elixir LOTUSWEI flower essences


Experience the magic of Pink Primrose!

 Love + flower petals,

 Katie Hess signature LOTUSWEI flower essences


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June 20, 2018

I just bought some Pink Evening Primrose for my garden and totally adore it. I was curious about the gifts of this plant and what you wrote for “What it Reveals” is exactly true for me right now and the past couple of months. Really amazing, I will have to order some this flower essence!

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