June 15, 2018

Etlingera elatior
Activate: Interconnectedness
Message: Purify old patterns - let it come up to come out. 

I collected the Pink Torch Ginger flower in Singapore, where the lush tropical weather lends itself to the growth of these beauties. I love visiting the Ginger garden in the Singapore Botanical Gardens. Imagine that! An entire portion of a botanical garden devoted to all the many different types of ginger. There’s a pathway where all around you is jungle and the pink and red varieties of Torch Ginger are all around you like flowers on a stick.

pink torch ginger singapore LOTUSWEI flower essences

I can see why they’re called torches - they literally look as if someone plunked down a stick into the ground with an enormous, gorgeous blossoming flower on the top! To get a sense of what some of the birds in the area sound like, check out the song of this Miner bird:

Why it’s Special

Commonly found in Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines, the Pink Torch Ginger flower only grows in tropical environments, and is in the same family as Ginger, Turmeric and Cardamom. Appearing almost like a huge pink lotus on a stick in the middle of the jungle, the large waxy pink flowers grow up to six feet high on a stalk.

Used mostly as an ingredient in Southeast Asian cooking, Pink Torch Ginger flowers are added to Singaporean Laksa and Rojak salad, Sumatran stewed fish, Balinese chili sauce and Thai salads. Medicinally, there is also research showing that Pink Torch Flower is antibacterial and antifungal.

Check out this amazing recipe for fried chicken with Pink Torch Ginger flowers!

pink torch ginger singapore LOTUSWEI flower essences

What it Reveals

If you are attracted to the Pink Torch Ginger, you may be developing a deeper awareness of a process that occurs within yourself - the process of unearthing, revisiting, and re-experiencing things that have happened in the past, in order to liberate their patterns from your system. When past painful experiences lodge within our systems, they form a sort of patterning and affect how we perceive our life, as well as other people’s behavior. In other words, we’re all looking through a certain kind of filter or glasses.

Pink Torch ginger singapore LOTUSWEI flower essences

Pink Torch Ginger helps us transform pain or challenges into insights, without the extremes of isolation and withdrawal, nor feeling like we need something from the outside to feel whole and complete. Instead of needing a certain kind of relationship, partner, child, career or other experience to complete us and attain our full capacity for happiness, we are able to see we have that ability innately within us. If we’re in a position that we feel like this is not happening, we may isolate ourselves. We may be aloof, distanced, lonely or feel a sense of separation or abandonment.

katie hess pink torch ginger LOTUSWEI flower essences

What the Elixir Catalyzes

Pink Torch Ginger shows us how to observe our thoughts and feelings as they arise, knowing that they are coming up to come out. It is the “sacred sting”, or the discomfort or pain that arises as we let go of a particular pattern. As we are in the process of cleansing or unraveling a pattern, we re-experience it on the way out.

pink torch ginger LOTUSWEI flower essences

Rather than feel we must isolate ourselves during a painful experience, or the re-experiencing of it, we can use the power of compassion to transform how we feel about a particular situation. We can use that experience of a ‘sacred sting’ to dislodge our past wounded patterns, unravel and reverse the patterning, and feel a sense of wholeness and self-completion. We feel that there is nothing outside of us that we need. Instead of feeling like we have to ‘figure it out’ or bear it all alone, we can apply self-compassion and extract valuable insights from the situation.

Pink torch ginger singapore LOTUSWEI flower essences

In Essence

Magnifies: Interconnectedness, wholeness; healing old wounds; pattern reversal; self-compassion; radiating from the inside out

Dissolves: Separation, loneliness, distance; feeling incomplete; fall-out from abandonment; yearning for another/looking outside oneself for completion

Embrace self-compassion + move through past experiences with Pink Torch Ginger Flower Elixir!
Love + flower petals,

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