May 25, 2018

What would your life be like if *anything* was possible?

With the magnetizing qualities of Peony, Jasmine, Gardenia and White Water Lily, Wild Abundance is all about experiencing the magic of everyday life.

It offers a powerful way to experience a heightened interconnectedness with everything around us. When we sense the divine in every moment, we instantaneously begin to tune in to the infinite possibilities that are available to us.

These flowers have the effect of bringing us into a world of deeper sensitivity and a profound gratitude for the beauty of life. Inviting you into a world of abundance and magic, your wildest dreams will begin to unfold before your eyes.

Read on for the flower essence magic in Wild Abundance:

pink peony LOTUSWEI flower essences

Message:Attract abundance.

Peony magnifies our sense of abundance - it makes us feel full, whole, grateful, luscious, wild, delicious. The quality of Peony is to attract and magnetize, like everything is at our fingertips and everything is possible. Peony flower dissolves any sense of lack - “I don’t have enough” or “I’m not enough.”

It also helps us be more relaxed, open and receptive, so we can recognize opportunities as they arise. We may need to slow down + be more present,indulging in moments of absolute gratitude + appreciation for everything in life.

Jasmine LOTUSWEI flower essences

Activate: Self-appreciation
Message: You are beautiful.

Jasmine flower strengthens our confidence and helps us feel beautiful and sensual. It allows us to focus on inner beauty, enhancing the radiance of our face and heart area.

Jasmine helps us appreciate our own unique beauty while dissolving insecurity and self-hatred. It also dissolves jealousy and loneliness, and helps us accept friendship from others.

Gardenia LOTUSWEI flower essences

Activate:Shift in perception
Message:Transform your weaknesses into strengths.

Gardenia elixir helps us look directly at what we perceive as our weaknesses. It enhances our ability to acknowledge our “shadow” side, catalyzing a process of transformation.

Just as there’s strength in vulnerability, Gardenia helps us see how all aspects of ourselves are human and beautiful. What we perceive as weaknesses are often the source of our greatest strengths, and Gardenia is inspires us to move past those fears and see the beauty of the shadow side. 

Message: Sharpen your senses.

White Water Lily has the effect of bringing us into a world of deeper sensitivity, dissolving dullness or feeling unclear. It enhances an inner stillness that is undisturbed by external factors.

White Water Lily  helps us to be more in tune, boost our intuitive qualities, and recognize synchronicity. It enhances compassion, clarity + patience, expanding our ability to feel deeply connected to others.

rough cut diamonds LOTUSWEI flower essences

Gem essence

Diamond brings love + clarity to relationships, and is well known for its signification of commitment and love. It clears emotional and mental pain, imparting fearlessness and fortitude, while at the same time making space for new beginnings. Diamond is also a highly creative stone, stimulating clarity of mind, imagination and inventiveness.

pink lotus LOTUSWEI Flower essences

white yarrow LOTUSWEI flower essences


These are the two flower elixirs that we feel are so important, we put them in every formula we make! We infuse every blend with Pink Lotus (wisdom + insights) and Yarrow (re-energize after being on cell phone/computer). Pink Lotus is also a 'catalyst flower essence', strengthening and boosting the synergistic effects of every blend.

True Abundance Set LOTUSWEI flower essences

Indulge in absolute gratitude and let your mind run wild with that is possible when we let go of limitations. Embrace prosperity, revel in the lusciousness of every momen tand know that you are divinely beautiful.

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{flower elixir, aura mist, balancing serum, anointing oil + bath salts}!

Love + flower petals,

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