July 14, 2017


This Wild Delphinium elixir was collected from my favorite place in Sedona, Arizona up in the high desert piñon + juniper trees. It’s a quiet place where not many people go, and the silver and blue green of the trees create such a beautiful contrast against the red mountains and blue sky. I found this particular flower all by itself almost to the top of the mesa, which is a several hour hike.


Sedona LOTUSWEI flower essences

What it Reveals

If you find yourself attracted to the Wild Delphinium flower, you may have recently felt a desire to be alone, feeling overwhelmed by external energies and people around you, perceiving them as a drain and a disturbance. You may have difficulties setting boundaries, leading to leeching of your energy or opening yourself to be affected by others who seek the kind of energy you carry. This experience may cause you to withdraw or isolate, feeling like you can’t fully be yourself for fear of being taken advantage of or for fear of being too fierce with others.

Alternatively, you may experience a yearning to be more comfortable with being fully yourself, no matter who you’re with or what situation you’re in. By nature you may be introverted or occasionally experience a sense of inadequacy in certain situations.


What the Elixir Catalyzes
Activate: Expression
Message: Embody your full, exquisite self.

Wild Delphinium helps us experience our full, fierce selves, coming out of our shell to be seen in our most exquisite form. It enhances our ability to set firm boundaries, while at the same time enhancing our tolerance of others. It allows us to be gritty, not having to be “nice” all the time - we can be all facets of ourselves without pressuring ourselves to be a particular way.

It helps us express particular facets ourselves the may typically be challenging, like: magnetic, sexy, charming, fierce, elegant and strong. As we more fully embody ourselves, we’re more open and receptive to allowing others to be themselves - we have a greater capacity to meet and receive people exactly where they’re at. As we become more and more comfortable with all aspects of ourselves, as well as our abilities to maintain boundaries, we are more able to allow other people into our space without feeling like we’ll be consumed.


wild delphinium LOTUSWEI flower essence Sedona

When we’re able to fully embody and be ourselves, we are more likely to experience comfort, stability and strength in all of our energetic and emotional bodies, which liberates us from the experience of having to ‘get’ something or be a certain way. If we are fully embodying all of our exquisiteness, there is nothing to seek from external sources. If we are able to simultaneously clearly set boundaries, we can feel safe to express who we are, without being taken advantage of.

Additionally, the more we are able to embrace the qualities we have that are exquisite and in some ways, breathtaking + precious, the more we are able to appreciate those qualities in others and in the world.


wild delphinium Sedona LOTUSWEI flower essences

In this audio recording, I share about my first experience taking the Wild Delphinium elixir ~ what I felt, what it brought out:


wild delphinium LOTUSWEI flower essence Sedona


In Essence

{Magnifies}: Being your full fierce self; coming out of your shell; voicing your needs, setting boundaries; capacity to receive others where they’re at

{Dissolves}:Aloofness, iciness or elusiveness; hiding, isolation or shyness; feeling that others are a drain/disturbance; irritated or overwhelmed by destructive forces


Also commonly referred to as Larkspur, the Wild Delphinium (Delphinium carolinianum) flower gets its name from the Latin name for dolphins, referring to the dolphin-like shape of its nectary. Growing in June and July throughout the Northern Hemisphere, Wild Delphiniums are pollinated by butterflies and bumble bees. Though the flowers are toxic in their raw form to both humans and animals, when mixed with alum, produce a beautiful blue dye.

Love + flower petals, Katie Hess LOTUSWEI signature