August 12, 2012

Activate: Unwavering determination
Message: Make the impossible possible.

I love everything about Bamboo. The last few weekends I have been doing a ton of yard work. One day I worked in a huge patch of bamboo that’s several stories high, pulling out dead leaves for hours. Something about working in and around the bamboo was so peaceful and nourishing, strengthening and revitalizing.

I would love to walk in those huge bamboo forests you see in Kung Fu movies, where the characters are climb up the bamboo with their swords, swishing through the leaves and hoping from limb to limb. Even the main room of our offices is wallpapered with photographs of bamboo, so it appears as if we’re inside our own little peaceful bamboo forest.

Bamboo essence

Why it's Special

Bamboo is actually a grass, though the idea of it being a ‘tree’ somehow fits its height better. Bamboo is one of the strongest – and fast-growing - plants in the world. Some bamboo varieties grow up to three feet per day!

Though there are many different kinds of bamboo, they fall into two major categories which describe how each grows: clumping and running. The clumping bamboo stays in one location and puts all of its energy into growing upward. Running bamboo ‘runs’, or spreads, covering great expanses of space. Some types are happiest in the tropics while others are better suited to colder climates where it snows.

Bamboo Forest LOTUSWEI flower essences

Bamboo is not only impressive for it’s speedy growth, but also for its strength. Its compressive strength is greater than concrete, wood and brick, and it’s tensile strength matches that of steel! In Asia it’s used in the construction of foundations of large buildings. And even though bamboo is as strong as steel, it’s also flexible and supple, bending in the wind.

When I was studying Chinese painting, one of the first things I learned to paint was bamboo. It's considered one of the “Four Gentleman” of Chinese Painting and is hugely significant in Asian art.

bamboo brush painting LOTUSWEI flower essences

What it Reveals

If you're attracted to Bamboo, you may be planning a big project or about to engage in something that challenges you. You may want to take what you're doing to the next level, and need an extra shot of determination.

You may have big ideas, yet have lingering reservations about going all out, or occasional doubts that you have what it takes. Hesitation and holding back may be preventing you from really tapping into your full potential and going after your biggest, wildest dreams.

Bamboo leaves LOTUSWEI flower essences

What the Elixir Catalyzes

As an essence, bamboo is unparalleled for making the impossible possible. It offers unfaltering strength, persistence and tenacity, with a perfect balance of flexibility, gracefulness and the ability to accomplish something against all odds.

Bamboo enhances focus, clarity and awareness of how our every day actions relate to our greater goals. It deepens an understanding of our actions as a part of the bigger picture, as well as being unwavering in whatever it takes to accomplish our aims.

pandas eating bamboo LOTUSWEI flower essences

Bamboo elixir dissolves the thought pattern, “I can’t do it." It encourages us to look straight ahead at what needs to be done, rather than engaging in the habit of looking looking at other people's accomplishments, instead of looking . It eliminates fears and non-constructive enmeshment with others,giving a boost of stamina, determination and follow- through.

It pushes through any hesitation or holding back that’s preventing you from really tapping into your full potential. Bamboo is all about rapid growth: no hesitations or doubts as it reaches for the sky - it simply goes for it, with perseverance, determination and power.

bamboo shoots LOTUSWEI Flower essences

In Essence

{Magnifies}: “I can do it”; unfaltering strength, persistence, tenacity; flexibility, gracefulness; making the impossible possible; focus, clarity, awareness of everyday actions + how they relate to greater goals; awakens a deeper sense of gratitude and loyalty to Earth

{Dissolves}: “I can’t do it”; looking at others’ accomplishments and feeling small; fixating on others instead of looking straight ahead at what you need to do; sense of impotence; fears and non-constructive enmeshment with others; lack of follow-through, stamina or determination

bamboo flower elixir LOUTSWEI flower essences

Experience the magic of Bamboo!

Love + flower petals, 

Katie Hess Signature LOTUSWEI

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