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Infused with a bouquet of the most powerful flowers for *being*, Gamechanger is, you guessed it, gamechanging! It transforms the areas of our lives where we feel heavy or stagnant and brings in a new sense of freedom, weightlessness & effortlessness. By inspiring us to cut the crap & streamline, it helps us look at our lives & projects as a joyful celebration.



Similar to the effects of flower essences, meditation is utterly life-changing.


Flower essences gently bring your awareness to the parts of you that want to evolve; meditation is a method that offers a way to unhook from the small you (mental monkey mind) and reconnect with the big you (your self-arising nature). Using flower essences daily helps us with the most important part of meditation practice, which is observing our own habits and patterns.



According to a study conducted at the University of Rochester, being exposed to flowers and nature inspires more compassion, generosity, and sense of community. Simply looking at a flower carries your body through a physiological transformation.

You become calmer, happier, and more centered, in just a few breaths.

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Enjoy a fun mix of interviews & fireside chats with wild creatives, wisdom keepers, innovative entrepreneurs & other world change-makers, to help you experience life in full bloom!

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Our blog is a treasure trove of flower essence education, wellness tips, poetry & superfood recipes.

Enjoy this collection of recommended reading for a happy, joyful life. 


Journaling practices can be extremely helpful for capturing insights from flower elixirs.

Oftentimes we are so caught up in our everyday lives that we don’t realize what effects the flower elixirs are having on us. Or we may notice something but not be able to pinpoint exactly what it is.

By jotting down a few words each day or each week about what’s happening in our lives, we can shed light on meaningful transformations that are occurring in our behaviors and thought patterns. By being more self-aware, we can consciously be a part of the process, thus speeding up our personal growth.