The Tension of Opposites

April 18, 2018

EP 27: The Tension of Opposites with Ali Shapiro

Ali is the founder of Truce with Food®, host of the top-ranked podcast Insatiable, a holistic nutritionist, integrated health coach and rebel with a serious cause. She’s academically, practically, and empathetically aware of how the medical system, diet culture and body positivity movements all have their own flavor of crazy. She created her Truce with Food method while in graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania where she earned her Masters in Organizational Dynamics, which is like getting an MBA in the change process, where she drew from her decade plus of working with real life clients and her own personal healing journey from having cancer as a teenager.

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What you'll hear in this episode:
  • Tension of opposites: attachment and detachment in our culture
  • Being 'with' your pain + unresolved trauma
  • Food as a natural healer
  • What it means to 'call a truce with food'
  • What your food cravings can tell you about your body
  • Healthy ways of transitioning your eating habits: using food for self-care
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