Becoming the Conduit Between Earth & Sky

October 22, 2019

EP #115: Becoming the Conduit Between Earth & Sky with Frank Banuelos

Do you ever wish you had that perfect practice -- that after an hour, you’d have done your exercise, meditation and health/wellness practices all wrapped into one? This week I talk with Frank Banuelos about just that! 

If you remember, I interviewed Frank about Tai Chi in episode 28 -- he’s been practicing a form of Tai Chi for over 10 years, brought to America by Master Fu Yan Ni. He practices the martial arts, self-defense, and meditative aspects of Tai Chi. 

This week I invited Frank back to talk about this new moving meditation class that’s based on Qi Gong-style healing movements that are centuries old, passed down to him by his Tai Chi teachers. It’s an hour-long class of simple, gentle movements that cleanse the organs and build up internal chi energy. He weaves together three different movement systems -- my favorite? The 5-Animal Play, in which you embody five different animals -- bear, tiger, deer, monkey, and crane -- which balance the five major organs of your body. 

If you’re the type of person that wants to meditate, but finds it hard to sit still, this is the perfect moving meditation practice. Or if you’re interested in learning how to direct and work with your own chi energy, you’ll love this episode. 

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We talk about:

  • How there’s more to health than eating right and exercising - it has to do with the condition of your internal chi or energy
  • What is chi, where does it come from, how do you get more and how does it make you feel
  • How Qi Gong practices lead you to be in the present moment, similar to sitting meditation, as well as feeling at one with nature
  • 5 Animal Play: a series of movements in which you embody five different animals -- bear, tiger, deer, monkey, and crane -- and how this tonifies the major organs in the body
  • 8-Form Brocade: how the practice of learning to concentrate and direct your chi releases stress, helps you lose weight, gets rid of lingering old injuries, increases circulation, improves everything from hair and nail health to balance and coordination
  • Tai Chi Warm Up’s: strengthens the bones and improves your awareness and interconnectedness with everything around you
  • The differences between the warm-ups and full-blown Tai Chi and the benefits for children, adults, and the elderly
  • How these practices help you become a more efficient energetic conduit between the Earth and Sky
More about Frank:

Frank has been studying and practicing Tai Chi for over 10 years. He was fortunate to be taught a very old form of the Yang style of Tai Chi that was brought to America by Master Fu-Yaun Ni and passed on to him by Master Ni's former student and retired teacher Gary Kukuk. Frank teaches both the martial application (self defense) and the meditative aspects of Tai Chi.

Frank loves sharing and teaching all the wonderful benefits that Tai Chi has to offer, including circulation, balance, muscular and joint strength and coordination, along with focus, awareness, relaxation and cognitive skills that last long after practice is over.

Along with Tai Chi, this class is now being offered at the SAN Center: 5-Animal Forms, 8-Brocade & Ancient Tai Chi Warm Up’s for Radiance & Longevity

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