January 12, 2012


Yucca baccata
Activate: Hidden potential
Message: Uncover your secret talents.

Common in the Southwestern desert in the U.S., the Banana Yucca is a seemingly quiet and humble plant, with its sage green pointers reaching out for the sun. It blends into the landscape  and isn't particularly captivating - until it blooms.

Gorgeous stalks rise up toward the sky, showering down a mass of creamy white flowers that look like bells. If you gaze up into the flower from below, you’ll see a beautiful star hidden away in the center of the flower.

banana yucca LOTUSWEI flower esseces

Why it's Special

Banana Yucca flowers bloom during spring and early summer in the southwest of the U.S. and northern Mexico. The plant only grows to about four feet tall and the fruits are banana shaped and sweet tasting.

If the Agave is a masculine desert plant, Banana Yucca is the feminine counterpart. A much softer, gentler version of the Agave, Yucca has historically been used as food, medicine and even soap and shampoo, as the juice from roots is soporific. The stringy fibers of the Yucca leaves were traditionally used for making rope, sandals, baskets and cloth.

Banana Yucca close up LOTUSWEI flower essences

What it Reveals

If you are attracted to the Banana Yucca flower you may have experienced a recent urge to ‘break out’ or have felt a desire to experiment with how you show up in the world and how your ‘work’ manifests into physical form.

You may have felt that you have a big vision, yet you’re not clear how it’s going to play out. You might see the big picture, but the details are fuzzy. Or perhaps you have a clear plan, but are feeling open and flexible to wilder and more adventurous expressions of what your creations.

Now is a good time to connect with other people - especially with women, who have natural networking abilities - to generate more expansive reach for your ideas and leverage communities. If in any way you have felt solitary or that you have to ‘do it all yourself’, now is the time to reflect on the women or groups of women that you could partner with to expand the potential of what you do.

Alternatively, if you're not working with women, you may want to develop more of the following qualities within yourself: collaboration, empowerment, networking, leadership and intuition.

banana yucca LOTUSWEI flower esseces

What the Elixir Catalyzes

Metaphorically, the shape of the flower reflects its superpower, as one of it’s main special qualities is to unleash hidden potential {the star} within each of us. We all have talents, yet oftentimes we are talented in areas that we may not even be aware of yet. Banana Yucca helps us unearth these hidden talents and have a stronger sense of purpose about our lives.

Along with helping us experience a deeper understanding of our abilities and capabilities, Banana Yucca dissolves any shyness or insecurity we have around our skills and abilities magnifying conviction, perseverance and sense of support. We are able to make great leaps and bounds in our progress - with Banana Yucca we even surprise ourselves with what we’re capable of.

A theme common of many of the newly emerging flower elixirs of today is Banana Yucca’s quality of teaching us how to use more of our feminine energies to create our world. Culturally, we have relied more on our masculine energies to do, make, create and make the impossible possible through determination and action.

Banana Yucca, however, shows us how to make the impossible possiblethrough collaboration, cooperation, self-empowerment, communication, networking and tapping into our intuition to make decisions.

banana yucca flower elixir LOTUSWEI flower essences

Drawn to the superpowers of Banana Yucca?
Experience its magic with the Banana Yucca Flower Elixir!
In Essence

{Magnifies}: Conviction, perseverance, and support along the path; awakens hidden talents and unearths hidden power; unexpected leaps and bounds in progress; strength in purpose; working with women to accomplish great things

{Dissolves}: Shyness about purpose in life; insecurity about capabilities; feeling alone or having to do it all yourself; confusion or lack of clarity around purpose or vision

Love + flower petals, 

Katie Hess Signature LOTUSWEI