December 04, 2015


We are in the midst of the season of giving! As we ask our loved ones what they would like for the holidays, in response we often receive, "oh thank you, but you don't need to get me anything" or simply, "I don't know." So to help you out this year, we created these guides highlighting our favorite items that suit the ladies and gents on your list! Gifts for Her For the makeup lovers : This year, we collaborated with Modern Minerals + Beauty by Britanie on a one-of-a-kind lip gloss and blush formula; 100% vegan and infused with our flower + gem essences & a special aromatherapy blend we created just for this collaboration! Check out more of the story here! We also recommend the Truthteller Lip Balm - can you say perfect stocking stuffer? This flower-powered lip-blam contains a bouquet of three flower essences that facilitate clear communication and inspire speaking directly from the heart. For the ones always giving : Is there someone in your family that is constantly giving so much of their love and energy to others? Do they tend to forget to spend time nurturing themselves? She would love the Infinite Love Collection or the Life is Good Body Scrub. For the lady in charge : Life is full of endless responsibilities - work, family, errands, planning, etc. In your life, who is working tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure that life runs smoothly + seamlessly for the ones around her? Express your gratitude by helping this hard-working woman allow her inner child to come out to play and laugh a little more during the holidays. Give her the gift of Joy Juice (in the form of an Aura Mist or Anointing Oil). Gifts for Him We hand picked this selection for the men, as we have found that these are the products they love and resonate with the most! And for the products infused with botanical aromatherapy, these products are more down to earth with aromas of green forest and herbal spice - not too flowery. :) For the men who respect their skin : With the exotic blend of douglas fir, cedar, cardamom and lime, we recommend the Make It Happen Bamboo Body Scrub; enhances strength, power + determination. If you like to treat your man to massages, the Full Bloom Body Oil is a great massage oil - he will love the spicy citrus scent and you will also receive the benefits of the flower essences by giving the massage. Bonus! For those who love (or work on) electronics : The Radiant Energy Flower Elixir helps protect and revitalize the body's natural energy after prolonged computer or cell-phone use, and enhances vitality and presence. We recently received this testimonial from an excited wife about how much her husband is loving this elixir: "My husband LOVES his Radiant Energy Elixir! He uses it every day, 5x a day! He is a game programmer and works long days and is constantly on the computer. This has really enhanced his mood and ability to work." For the men who have trouble sleeping : Used throughout the day, the products in the Quiet Mind Collection will help him dissolve tension, let go of day-to-day stresses, and when he lays down to go to bed at night, he will sleep deeply. He can add the elixir to his coffee or water throughout the day and he will love the aromatherapy blend of geranium, lemon and coriander essential oils in the Aura Mist + Balancing Serum! For those going through a stressful period or change : Do you know someone who has a lot on their plate, is overwhelmed with transition, works in a stressful environment, or just needs to slow down and feel a deeper sense of support? He will enjoy the Inner Peace Elixir or, if he likes the spicy herbal notes of cedar, lavender, vetiver and geranium, he may also appreciate the Inner Peace Aura Mist! We hope that you found these holiday gift guides helpful and were able to check a few loved ones off of your list! What is on your wish list this year?Share with us in the comments below! Love + flower petals, Katie