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Flowerevolution Card Deck


    • Wake up your inner wisdom with 54 beautiful flower cards + 8 different readings.

      Choose the flowers you're most attracted to + find out what it means about you. Discover new insights about yourself, navigate through challenging situations + reveal your greatest impact.

      Pairs with the Flowerevolution Book, or can be used alone.

Customer Reviews

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Catie S.
Such And Uplifting, Positive Deck

These cards are absolutely beautiful and I felt called to them the same day I discovered Lotuswei (via Kat Fowler's amazing podcast "The Soul Awakening Podcast")! I have felt a connection to flowers specifically for the last 6 years or so, so this was just perfect. My only (small) complaint is I wish the box top had a thumb cut-out area like others decks of oracle cards I own have, as it makes it opening it up easier.

Sydnee Turner
Crisp, firm and pretty

This is the second deck I’m buying as a gift . They are just so pretty and brighten my day. My client has chronic pain and I think these cards will brighten her days.

Jessica Briggs

I love receiving guidance, messages and inspiration from this deck. Increases my relationship to the natural world. Amen!

intuitive messages

As someone with a very active subconscious, these cards have been a dream come true. We are all intuitive, but sometimes have a hard time finding the clear understanding we need. I have found that tarot cards have provided me with exceptional guidance in navigating these confusing moments of daily life. They allow you to check-in with yourself and show you how you are truly doing. I immediately purchased these cards when I saw them. In addition to being beautiful to look at (which definitely provokes a positive physiological response!) the flowers provide answers, instructions, and guidance to our innermost questions. Even better is that one can go out and see these in real life in nature, extending the relationship and deepening our connection with both ourselves and the natural world, which are intrinsically connected. I would highly recommend these cards to anybody who needs to find peace, they are beautiful and are really magical.

guides you to what you need

The card deck has been spot-on when it comes to guiding you to what is needed in the moment. My seven year old daughter loves the Flowerevolution card deck as well. She loves to look at the pictures of flowers and sort them by colors. She has already memorized most of the flower names.