March 09, 2016


What I love most about Joy Juice is that I feel the effects of it almost immediately: after using Joy Juice five times in one day, by the end of the day I am laughing more and making others laugh more. If you’re the type of person that tends toward seriousness + over-complicating when you’re stressed, Joy Juice brings back a natural state of childlike playfulness and joy.

During classes and meditations, it is with Joy Juice that everyone starts chattering and giggling. The volume of everyone’s voices go up in enjoyment, and it takes a minute to get back to whatever we were doing. It happens every time.

I love telling the story of when I was in Korea having lunch with several businessmen in suits. They’d just come from their offices and were serious and solemn. I put Joy Juice elixir into all of the green tea pots and within about fifteen minutes we were all laughing like little kids.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the serious side of life that we forget how fun it is to be playful. Life is too short to be serious all the time. It’s fun to laugh at ourselves. Having a sense of humor lightens up everyone’s mood and breaks up the tension.

When was the last time you felt like you could really be yourself, belly laughing until your stomach muscles ached and feeling like a little kid at play?

If it’s been a while, start using Joy Juice every hour and enjoy the effects.



Or simply scroll for a quick snapshot of the flowers that inspire all the joy, laughter and play in the Joy Juice collection...

Activate: Playfulness
Be silly!

If you find yourself feeling like you have a lot of responsibilities on your shoulders or that your to-do list is becoming heavy and burdensome, African Daisy dissolves tension and brings in more joy and delight. It dissolves our tendency to become overly serious and helps us be more child-like.

African Daisy also helps us recognize our own unique talents and clarify our life’s purpose. It helps us understand that joy is an important marker for creating the life we want to live. As a method for clarifying our life's path and purpose, if we move closer to what brings us joy, it often leads us to our special abilities, talents or potential.

Birdsfoot Lotus LOTUSWEI flower essences

Lotus corniculatus
Activate: Contentment
Take charge!

Anyone who is particularly drawn to this flower over all others usually has a strong tendency to worry. The stomach is the seat of worry, which means that when we worry a lot, it can lead to digestion or stomach problems.

Birdsfoot Lotus gets to the root cause of these issues, by dissolving worry and helping us experience more ease and a ‘happy belly’. It helps us feel lighter and brighter! Instead of worrying or getting nervous, it helps us expect the best possible outcome.

pink spirea LOTUSWEI flower essences

Spiraea douglasii
Activate: Laughter
Let your inner child play.

When you look closely at this flower, doesn’t it look like a flower power party? It has a celebratory feel to it. Dissolving old wounds of the heart, Pink Spirea transforms any lingering sadness in our hearts into a sense of freedom. It dissolves worry, and helps us laugh more and allow our inner child to play.

Laughter and play are important for creativity, productivity and overall well-being. Laughter loosens up the body, releases endorphins and helps us relax + recharge. Laughter heals our hearts.

Berlandiera lyrata
Cheer up!

An amazing flower that smells like cocoa, Chocolate Daisy’s magic is all about simplifying our lives. When we start over-complicating situations or getting stuck in all the options of life, Chocolate Daisy helps us cut through the confusion and clarify our decisions.

For any situation that feels messy, muddled or complicated, Chocolate Daisy amplifies cheerfulness, light-heartedness and ease. It helps us release doubts, apprehension and hesitation, freeing up more space for joy and simplicity. Streamlining life keeps our focus on what's essential.

red garnet gem essence LOTUSWEI flower essences


In each blend, we add one gemstone elixir. Red Garnet gemstone essence dissolves feeling stuck, stagnant or apathetic and magnifies cheerfulness, joyful strength, energy and motivation.

pink lotus LOTUSWEI flower essences

Yarrow LOTUSWEI flower essences


We infuse everything we make with Pink Lotus (wisdom + insights) and Yarrow (re-energize after being on cell phone/computer). As a whole this synergistic blend of flower elixirs into the blend we call Joy Juice has a powerful effect on our state of minds. It induces joy, delight, cheerfulness, ease, playfulness and laughter.

A favorite of mine, I use Joy Juice during meetings, when I meet people for the first time, at parties and celebrations and when I find myself getting a little too serious.

When I’m traveling, it’s a staple - helps me stay in a cheerful mood and have fun despite being in busy airports, waiting in lines and beings crammed into an airplane with lots of people.

Here’s a breakdown of when to use Joy Juice:

  1. You feel grumpy or cranky
  2. Someone around you is grumpy or cranky
  3. Playing with your kids or dogs feels like a chore
  4. Your sense of humor is waning
  5. Awkward first moments of having coffee or lunch with someone you just met
  6. Meetings at work (keep it simple & enjoy)
  7. People around you try to make you laugh & it irritates you
  8. You catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and you have creases in between your eyebrows
  9. You don’t remember the last time you had a belly laugh
  10. You feel serious
  11. You're doing a cleanse or change of diet & feel a bit cranky.

You may notice the effects of Joy Juice as little as one day! Like this:
  1. You feel more bubbly and apt to laugh
  2. Life feels fun and playful
  3. It’s easy to connect with people you don’t know
  4. All decisions feel simple & easy
  5. You hear the birds singing
  6. Life is breezier and easier
Here are some applications that you may not have thought about yet:
  1. During a photo shoot
  2. In a classroom
  3. At a little girls’ slumber party
  4. On a family road trip
  5. During long flights
  6. Before a walk in the woods
  7. On a camping trip
  8. While waiting in lines
  9. On Mondays
  10. Cheer up your kids, friends, family
  11. A loved one is moving away or difficult goodbyes
  12. When you have to deliver difficult news
  13. Bringing people together that don’t know each other
  14. In the hospital
  15. Your dogs get sad when you leave on trips

Have any stories you would like to share? Can you think of any more details we should add to our lists from above?

Share with us in the comments below!

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Love + flower petals,