December 09, 2019

Lysichiton americanus
Activate: Nourishment 
Message: Feed your vision.

Walking along the forest trails in Whistler, British Colombia, the air was filled with a musky, floral, powdery scent, which I learned comes from the craziest botanical I've ever seen in the forest: Meadow Cabbage. Exotic + tropical-looking, Meadow Cabbage seems more suited to Southeast Asia than the Alpine forest. Spreading out all over on the forest floor, it’s as if Mother Nature got confused.

meadow cabbage flower essence

Why it’s Special

Not confused at all, this leafy green plant makes its way up through the snow and ice every spring, seeking light and sky. As the black bears wake up from their winter hibernation, they munch on these vibrant cabbage leaves. Their flowers reach full size at a couple feet high, resembling an enormous jack-in-the-pulpit: a fluorescent yellow cape creates a canopy around a superman stamen so huge and so full of pollen that when you bump into it, a magician’s cloud of pollen smoke floats out and settles to the ground.

Meadow Cabbage, also known as Western Skunk Cabbage or Skunk Lantern, is native to the Pacific Northwest but can also be found in the swamps and wet woods of Britain and Ireland, where it was introduced as an ornamental garden plant in the early 1900s.

The plant was used by indigenous peoples primarily as medicine, but also as food in times of famine. As a healing agent, Meadow Cabbage leaves were used as a poultice for burns, injuries + swelling, while the roots were made into a tea to ease everything from coughs to labor pains.

meadow cabbage flower essence

What it Reveals

If you’re attracted to Meadow Cabbage, it’s likely that you are on the verge of major expansion ~ within your personal growth practice, your business, or some other aspect of yourself that you are ready to bring into the world in a big way. But you may be unsure of not only what that looks like, but whether you even have the capacity to make it happen.

You may also be caught in a loop of thinking you need to do it all yourself, and that anything that’s worth doing will be hard, take all your time + energy, and leave you exhausted and depleted. Or you’ve been trying so long to attain certain things and it feels as though you’re just spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere.

meadow cabbage flower essence lotuswei

What the Elixir Catalyzes

Meadow Cabbage expands our capacity to see in what ways we can level up—we get a better understanding of how a larger vision can emerge. It helps us get super clear + determined about what we want, and it becomes effortless to let go of anything that doesn’t feed our vision.

Your own nourishment becomes your #1 priority as you realize that you can only be big and do big if you’ve eaten the meal, done the meditation, drank the water, taken the downtime, been flexible with your schedule, etc. It uproots the patterns that make us believe that in order to do big things in the world, we need to work harder, feel exhausted + deplete ourselves. It rewires our capacity to build a grander vision while simultaneously being nourished and find ways to build the vision in which everyone involved is nourished.

This internal nourishment + recognition of what we need also creates a greater capacity to receive external support and nourishment. Instead of thinking we need to keep it all together to make it happen, we are able to let others in ~ sharing where we’re at and allowing them to support us. We are also able to see more clearly where we are truly supported and let go of the relationships + situations that are not deeply nourishing.

There is also a pollination + magnification of your vision due to your belief in your ability to make it happen. There is a reduced fear of the unknown and unraveling the habitual pattern of always seeing how it ‘won’t work.’ We no longer get stuck in the details about how it’s going to happen; Meadow Cabbage increases conviction that it’s going to happen, period. And then you follow it up with action, which happens at the right timing.

meadow cabbage flower essence

For example: Maybe one morning, instead of scrolling mindlessly on your phone, you drink your coffee + sit quietly by yourself for 5 minutes. And you realize some critical things that need to be done. You immediately jump into action, making phone calls and finally reaching the people you’ve been trying to get in touch with for months but have been playing phone tag with, because usually you call late in the afternoon. Therefore, through self-care, you reprioritize and know the right timing to put yourself into action.

You also become more aware of time you are wasting, from talking about stuff that doesn’t matter (mindless chatter) to scrolling through social media (depletion). When you take little breaks or have windows of time to yourself, you are more likely to invest your energy + time in things that allow your big vision to gain traction. 

In Essence

Magnifies: Ability to rewrite the script so that accomplishing something is not depleting; enhanced ability to take risks + expect fabulous results; seeing your priorities clearly + focusing action on them; forwarding your vision; things falling into place; ability to ask for, allow, and receive support

Dissolves: Feeling alone or that you have to be the one to do everything; patterned behavior that depletion is the only way to accomplish a big vision; feeling stuck or spinning your wheels + not getting anywhere; confusion around how to make your vision a reality; resistance to fear of unknown + risks

Love + flower petals,


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