Expansive Presence Mist

Stepping into the spot light. Comfort with fear of the unknown. Open to receiving support & nourishment. Fuller realization of who we are as divine beings.
Flower Essences Inside

Red Cup Water Lily

Meadow Cabbage

Star Flower

Sweet Pea

Citrine Gem


Pink Lotus

Do you self-sacrifice & pay the price with depletion? Nourish your vision and magnify your ability to receive support & help with Expansive Presence Mist. Mist yourself several times daily to activate powerful receptivity. 

MAGNIFIES: Expansion; fearless independence; prosperity; receptivity; forward thinking; seeing priorities clearly

DISSOLVES: Holding back or hesitation; self-sacrifice & depletion; feeling stuck; fear of the unknown

Smells Like
You’re a bee diving into an exotic flower with an abundance of powdery pollen and nectar.

White Champa Flower, Costus Root & Orris Root
How to Use
Mist around your crown & heart 5 times a day, everyday.
Purified water (Aqua), Michelia alba (White Champa Flower) Oil, Saussurea lappa (Costus Root) Oil, Iris pallida (Orris Root) Oil, Nymphaea antares (Red Cup Water Lily) Flower Essence, Lathyrus odoratus (Sweet Pea) Flower Essence, Symplocarpus foetidus (Meadow Cabbage) Flower Essence, Gilia stellata (Star Flower) Flower Essence, Achillea millefolium (Yarrow) Flower Essence, Nelumbo nucifera (Lotus) Flower Essence and Citrine Gem Essence.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Please Don’t Stop Using It (I Say This With Love)

I seriously was in the prime of my life when I was using this. Lack didn’t exist. As a person who previously focused on limitations, it felt so good to be in a place emotionally and physically where I truly saw the abundance that already surrounds me and openness to receive endless possibilities. A famous quote from “The Compound Effect” said something along the lines of “we stop doing the things that made us successful.” I just realized I stopped using it and I am almost completely out. My life is also in a very different place. I realize that I have gotten distracted and off track with a lot of things and this is something that added value to my beautiful life so I will be repurchasing! :) it also smells delightful!!! Can’t recommend this enough!!!

Love this mist... really expansive!

I have introduced this mist to my several other essences that I am using at this time in my deep dives in awareness and I actually felt a difference, like it is completely ok to have it all. I was already working on that area and I believe that this essence supported me in a beautiful way along with how the circumstances have presented themselves over the past few days. I definitely recommend this essence, it does bring a matrix of expansion that makes it easier to accept your greatness and your good. The smell is kind of sweet and peculiar, then soon becomes like a sweet breeze. Katie is without a shadow of a doubt indeed a master in this art. So far I tried 12 different essences and I love them all ;)

Sharon Falchuk
Take up the space that is rightfully yours!

I bought this to have on my desk as energetic "bookends" to the sessions I have with my clients (I am a certified Functional Medicine Health Coach). I always had a tendency to play it small and not realize my own worth, so when people (personally or professionally) pushed back, were louder than me, or asked more of me than was "agreed" upon I just caved...with my time, with my energy, and with my output/work. It was always the feeling of being less important than everything and everyone around me. For example, I would go way over with my sessions if I said it was time to end and clients kept saying, "Just one more thing." Spraying "Expansive Presence" right before and after each session has helped me fully embody myself so I can create the necessary boundaries to be more sure of myself, speak up, take better care of myself, and be more successful. Plus, it has a very uplifting, fresh, and empowering scent that is like a beautiful reset button for me...and like a friend cheering me on!


I'm loving using this mist! It feels so refreshing and makes me smile whenever I use it!

Love it. Smells and feels divine.

I love this spray. It smells and feels divine. The shift in energy and mood that I feel is so potent and it makes me feel so happy.
This product and the wisdom of these flowers have helped me dissolve fears, learn to accomplish things in an entirely different and creative way - with ease, gentleness and an intention to receive, and have supported me in stepping out to do the things my heart yearned to. Thanks to the support of this blend, I have the joy of sharing my work and gifts with others, which fills my heart. Thank you so much!