Flowerevolution Card Deck

    • Wake up your inner wisdom with 54 beautiful flower cards + 8 different readings.

      Choose the flowers you're most attracted to + find out what it means about you. Discover new insights about yourself, navigate through challenging situations + reveal your greatest impact.

    • Pairs with the Flowerevolution book or can be used alone.

Customer Reviews

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Baby Steps

I met Katie at an event in the Gudrun Sjoden store in Soho. I was struck by the flowers I chose at Katie's table had the same meaning/guidance as the flower I chose at Lisa's Wei of Chocolate's table. It was about using my intuition more. When I got home I bought the deck of flower cards to follow through on listening to my inner voice. Years ago I had used tarot cards and also Bach Flower Remedies, but now I felt I was being led to Katie's deck of flower cards. I didn't use them right away - I felt I would know when I was ready. When I finally used them, I drew three cards that told me in succession what was missing and what I needed to do. It has been very powerful and I am leaving the three cards out on a table where I look at them and read the meaning again and again. I think that, for me, I won't use them every day, but only when something is ready to be looked at and transformed. I am very grateful for the opportunity to meet Katie and Lisa and for the tools to uncover more of what I need to become.


I wanted Lotus Wei to compile a deck of cards so much, and was pleasantly surprised when you announced that one was in the works! This has exceeded my expectations. It's beautifully designed and packaged, and the info on the cards is insightful. Every time I pull one, the reading is spot on! This is a beautiful ritual to have and I hope that there will be a volume II soon (hint hint ).

Flowers and Calling in the Color Energy

My Flower deck came at the perfect time. I am reading Flowerevolution of course, but once a week on Sunday I read a chapter in a book called Your Life in Color, Empowering Your Soul with the Energy of Color, but Dougall Fraser. Each color that you can manifest draws in a different energy. Two weeks ago it was purple. The power of leadership, so each day I intentionally pulled a purple flower. Last week it was red, the color of manifesting emotion, and every day I pulled a beautiful red color. You are supposed to pick something that you can refer to throughout the day to keep that color flowing. For me, I referred back to my pretty flowers and the power that each represents to keep the beautiful energy in my day! I am also taking Radiant Energy drops 5 times a day. I feel great!


Beautiful art work and inspiring messages...a great addition to my soul and color cards. Will give these as gifts too.

Thank you for your kind words, Molly! Love that you're benefiting

I cannot speak highly enough of these beautiful cards. As an intuitive card reader, I have quite the collection and the Flower Evolution deck would have to be one of the best. This deck contains very unique flowers, photographed simply and beautifully. The messages are easy to understand and filled with relevance. I absolutely love the deck and have just started to share readings from it on my healing practice Facebook page. I enjoy working with it personally too. Think I may need another set, as I am certain to wear this one out! :-)

Thank you so much for your high praise, Marie! So happy to hear you love the card deck + find the readings relevant. Best of luck with your practice, as well! Much love