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I received the Spotted Bee Balm elixir and Inner Peace mist and they were just what I needed!! After using them consistently for over 2 weeks now I have definitely felt a change in me. It has helped me turn towards my discomfort instead of running away. The Inner Peace mist smells amazing and would instantly bring a sense of calmness over me. I also really enjoyed the journal prompts that they email to you!! Overall I’ve had the best experience with this company! Everything I’ve purchased has been amazing!!!

Worth Every Penny

I tried The Flower Evolution for the first time with the Johnny Jump-Up Essence and holy cow, was it amazing! Upon using it I found myself fearlessly trying out new things and even signing up to do side jobs that perhaps in the past i would have second guessed myself about. As a result I've also made new friends who feel like people I've known my whole life, and found friends who I had lost contact with suddenly coming back into my life. The Johnny-Jump Up essence I think has been my favorite essence thus far and I really hope you'll consider making it available outside of the program because I would love to explore it some more. In the meantime, I'm excited to see what next month's evolution has to offer and of course will be incorporating more lotuswei essences into my life :)

Anna Engevold
Very Impressed

I started with the inner peace anointing oil and felt calmer and seemed to be falling asleep faster and then I joined the flower revolution, starting with Johnny jump up and think it is awesome. Gave me quite a sharp tongue until I remembered to use the Fierce Compassion oil along with the elixir! I have tried many many things to help me fall asleep, I have had this problem for years, and after one month of using an elixir, joy juice mist and two of the oils I am definitely falling asleep faster and sleeping much better! Plus a few other positive changes. Very Happy! I can hardly wait to see what next month brings!!

Justyna Wallace
Amazing compliment to all other therapies

Lotuswei I’m in awe of your sweet superior products, and the selection. Johnny Jump Up had me speaking up more wildly than usual and not cowering. I was very impressed how articulate I became in standing up for myself with humour or compassion or both (in combination with Black Bat Flower too).

Somehow I ended up boldly confronting a greedy ”trusted” family vet for trying to pull money for hours of unnecessary & stressful tests instead of helping my very old lady, falling and suffering best pal/dog, Avi. I did not buy into his shaming & doubting. I stayed firm in my energetic awareness & decisive animal communication, after 6 years of not needing his traditional methods, and even felt his anger that this dog appeared externally in “better” shape that his younger pooches.

I “coincidentally” received an email from Lotuswei (the day we had a new Vet come to the house to relieve my dog at the end of her journey) & the email suggested Inner Peace for pets. I had my dog lick some off my hand and could tell by her eyes & ears that a heaviness in her melted away.. The new vet I attracted into our lives was so compassionate and protective. She screened the dog and confirmed hip & kidney failure as suspected.

When my daughter came home later in the month with a new puppy with her Dad, I was able to embrace this new chapter with less fear or guilt, after enduring the grief with lots of tears but a lightness. Perhaps it’s “outrageous” to welcome a new pet so soon (I would have normally thought) but I feel Johnny Jump up helped me do so with ease knowing the cycle of life & death continues in an amazing dance..

I love these products, I am happily picking & choosing & feel Johnny Jump up opened my husband too in bed, lol. I cant wait to one day try this scent too, its been an intriguing experience and all yummier & stronger than other essences I have tried previously. Thank You Lotuswei team <3

Tanya Risnes
Excited to be apart of the Revolution!

I started with Coralroot Orchid and it has been super supportive as I am coming out of 8 years of being a caregiver to my mom, who transition to the Isle of the Blessed last July. I love flower essences and these are amazing quality.