July 11, 2018

EP 39: MOONSHINE LUNAR FORECAST with Kristina Wingeier 

Happy Eclipse Season ~ we’ve arrived! Every 6 months, there is a 6 week time when the sun gets within a particular distance to one of the nodes of the moon, resulting in a series of eclipses. What can you expect with this one? A trinity of eclipses ~ 2 partial solar eclipses + 1 total lunar eclipse! As the emotional beings that we are, this bundle of supercharged lunations means things will intensify ... 

On this episode of our MOONSHINE series, Kristina Windier + I dive deep into what to expect this lunar cycle, important dates to throw on your calendar, rituals to harness the powerful energy of eclipse season + flower elixirs I recommend for getting a jump on *stabilizing* for it all!

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To really get into the spirit, we even recorded this one with the lights out. Full embrace of the dark side, baby! ; )


With 2 big eclipse taking place + Mercury retrograding, the themes for this cycle include:

  • Finding home
  • Diplomacy
  • Fire-walking the hot coals
  • Unifying heart + mind
  • New beginnings + letting go

Things will begin + things will end.
Things will get more dark + they will also get more bright.
With all of this intense activation, it is a really powerful time of potential growth + accelerated transformation. Are you ready?

NEW SUPERMOON in Cancer + partial solar eclipse :: Thursday, July 12th

THEME: Finding home.

Cancer is the sign of home {family, roots, security + belonging}. With the new moon + Sun making a trine with Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces, there is a lot of receptive water energy at play. This will offer us some much needed guidance in emotional fluency to be able to move anything that feels stagnant + surf the emotional waves without getting stuck. It will also teach us how to find the balance between taking care of ourselves + others (family, work, society as a whole). 

We will also have a lot of supportive Earth energy during the new moon, with Uranus in Taurus + Venus in Virgo. We will be reminded of the importance of surrounding ourselves with people + environments that make us feel comfortable, ourselves + supported. This is the time to build new structures + lay out a strong foundation for new ideas + systems because they. are. coming.

ILLUMINATES: emotions, home/foundation/roots, feminine lunation; power of deep emotional connection

SHADOW-SIDE: brings to surface: emotional catharsis feeling (around new moon and first week); stuff coming up and out; emotional purging/healing and visioning into what’s possible; avoid power struggles + emotional dramas.


  • Pluto in Capricorn: this strong opposition sometimes shows up as a healing crisis.
  • Saturn in Capricorn: build new structure + lay foundation for new ideas. 
  • Uranus + asteroid Juno in Taurus
  • Venus + asteroid + Ceres in Virgo
NEW MOON Rituals :: Bullet Journal Entry
  • Are you ignoring yourself + taking care of everyone else?
  • Are you overindulging in caring for yourself and not tending to others?
  • Personal family obligations and professional obligations
  • What seeds can you plant to take action toward what you want to create?
  • What does not support/nurture you?
FIRST QUARTER MOON in Libra :: Thursday, July 19th

THEME: Diplomacy. It doesn't have to be war. It can be peaceful.

Libra is a graceful + creative diplomat that represents harmony, karmic balance + cooperation. This is the time to remember to focus where you are aligned + connected with others, see the deeper value systems at play when faced with conflict, have a conversation rather than a boxing match, and be open to other perspectives.

Both quarter moons (first + last) in this cycle are ruled by Venus and this energy offers a nice nudge to move us closer to where the harmony, beauty + love is. Align yourself back to center when things seem extreme by seducing yourself with the things that make you feel graceful + gorgeous. 

ILLUMINATES: Put on your diplomacy hat; see both sides of the story; stay balanced in your own life so you don’t go to extremes; mediate conversations; help others see another point of view

SHADOW-SIDE: Giving too much to others, glossing over things without addressing them, worry about disturbing the status quo; Be a diplomat, not a doormat.

  • Take time for luxury + do something nice for yourself. Wear that lovely dress you have tucked away for a special time, rock your favorite color lipstick, drink a yummy rose/cardamom oat milk latte, go to an outdoor concert, listen to birdsong.
  • Go to the farmers market + get one thing that feels like an indulgence ~ fresh flowers, local honey, fresh popsicles, chocolate croissant, a nice piece of pottery. 

Alright, you can look at this with an, "Ugh! Why now!? Aren't the eclipses enough torture?!?" attitude ... or you can see it as a sign to retreat, and write a new heart-based narrative. Rather than starting new projects, buying new technology + trying to solve the big issues, hunker down and chill out because one of the most intense days of the year is coming up ... 

TOTAL FULL MOON ECLIPSE in Aquarius :: Friday, July 27th

THEME:Firewalking the hot coals.

This full moon eclipse is all about walking the pathway of hot coals, through a dark tunnel ... but arriving to the other side of the fire with new value systems that are oriented from the heart + a bigger realization of our full potential (as individuals + as a collective). 

Aquarius is innovative, avant-garde and often lives beyond the realm of societal norms. This Aquarian eclipse will be your ally in letting go of any old narratives that separate you from the collective and launch you into a whole new experience of reality. On a global level, there will be a ripple effect of realizing what we ALL have in common ~ which is human love, the interconnectedness of e v e r y t h i n g + the happiness we all want.  

ILLUMINATES: Leading from the heart (not the ego), new ways of being, big visions ~ so big we can't even imagine them right now, the opportunity to move away from old narratives

SHADOW-SIDE: Old narratives + stories about yourself as to why you don't belong or feel like an outsider

Planetary Influences:

  • Sun moves into Leo on Sunday, July 22nd
  • Mercury stationing retrograde in Leo on July 25/26th{review of the heart, creative life, what you’re passionate about, living a heart-centered vs. big-ass drama/ego + needing to be looked at + praised}: people may start acting whacky/nutty. Review + re-write your narrative. 
  • Hard square to Uranus in Taurus
  • COOL DOWN! Eat watermelon, jump in a lake, go skinny dipping, make your favorite smoothie.
  • Rose helps soothe irritability + cools down the body when we're feeling hot + bothered. Infinite Love is the perfect survival kit tool for this HOT + sticky situation. Throw your mist into the fridge for extra cool vibes.
  • If there are bullets you need to dodge, consider these questions: Where are we connected? What do we have in common? What value systems are at play?
LAST QUARTER MOON in Taurus :: Saturday, August 4th

THEME: Get back in your body.

Feeling the eclipse hang-over? The good news is the hardest part of eclipse season is behind us at this point. If you felt like you were blown out of your body, now is the time to land back into it. 

ILLUMINATES: Five senses, body, fertility, creation

SHADOW-SIDE: Getting stuck, being stubborn + rigid + unwilling to see other points of view; doubling down in stubbornness or fixation


  • Quarter moon ruled by Venus: beauty, grace, embodiment, love + connection  
  • Conjunction to Uranus: unexpected things can happen (Uranus goes back into Aries)
  • Venus moves into Libra on August 6th - you may feel more social + exchange ideas 
  • Uranus stations retrograde on August 7th - getting more internal with Uranus in Taurus aspects (review time)
  • Mercury Kazimi August 8th - get a nice download of heart wisdom!
  • Do whatever you do that takes care of your physical body.
  • Eat a beautiful meal slowly + mindfully.
  • HYDRATE: drink lots of water {even better if it is infused with your favorite flower elixir}.
  • REST: swing in a hammock, lay your body directly on the Earth, don't stay late at work.

To get a jump start on stabilizing for the shifts these cosmic shifts will instigate, below are the flowers I recommend for this lunar cycle:


*PINK TORCH GINGERPink Torch Ginger helps us learn from situations in life that arise to help us heal old wounds. It helps us purify old patterns by revisiting a challenge in our lives; we experience the 'sacred sting' as we actually pull the stinger out of our systems. Rather than figuring out an issue, it reverses or unravels patterns. It dissolves loneliness, abandonment, and the need to 'bear it all alone.' Pink Torch Ginger helps us actualize the transformative power of compassion from the inside out. 

*This elixir is only available in our 6-month Flowerevolution Program if you sign up before July 15th. 

*GAMECHANGER: Infused with 4 of the most powerful flowers for ease, effortlessness + expansive growth, Gamechanger reminds us of the beauty of *being* in the present moment ~ without feeling like we have to do anything. Rather than being seduced by distraction, Gamechanger helps us get comfortable with resting in the being state.

*Experience GAMECHANGER with a flower elixir, aura mist, balancing serum+ anointing oil!

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