February 14, 2018

EP #18: MOONSHINE LUNAR FORECAST with Kristina Wingeier

This is an extra special episode! We are launching a new series every month called MOONSHINE where we invite special guest Kristina Wingeier, an intuitive astrologer, that we featured in a previous podcast, to share her wisdom with us by providing a cosmic forecast for the upcoming lunar cycle. We will also be providing flowers + rituals to help you navigate through it!





New Moon in Aquarius 2/15 or 2/16: Partial solar eclipse:
Release thoughts and mental programming that constrict the heart’s value system. Let go of things/people/ideas that suppress you and your unique self.

Look back over the past two weeks (since total lunar eclipse) to identify old beliefs about love, beauty, partnership, self worth etc. What have you discovered to be true?

Install fresh new thought patterns with this New Moon in Aquarius. You may feel more connected to loved ones; find new ways to express it.

Weekend Rituals 2/16-2/18: Moving into Pisces:
Rest and integrate. Don’t push against the flow! Surrender to what is happening. Clear your schedule as much as possible; chill out this weekend.

Connect with the Inner Mystic. Notice deep compassion; avoid delusions and over-accommodating tendencies. Expand self-love and self-compassion.

Optional Flower Power: Mist yourself with Inner Peace, anoint with Fierce Compassion, or infuse your drinks with Date Blossom to experience euphoria + freedom from extremes or rigid ideas about good/bad or right/wrong.

First Quarter Moon in Gemini: Friday 2/23:
Look for a new solution to an old problem. Explore the polarities; get playful and curious.

With the Full Moon around the corner, tensions can rise. Use the energy to battle and transform your own internal demons instead of duking it out with others.

Weekend Rituals 2/23-2/25:
Dance, move your body to music, do jumping jacks or stretch your arms up into the sky.

Full Moon in Virgo Thursday 3/1:
Optimism, confidence, faith, positivity and hope are highlighted with a juicy Venus/Jupiter trine. Grounding, refining, healing Moon. Remember: your body is the sacred container for your spiritual expression. Eat simple meals to support digestion/assimilation.

Weekend Rituals 3/2 - 3/4:
Lovely Mercury aspects with the benefics Jupiter (Friday) and Venus (Sunday). Allow your mind to dream and vision into the abundance that is.  Yearly Sun conjunction with Neptune. Feel your way to your truth.

Make Chocolate!!
Savor the dreamy weekend and envision what you want. After the weekend, Mercury and Venus move in fiery Aries; this week put your visions into action.

Kristina’s favorite recipe:

½ c. coconut oil

½ c. cacao powder

Maple syrup to taste

Pinch of salt

Splash of vanilla extra

2 peppermint essential oil

Put into silicone molds + store in the refrigerator.


Katie’s favorite Chocolate ganache recipe here

March 8th - July 10th: Jupiter retrogrades:
Take an inner journey, explore your depths, expand inwardly, review recent progress.

Friday 3/9 - Third Quarter Moon in Sagittarius:
Let go of idealism, overzealous energy and wanting to be ‘right’.

Weekend Ritual 3/9-3/11:
Clear out physical space - clear out a drawer, a closet, your inbox.

Sunday 3/11 Mars trine Uranus:
Break out of your comfort zone!


Instagram: @KristinaWingeier
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Follow her on Instagram: @iamkatiehess @lotuswei
LinkedIn: Katie Hess
Media Kit: Katie Hess, International

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