Food as a Joyful Practice

February 20, 2018

EP 19: Food as a Joyful Practice with Shannon Sims

Shannon's favorite childhood flower + words she used to describe it:
Rose: Gentile. Innocent. Loving

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Shannon is a passionate holistic health educator and food artist based in Portland, Oregon. Her works aims to ignite conversation and dwell in the overlapping realms of food, wellness and creativity.

Her food philosophy aims to invoke a sense of place using local produce that reflects the season in a way that is vibrant, delicious and uplifting. Working with chefs and farmers at the Portland farmers markets for most of the last decade, Shannon's style is strongly informed by the local landscape, community and the fluidity of the natural world.  With a whole foods philosophy, her work centers around simplicity, balance and harmony within and to our relationship with Earth.  

Losing her mother to cancer at age 25, it became evident early on that food had to do more than be delicious and beautiful -- it has to be healing; a living, supportive ally to the mind, body and spirit for the human journey.

What you'll hear in this episode:

  • Tuning into what your body needs for nourishment
  • Food as a healing art
  • Delicious, quick + easy recipes
  • Eating healthy on a budget
  • Utilizing your local farmers for fresh, organic ingredients
  • Not taking rejection; Learning how to 'course correct'

Contact Shannon Sims:
Instagram: @LoveShovel
Visit her website: Food Art Love

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