February 06, 2018

EP 17: Rediscovering the Unspoken Language of YOU with Katie Hess

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This week's episode of the Flowerlounge, comes from the edge from which Katie is personally learning, and from the world of flower essences.

It's not meant to be obscure - it's kind of like finding language for something that doesn’t yet have a language. When she looked at the themes during the last few collection trips, she realized there are two main themes that are presenting themselves in a BIG way lately.

What you'll hear in this episode:

  • Creating deeper intimacy + meaningful human connection
  • How to cut through superficiality + get right to the point
  • Healthy ways to process experiences + emotions so they don't get stuck within your body
  • How to take an active role in creating your life experience
  • Trusting your own abilities to navigate your way through new situations


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