July 03, 2019

Hello from Asia! 

During this trip I have fallen more deeply in love with Taiwan than ever before! 

The green mountains are breathtaking, the oolong teas are flowery and refreshing, and the overall vibe of the country is soft and gentle. 

While living in the city, I got deeply endeared by watching hundreds of elders doing qi gong, tai chi and self-healing exercises in the huge city park called Da’an Park. I got so inspired watching one man in his eighties with the body of a 20-year old, that I committed to a daily movement program every morning in the flowering trees. 

Every morning Taylor and I would walk to the park and evolve our routine. We even made a video about it, because we thought it could be helpful for you at home. Stay tuned! Coming soon.

Then I experienced such a sense of freedom jumping on the open road! We rented a car and drove to the luscious green jungles of central Taiwan. We sought out flowers near several hot springs along the way - sometimes successful, sometimes utterly rained (or flooded) out.

So many people were asking us questions about our travels through Taiwan that Taylor and I set up the microphones in the middle of the park one evening and sat down to give our best answers.

In today’s latest episode of the Flowerlounge Podcast, we talk about the food, the jungles and the good, bad and ugly of collecting flower essences here. We even talk about the non-sexy parts of travel - from the assault of stinky tofu clouds to jet lag to mosquitos. 

We talk about our favorite crazy foods and what it feels like to not understand the language. We expound on what’s so special about Taiwan and the flowers we’ve seen in abundance here. Please have a listen!

Also! In anticipation of our new meditation program recorded in Taiwan, I recorded this short 'listening to your heartbeat' practice that you can find here!

Love from Asia,