June 30, 2019

One of my favorite things about collecting flower essences with Katie is witnessing all that goes into the process. I’ve been traveling, co-piloting + flower hunting with Katie for the past 4 years … and yes, witnessing someone translate the secret teachings of flowers is definitely as cool as it sounds. ;)

While the actual collection protocol looks like she is just capturing the essence of the flower, there is so. much. more. that ends up in your flower elixir bottle.

Having experienced the magical places the flowers are being collected from + the flower elixir itself, I can tell you that these flower elixirs take you places ...

I feel the same sense of childlike wonder I felt when we drank glacier melt water droplets off a fluorescent patch of moss in the middle-of-nowhere Iceland after a few doses of the Moss elixir.

I experience the shockingly palpable inseparability with the Earth that I felt in the plains of Minnesota when I drink the Fringed Orchid elixir we collected there.

The list goes on, but my experience while on collection trips is only a transitory moment in time. What really gets me going is knowing that the medicine that is being made will benefit YOU + thousands of other people by awakening special qualities inside of you - without even having to leave your own living room!

AND! It's an experience that you can have, again and again - anytime, anywhere.

So what I want to know is this:

where does your inner explorer want to go?

The vast landscapes of Iceland?
A sky-like prairie in the Mid-West?
The majestic mountains of Whistler?
A magical wildflower trail in the Grand Tetons?

Be transported to one of these special places around the world with these 4 flower elixirs:

When I think of Iceland, I think of the moss carpets that cover entire landscapes ~ its ethereal beauty takes your breath away!

As an essence, Icelandic Moss invites your inner child to come out + play in a nourishing + revitalizing way! It helps us let go of grumpy tension and awaken wonder, curiosity and the freedom we felt as a child. Playing and being playful liberates tension and makes us more creative, productive + joyful! It helps us dissolve inhibition and experience more freedom in our bodies + daily lives. Rediscover your child-like curiosity + wonder with the Icelandic Moss elixir.

The Arctic Lupine collected in Whistler, B.C. has a way of slowing us into a whole new level of peace. At a time when bears are just coming out of hibernation, the magic of Arctic Lupine helped keep me calm, cool + collected when we were hiking through their turf.

This flower elixir dissolves intense overwhelm or feeling like you're not safe in your environment. It brings in a comforting sense of security + protection when we feel like we are in over our heads. It infuses us with strength to keep ourselves grounded - no matter what comes our way. Experience the comfort + peacefulness of Arctic Lupine in our Inner Peace Collection.

We found the rare + special Western Prairie Fringed Orchid in the Great Plains of Minnesota. The experience of finding this flower reaffirmed every cell in my body that we all have the capacity to communicate with the ancient wisdom of the Earth -  in a way I never knew was possible. 

Western Prairie Fringed Orchid opens us up to tap into electrical energetic systems of individuals, groups and places ~ allowing for a swift download + exchange of energy and understanding. Embrace electric communication + expand your positive impact with the Fringed Orchid flower elixir.

When I think of the Grand Tetons, I think of Skyrocket. We found this strikingly gorgeous flower on a wildflower trail in the Grand Tetons of Wyoming. It was collected at a time when I had to speak up about something that was painful + uncomfortable for me to talk about. Flowers make themselves known to you when you need a a swift infusion of their essence.

Skyrocket helps us stand taller and be more fearless about our self-expression or lack of expression (silence). It sharpens our tongue, expands our aura and allows us to make a shift in the way that we interact with certain people or situations in our lives. It dissolves dullness or lack of awareness and stimulates a fierceness that teaches a lesson. Set clear boundaries + expand your powerful presence with Skyrocket flower elixir.

Cheers to inner exploring!