December 26, 2021

Have you recently felt any of the following?
  • Disappointment in yourself or your patterns
  • Anger at your thoughts & emotions
  • Speaking harshly to yourself in your mind
  • Referring to yourself in a negative way to others
  • Self-limitation or self-punishment
  • Expecting the worst
  • Being hard on yourself
  • Reluctance or resistance to self-care
  • Difficulty giving yourself a break
  • Being kind to yourself is a challenge


If you’re drawn to Ruby gemstone, you might have the habit of being hard on yourself. In recent times you may have felt discouraged or disappointed in your thoughts, emotional patterns or behaviors, or have suddenly found a trigger that you thought you’d long transcended. At times you may perceive your inner turmoil as ugly or unbecoming.

In moments of stress, you may get down on yourself or punish yourself (even if only in your mind), leading to self-sabotage. You may notice yourself engaging in negative self-talk or saying things to yourself in your mind that you’d never say to your best friend. Your self-care activities may have long dried up and you might be pushing yourself the extra mile in a subtle form of self-torture.

You may hear words coming out of your mouth referring to yourself in negative ways. Deeeep down, you may feel that there’s no hope. Emotional resistance and physical tension may have become a recent norm during times of high stress.



Activate: Gentleness
Message: Soften.

At the root of much of our core-wound patterning lies a subconscious thread of self-hatred. Self-hatred may seem like too intense of a word for some, but it lives in our subconscious. For the most part, we are unaware of it. It only sneaks into our consciousness through subtle behaviors like: negative self-talk, self-limitation, self-punishment or severe reluctance to self-care. It can manifest as being hard on ourselves and expecting the worst.

Ruby softens hardness, irritation and self-sabotage that intertwine with our personal glitches. It magnifies softness of the heart, helping us be more gentle, affectionate and loving with ourselves and others. Ruby calms anger, agitation, aggression and control issues. It helps us productively channel fiery tension so that we don’t harm ourselves or others. It clears confusion and frustration, and makes us stronger and bolder. It gives us the focus and motivation to achieve our goals, while being kind to ourselves.



Ruby is one of the four precious gemstones, along with diamond, emerald and sapphire; the hardness of the Ruby (almost) rivals the diamond. Rubies are mined all over the world, with the finest quality coming from Myanmar (Burma) with specimens ranging from deep red to rich magenta.

Fun fact: Almost all rubies have imperfections! It’s extremely rare to find a Ruby without a flaw — mother nature’s art of ‘wabi sabi’! (Even the stone itself demands self-love for its own imperfections.)

Worn as a stone on the body, Ruby gemstone is known to have tremendous value for the physical body, ranging in benefits from clearing up skin problems to regulating menstrual cycles to strengthening bones. Gemstone experts say it boosts circulation, balances blood pressure and revitalizes energy. Most importantly, it cleanses the body of toxins and increases oxygen capacity in the blood. Some healers say it’s imperative to wear a Ruby on the body in the case of metal or mineral toxicities.

Worn regularly, Ruby acts as a protective agent, strengthening the aura and calming the body. It protects against negative psychic energy and gives our sacral chakra a boost, attracting wealth, fame and good fortune.

In Essence

MAGNIFIES: Love, affection, gentleness; Compassion for oneself and others; Ability to turn toward and tend to oneself

DISSOLVES: Irritation, hardness, resistance; Self-hatred & self-sabotage; Subconscious self-hatred patterns


Love + flower petals,