December 21, 2022

Have you felt any of the following recently?

  • Fear of not being loved
  • A tendency to shut down or harden your heart
  • Self-sacrificing or ignoring your own basic needs
If any of this resonates with you DIVINE WITHIN is for you.


Cacao Flower

If you’re attracted to the Cacao flower, you may be burning the candle at both ends or depriving yourself in some way. You may be under-nourished and in a constant state of depletion or operating at half capacity. You may feel fatigued, yet not allow yourself to get enough sleep or take a nap. You might be hungry, but instead of eating proper meals with protein and a variety of vegetables, you might find yourself eating some weird snacks or just getting by on something that’s easy.

Alternatively, you may not know what you want -- or be subconsciously avoidant of really going after what you want. You may put everyone else's needs as priority over your own needs or desires. You may worry about being 'selfish' if you do what's best for you, or follow your heart with conviction.

Cacao flower helps us make our basic needs a priority so that we can explore what it feels like to thrive and expand to the next level. Once we’re nourished, we have unlimited stores of creativity. Our cup is full and we’re able to give, create and thrive effortlessly.

When our bodies operate replete with minerals and vitamins -- we feel whole, complete and able to take bigger risks and undergo greater strides of responsibility and action, because it is operating out of abundance and holistic balance. We’re able to allow nourishment, support and abundance. When we allow ourselves to meet our needs -- we feel overflowing, abundant, beautiful, exotic. We also have a greater capacity to honor what our greatest flourishing might look like. We recognize that we have direct access to support, stability, strength, and a network. We have the capacity to make things happen in a way that feels magical, because we feel so supported.


Japanese Camellia
Message: I AM LOVE

If you’re drawn to the Japanese Camellia, you may either feel apathetic, indifferent and disconnected, or the opposite: fixated on worries or fears about the worst possible outcome. From time to time, you may feel a looming sense of dread or reluctance to hear certain words or messages from others. You may be worrying about the future or have a tendency to blame or be hard on yourself when life becomes uncomfortable.

Japanese Camellia inspires a peaceful acceptance of the way things are. It induces contentment, like the full belly feeling after a beautiful meal. We feel warm and fuzzy, almost as if we’re surrounded by family or a sense of family and camaraderie. Japanese Camellia offers a deeper acceptance of all things the way they are.

It magnifies a deep softness and appreciation of beauty. We are filled with peaceful laughter and we experience empathy with the people around us. Our ability to deeply listen with all senses and feel the essence of what’s behind people’s words is enhanced. We may feel like being quiet so that we can tune in and listen even more to what others are saying vs. having our own reaction or interjecting our own words. There is a peaceful, patient energy that flows through us that acts clearly without hesitation.

Even if people around us are harsh or come at us with fierce words or energy, we can soften and stay open and peaceful. Our sense of inner peace is not as affected by others emotions; we can maintain our soft patience. Instead of jumping to conclusions and then being hard on ourselves, we can simply quietly observe what’s happening around us and find it easier to maintain a sense of soft inner peace.


Frog Orchid

If you are attracted to the Frog Orchid, you are ready to explore the world of orchids and what they can offer our state of consciousness. You may be ready to perceive the world around you using a different part of your mind - that which does not require ‘thinking’.

You may be wanting to be more in-tune with the world as it is, reconnecting your head and your heart. Opening oneself to our channels of divine intuition, we can more clearly see.Frog Orchid helps open up the crown chakra, as well as the channel between the crown and heart center. It allows us to perceive what life is like when we are in states of non-thought, when we are simply in a ‘being’ state. When we are free of thinking, intellectualizing and ‘figuring it out’, we are free of dualistic rumination.

Frog Orchid activates clear seeing, awareness and states of deep peacefulness. It brings us 100% into the present moment, without clinging to duality. It connects the head and heart and enhances our moment-to-moment perception of awareness, so that past and future do not matter to us, thereby dissolving panic, dread, negativity and feeling like our energy is being drained constantly by our own mental rumination and excessive interpretation. It helps us cut through the storytelling that we do inside our own minds and to simply practice perceiving reality as it is, without judgment. It helps us be more in tune with our inner knowingness.



Bonsai Plum Blossom

If you’re attracted to the Bonsai Plum Blossom, you may struggle with perfectionism or fear of judgment, criticism or attack. Rather than experience the freedom to take wild risks out of your comfort zone, you may stop short as a result of underlying fears. You may occasionally experience fear of being seen, or a desire to hide when all eyes are on you. You may be evasive, elusive or sweep things under the rug for fear of blame or conflict, not because you are irresponsible, but because it seems easier in the moment to avoid confrontation.

Alternatively, you may have the tendency when decision-making to believe there is only one right way, (and you must figure out that one right way, or else ...). This approach can intensify a simple decision into an almost life or death decision, because there is a fear of failure, getting it wrong or missing an opportunity.

Plum Blossom is a gentle, motherly love that allows us to make mistakes, to fail, to be imperfect. It allows us to experience different things and develop an ability to get better and better over time. Rather than allow perfectionism or fear of failure/judgment to prevent us from acting, we’re able to experience more freedom to explore, experiment and be curious.

Rather than asking ourselves, ‘What’s the safest route?’ we ask, ‘What will allow us to flourish most quickly?’. No longer any tension or fear of harm, we experience freedom in our movements, both in terms of the physical body -- as well as the next moves we make.Bonsai Plum Blossom allows us to take bigger risks while still feeling supported. It offers a firm stability and foundation from which we can make choices, and boosts our inner stability so we can flourish in any environment: we feel untouchable!


Starburst Flower

If you feel drawn to the Starburst flower, there may be a part of you that feels impotent, or that you’re too small to make an impact. You may long to be more powerful or make a bigger difference in the world. Alternatively, you may be wary or afraid of doing something ‘wrong’, or worry about what others think of you. You may desire reassurance or a sense that what you do and who you are -- has value. You may feel under-appreciated, dismissed or unaccounted for. You might feel that your opinion doesn’t matter or that what you do goes unnoticed, or is in vain.

The full-blown manifestation of this inner struggle is that your frustration may lead to venting or blowing off steam. You may feel like you need extra reassurance or attention. You may feel swayed to make others see things your way or feel attached to a specific outcome. This can lead to talking too much and requiring too much of others’ energy to feel validated in your position.

Starburst flower is the elixir for self-fulfillment, autonomy and assuredness. It awakens deep self-trust and self-reliance, so we don’t look for external sources of validation. We no longer worry about what others think or fear their reactions to our behavior or choices.We blaze ahead, pioneering our own way without crumbling under the weight of others’ opinions. We no longer allow peer pressure to influence the truth that resides within ourselves. We can express ourselves freely in the world without experiencing the tension of others’ emotional reactions.

Starburst flower is a powerful reminder that the way we make a difference in the world -- is from the inside out. When we are self-fulfilled and autonomous, our sole presence in the world makes a difference. We are no longer attached to an external validation; therefore, we do not need to see proof of our benefit to humanity - our mere existence and intent to become more mature and wise IS the ultimate difference we can make. We can let go of the need to ‘make an impact’ knowing that in fact, we ARE making an impact by being self-sufficient, calm and self-assured.


Magenta Epidendrum

If you’re attracted to the Epidendrum Orchid, you may be yearning for more ease and connection. You may have found yourself nervous that things won’t turn out the way you want them to, or worried that you’ll ‘miss the boat’. Or, you may have a subtle fear running in the background that you’ll be alone or lonely at some point in the future. Ultimately we come in and out of this world alone -- aloneness is real.

And everything is inherently unknown - we cannot orchestrate the future and we have no idea what is actually coming next in life. As humans, we tend to fear the unknown. We put up walls when we are afraid. We grow tense with resistance, wary of the unknown. We dig in our heels and resist. We cannot control life, so it makes us uneasy.

Epidendrum Orchid teaches us how to open our hearts to life. When we’re open to life, we can allow things to fall into place. We can work with whatever arises around us. We can be more open to deep, meaningful connections with people that we ordinarily would put up walls to keep out because of a simple fear of the unknown.

We can go right to the heart of the matter, and there is no confusion. We are at ease, because we are in our integrity. We are clear and direct and heart-centered. We come from a malleable and soft place that can put itself in others’ shoes and better understand the other.

When we can stay open to what is, we become curious about the truth of the situation and how to work with it. When we engage and cultivate our curiosity, we’re more receptive to fortuitous occurrences and synchronistic events with people and the environment around us: Do what you do well, keep your heart open and the rest will fall into place. Nature does not make great effort - it just blooms.



These are two flower elixirs that we feel are so important, we put them in every formula we make! We infuse blend with Pink Lotus (wisdom + insights) and Yarrow (re-energize after being on cell phone/computer). Pink Lotus is also a "catalyst flower essence," strengthening and boosting the synergistic effects of every blend.


Divine Within Mist & Anointing Oil contain Rose Absolute & Sandalwood Oil.

Use When You Feel or Find Yourself: 

  • Fearing not being loved or lovable
  • Afraid of not being perfect, of being judged or criticized
  • Anxious that things won’t turn out the way you want them to 
  • Uncertain or fearful of the unknown
  • Trying to 'save' someone in some way
  • Feeling lonely and/or alone
  • Feeling in a constant state of deficit & self-sacrificing 

Divine Within encourages:

  • Gentleness, tenderness & a protective love toward yourself
  • Feeling more freedom in your body
  • Going right to the heart of the matter
  • Loving without attachment
  • A gentle acceptance and surrendering during life’s growing pains and challenges
  • A feeling that love is all around
  • Feeling secure in love relationships. 


MAGNIFIES: Gentleness, tenderness and motherly, protective love toward yourself; ability to flourish and take bigger risks with curiosity, exploration and experimentation; untouchable in the external world; experiencing more freedom in your body; feeling secure in love relationships. Open-heartedness; curiosity, being open to life; feeling that love is all around; being direct and heart-centered; going right to the heart of the matter; forgiveness when others don’t live up to our expectations, Autonomy & self-fulfillment; Inwardly focused; Assuredness & confidence, Coming from a deeper place in the heart; deeper levels of love and compassion; awakens and lifts energy around the face and heart; deep appreciation of everything around you, sense of being nourished and/or knowing what it requires to feel nourished, supported and abundant;

DISSOLVES: Fear of not being perfect; fear of being judged, criticized, blamed or attacked; fear of being judged on social media, revenge or being in harm’s way; desire to hide or run away; sense that we are unlucky or cursed in some way; fear of black magic. Anxiety that things won’t turn out the way you want them to, uncertainty or fear of the unknown; worry about missing the boat, being alone or loneliness; avoiding situations out of fear; shutting down the heart out of fear or worry, Fear of doing it “wrong”; Feeling dismissed or unaccounted for; Sense of impotence or not making a difference, Worry, callousness, being unaware, Feeling in a constant state of deficit, hunger, weakness, low vitality, depletion, distraction.


Love + flower petals,