July 10, 2017

After finishing the Midwestern segment of the Thunder Moon Flowerlounge Tour in Chicago + Minneapolis, we jumped on the road to a secret location rumored to have a highly endangered species of orchid in Minnesota. The plant is so rare, that most Minnesotans have never even heard of it!


When we arrived hours later, it was almost dusk. Following intuition every step of the way, we turned down several gravel roads, parked, and took a walk through tall grasses. We saw wild pink + white roses + stopped to listen + record the birdsongs, allowing time to sit on the Earth + tune in to the area. What a magical place. Unexpectedly powerful, the energy reminded me a little of Iceland.

We didn’t have any luck during the first two walks. We jumped in the car and kept going and suddenly, off in the distance I could see some curious little plants with circular white buds on the tops of them.

“Stop! Stop the car!”

I hopped out + ran back down the gravel road. I started jumping up + down. I wasn’t totally sure it was the right one, but a part of me was experiencing recognition. I got closer and sure enough, it was them.

Taylor came running with her camera and as we sat in awe at the incredible wild beauty of these rare prairie orchids, the only dark cloud in the sky moved in overhead. The rest of the sky was a blue, orange + apricot canvas for the fluffy white cumulus clouds as the sun set.

A loud rumbling tumbled out of the cloud directly overhead, stopping us in our tracks. It was as if Mother Nature was saying:

“Yes, I see you. Yes.”


Being greeted with such an affirmation + blessing made our mouths drop open (we are on the Thunder Moon Flowerlounge Tour!)  All around us was open sky, with the exception of that one dark cloud right above our heads. A few more loud cracks of thunder, and a gentle rain came down in soft drops, refreshing our skin + dampening our clothing. We stood watching the sky incredulously, with its patches of golden sunlight, bright white clouds + apricot horizons.

We went for a walk; the lightning bugs were dancing everywhere. The sun moved below the horizon and the sky darkened. All around us the glowing sparks of neon green of the lightning bugs. Off in the distance, lightning flashed in pink veins inside the clouds. We sat down in the grass to record the bugs + birds. After listening intently for a while, we turned our heads and were blown away again. Off in the distance was the full moon rising - huge and RED. We stared in disbelief. We’d never seen such a deeply rich-colored red-orange moon before. We stood still, watching the moon.

When the moon turned white, we made our way to a tipi that we had reserved at a quiet state park near a bison reserve. A huge white structure that could hold at least 12 people, we circled round + enjoyed our dinner of mangos + cherries before falling asleep to the breezes of the quiet plains.

When we woke up the next morning, we went back to collect the flower essence

This rare and special orchid opens us up to tap into electrical energetic systems of individuals, groups and places, allowing for a swift exchange of energy and understanding. It enhances our capacity to communicate energetically, increasing input and output strength for a more profound positive impact. Read more.

NOTE: No orchid plants were harmed in the making of this flower elixir. I hold these plants very dear, obviously, so I take great care in making the essence. Also, for a flower that is so rarely seen, this is a great way to magnify its benefits to reach more people and preserve its essence, even in the face of being an endangered species.


Love + flower petals,