{Great Western Prairie Fringed Orchid} Electric Communication. Capacity to Download. Intuitive Perception.

July 24, 2018

Platanthera praeclara
Activate: Electric communication
Message: Tap into the collective.

One of my most magical collection stories of all time, this orchid is a powerhouse. Weeks before even setting out on the road trip across the United States, I had been sending messages to this flower, and to its habitat, asking for help to find it: “I’m coming. If it is in my best interest to find you, please help me find you.”

After following our intuition on where to go in the middle of endless miles and miles of plains against the horizon, we followed a heron and sat down to listen. I closed my eyes and touched the Earth, feeling for the pulse, the heart of the place, saying in my mind: “I’m here, I’m here. I’m here to create something that will help many people. Please show me the way.”

Short story: we were greeted with one of the most incredibly touching displays of rumbling thunder, gentle blessing rain, red full moon rising, neon fireflies and a welcoming chorus of singing insects and birds.

If there is any doubt that the Earth has an ancient consciousness, and that we can communicate to and with that source of wisdom, it is experiences like these that stay imprinted in our hearts forever. If we are open, we can be in direct communication with a place, an ecosystem, a flower, the sky and something so vast + magical it cannot be explained in words.

Read the entire magical collection story, with photos, here.

Why it’s Special

The Great Western Prairie Fringed Orchid is found in the Midwest, in the northern states on either side of the Mississippi River in the United States. An endangered species, this orchid grows only in the Midwest of the United States in bogs and wetlands. It is nocturnally fragrant and pollinated by hawk moths. The reason they are a rare species is because of mass conversion of wetlands to croplands and farms, along with the widespread use of pesticides that harm their pollinators, the hawk moths.


No orchid plants were harmed in the making of this flower elixir. I hold these plants very dear, obviously, so I take great care in making the essence. Also, for a flower that is so rarely seen, this is a great way to magnify its benefits to reach more people and preserve its essence, even in the face of being an endangered species.

What it Reveals

If you are drawn to the Fringed Orchid, you may be ready for a new kind of communication, one that does not require words. You may often feel that verbal interactions are limiting or that there is some way you’re not connecting. You may feel that despite verbal communication, there are barriers to deep understanding or that you sometimes don’t understand people or their motivations, especially if they are ‘different’ from you.

Rather than feel like you are spinning your wheels or trying too hard to connect, you would prefer a more effortless way to communicate. You are prepared to listen more deeply to a more intuitive perception that allows for instant insights. You are becoming more open to your ability to sense the needs of a person, place or group collective, and the Fringed Orchid shows us a new capacity to do just that.

What the Elixir Catalyzes

The rare and special Fringed Orchid opens us up to tap into the subtle electrical energetic systems of individuals, groups, communities and locations, allowing for a swift exchange of energy and understanding. It enhances our capacity to communicate energetically, increasing input and output strength for a more profound positive impact.

Our ability to get instant insights into what a person, group, collective or place is magnified. It is an instant knowingness that arises, and so clear that we can take immediate action without hesitation.

Suddenly, we know what to do. We know what to say. We know how to act. It may be very different than what we’re used to doing. We may quickly realize that we can moderate our behavior to be what each individual we are faced with needs in that very moment. We become more aware of an effortless perceptiveness and knowingness of what others need in order to feel nourished. We connect to others with much more ease, saying or doing exactly what is needed for true connection and intimacy.

In other words, if we are with an individual, we suddenly know how to speak their language. If we’re in a group, we know what to do or say that reflects the needs of the group. If we are in a place or environment, we are able to transmit meaningful information with an electric style of communication.

Just as electricity moves very quickly through water, we’re able to rapidly gain information from a place, a group or a body of work by tuning in or tapping in. For example, if we are public speaking, we’re more able to speak precisely to what will be the most electrifying for that collective.

In Essence

Magnifies:Electric communication; capacity to download information from individuals, collectives, places, etc.; intuitive perception + ability to act immediately in accordance with your newfound knowledge

Dissolves:Trying too hard; missing the mark; lack of connection; inability to get on another's level for clear communication


Love + flower petals,

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