Healing Crisis & Flower Essences

August 09, 2022

Every once in a while, we get someone asking us ...

"What if I feel the opposite of what I’m supposed to feel?"

Or they tell us...

"Things that I thought I moved on from are suddenly coming back up!"


When a flower elixir targets a pattern that is deep-seated, invisible to us, or ripe for change, it is possible that for a brief period we feel the exact opposite of what we think we should feel. The flower elixir may be showing us what is preventing us from honoring or developing its qualities by amplifying our awareness of what’s in the way; it becomes impossible to ignore any longer. The obstacle is so in our face + unavoidable that we become acutely aware of it, making it easier to change our behavior or thought patterns.

Butterfly Cocoons LOTUSWEI flower essences

Let’s say you start taking Pink Magnolia flower elixir, which magnifies our ability to be kinder to ourselves by taking more breaks and time for self-care. Pink Magnolia is indicated when we find ourselves giving all of our energy to others, whether it’s loved ones, children, friends, or colleagues. We say yes to everything and take care of everyone else ~ to the detriment of our own well being. If this is a long-term or deep-seated pattern, we initially may extend ourselves even moreto others, running ourselves completely ragged. This amplification makes our behavior so obvious, that we are able to exhaust the habit and thereafter make a point to maintain a healthy balance that includes taking care of ourselves.

This process or experience is what is known as a “healing crisis,”  and happens rarely. The terminology sounds worse than the definition: a heightened emotional state for about 24 hours, as the remedy unravels a particular pattern.

The emotions come up to come out, as if we were reliving a suppressed emotion at accelerated speeds, as it rises up to a conscious level in order to be released. This state usually consists of one day that feels more emotionally sensitive; we have a good cry or reflect deeply on something from the past. Then the next day we often feel better than ever, as if something has been cleared out.

Also, when this experience occurs, it’s not excruciating ~ it’s more like a good, needed rain in the desert. After a nice rain, everything flourishes.These intense experiences typically happen within the first few months of regular flower elixir use, if at all, and as we take flower elixirs more consistently over time, they become even more rare.

By observing what arises, you’ll not only learn a lot about what kind of self-limiting patterns are at play in the background, but you can also start to feel a little distance between all of that + you.

Because in essence, none of those patterns are you. It’s like bugs getting stuck on the windshield when you’re driving down that beautiful country road of life. You are a pristine piece of glass + the process of observing what arises gives you the ability to see more clearly + dissolve those stuck bugs {also known as limiting patterns}.

green cocoons LOTUSWEI flower essences

Transformation is messy. I had always thought that when a caterpillar cocooned, it was hibernating + growing itself a pair of fancy wings onto that cute little caterpillar body.

Uh-uh. Get this: as the caterpillar is turning into a butterfly, there is a time where literally the entire caterpillar melts into a sort of liquid – completely dissembling itself, before re- forming itself as an entirely new being!

monarch butterfly on lavender LOTUSWEI flower essences

So yeah, transformation is messy + sometimes we have to disassemble everything in order to come out more beautiful + lovely on the other side.

In any case, dive in. See what happens.

Love + flower petals,

P.S. I talk about a healing crisis I experienced while taking the Night-Blooming Cereus flower elixir here.

P.P.S. In this post, I share about a brief moment of intensity I had while taking the Saguaro flower elixir.

P.P.P.S. I shot this video for people taking the Sacred Heart flower elixir when we first released it. I had a rip-roaring, ground shaking experience while working with it, and I share some insights & words of encouragement for everyone else taking it. When we experience the supposed 'opposite of what we're supposed to feel', there is massive benefit of going through that experience -- you are actually moving energy through your bioenergetic system, helping clear out old cellular memories from your sacred body & heart. When you allow yourself to feel 10000% the depth of that well of emotion (vs. repressing or resisting it), you will feel a greater level of freedom, power & liberation on the other side.