December 24, 2018

Phacelia Sericea
Activate: Directness
Message: Say it like it is.

After a day of collecting many different wildflowers in the Grand Tetons, we returned on a whim the next morning to gather this one last flower, because it felt important to the collection.

I remember while sitting next to the flower that its essence felt like a crone, or an old woman, the kind that tells you like it is because there’s nothing to lose.

silky fringe flower essence grand tetons

Why it’s Special

Silky Fringe grows along mountainsides in Canada and the U.S. at subalpine to alpine elevations - you can only find it growing above 5000 feet elevation!

Visually the flower looks like a meteor explosion. Particularly exquisite when viewed up close, it looks like hundreds of purple fireworks on one stem. It’s called ‘silky’ because of the velvety little hairs that grow on the leaves and stem. It blooms during summertime and some say it looks like a bottle brush.

silky fringe flower essence grand tetons lotuswei

What it Reveals

If you’re drawn to Silky Fringe, you may be an introvert longing to be more fearlessly direct. Alternatively, you may have a habit of withdrawal or avoidance in specific situations that would benefit from a more electric way of being ‘you’ and speaking up.

If there are any situations in life that trigger you into backing away or sidestepping vs. ‘taking the bull by the horns,’ take a look at those areas and apply the electric wisdom of the Silky Fringe flower essence.

silky fringe flower essence grand tetons lotuswei

What the Elixir Catalyzes

Silky Fringe sparks a burst of energy and joyous expression. It helps us speak directly. It creates space for unexpected wisdom to arise. We speak more electrically and bluntly. We feel we have nothing to lose. There are sudden insights. We experience a newfound sense of clarity. It becomes easier to reach out to others in a more extroverted way. We allow ourselves to be eccentric and to dance to a different tune than that rest.

silky fringe flower essence grand tetons lotuswei

Silky Fringe dissolves nostalgia, sadness, loss and loneliness. It disrupts habitual patterns of withdrawal, isolation and introversion. It cuts through anger, avoidance and running away.

Note: as with all flower essences, you may experience a purification of the ‘imbalance’ state in the beginning, so it’s perfectly normal that during the first few days of working with this elixir that you feel unusually quiet or withdrawn.

silky fringe flower essence grand tetons lotuswei

In Essence

Magnifies: Directness; addressing priorities head on; sudden insights + illumination; vitality + energetic expression

Dissolves: Isolation; withdrawal; introversion; nostalgia; sense of loss

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Love + flower petals,