September 07, 2015


When we look at the latest sleep statistics, there's no doubt that most of us could use a little help from flowers:

Sleep Statistics:

  • 1/3 of Americans have inability to sleep sometime during their lives (however this is an old statistic - whenever I give workshops I always ask folks to raise their hands if they have troubles sleeping and across the U.S. it's at least 1 in every 2 people who can't sleep!)
  • 30 million people in the U.S. are currently affected by inability to sleep
  • More than 10 million Americans use prescription medications to sleep
  • 2 million children have inability to sleep; 30-40% of children are not getting enough sleep
  • Sleeping pill prescriptions for children ages 10-18 has increased 85% in the last 3 years
  • As a culture we sleep 20% less than 100 years ago
  • The root cause of most sleep problems is stress

Whereas the medical system regards inability to fall or stay asleep as a disorder, it is merely a symptom of our ever busier lifestyles; we find ourselves overwhelmed and overstimulated during the day, making it more difficult to relax when it’s time to sleep at night.

And while some people have turned to natural sleep supports like herbs and aromatherapy, most have not yet heard of one of the gentlest forms of natural medicine – flower essences – that work via the acupuncture meridians of the body. They do not have a scent and are traditionally taken internally.

Here’s the good news about flower essences for sleep:

They work.

Flower essences are effective and fast-acting, targeting the root causes of restless sleep, so that even chronic sufferers notice a remarkable difference in sleep quality within several nights.

Done. In less than a second.

As beneficial as meditation, yoga, and a good workout are for our overall health and sleep patterns, sometimes we just don’t have or make time for them. Using flower essences requires no major time commitment. It’s easy and convenient: take 5 drops sublingually 5 times a day, or put a dropperful into your water bottle each time you fill it up and drink it throughout the day. Taken regularly, they greatly benefit any health and wellness regimen (including meditation, yoga, and your workout).

Flower essences have no side effects.

They are safe for adults, pregnant and nursing moms, children, and the elderly, with no contraindications. This is revolutionary, because the side effects of sleeping pills can include dizziness, uncontrollable shaking, grogginess, stomach pain – the list goes on and on. Some are habit-forming and yet others cause parasomnia, which includes engaging in activities like driving and eating while fully asleep.

Statistics show an increasing number of adolescents being prescribed sleeping pills. We don’t yet know the long-term consequences of these medications on their bodies, at a time when their neurological and endocrine systems are not yet fully developed.

On the other hand, the short-term effects of flower essences are a greater sense of peace, strength, clarity, and happiness. When used regularly over time, they eliminate non-constructive patterns, accelerate personal growth and help you operate from your best self all the time.

Flower essences address the root causes of sleep issues, which can be different for each person.


Or simply scroll for a quick snapshot of the top 4 flower essences we recommend for deep sleep, more focus + crystal clear clarity ...

bird of paradise LOTUSWEI flower essences


If you are attracted to the Bird of Paradise, you likely tend toward analytical thinking. When a problem arises, rather than rely on intuition, you’d rather solve it intellectually. You are likely articulate with your speech and come up with lots of ideas, but sometimes those ideas never stop, exhausting you. You may experience monkey mind or loops of thoughts that make you less effective or cause you to stay awake at night. Sometimes being too much in your head can make you feel disconnected from those around you, or others may express that they feel distant from you. This may be because your overabundance of thoughts keeps you too much in your own world. 

Bird of Paradise elixir quiets the mental monkeys and helps us have a more meditative state of mind by bringing energy from the head down into the heart. It helps us let go of overanalyzing situations and being skeptical of things we don’t understand. It helps us better connect to people around us and operate more from quiet observation and intuition. Instead of processing intellectually, we become more open to creative solutions and right brain thinking. We operate from observation or experience rather than from what we think. As a result, we feel more connected to everything around us.

For example, if you wake up in the middle of the night and you can’t get back to sleep because your mind is racing or thinking about your to-do list, Bird of Paradise flower essence helps to quiet the mind making it easier to fall back asleep.


passionflower flower essence


If you are attracted to the Passionflower, you may have felt like you’re moving so fast you’re not operating on all cylinders. You may be overworking, or on the go so much that your nerves are frazzled. You need more rest, naps, or minibreaks throughout the day. You may also suffer from restless sleep, disturbing dreams, or inability to sleep throughout the entire night. 

Conversely, you may have difficulties in winding down at night before bed. You may tend to think about something over and over, either before sleep or upon waking in the middle of the night. 

Passionflower elixir helps us let go of mental chatter, anxiety, and thinking too much and too fast. It encourages deep sleep, and facilitates the effortless resolution of issues on a subconscious level through slumber. During the day, Passionflower slows us down ever so slightly so that we can be more effective. When we think too much, it leads to stress, depletion, and eventually to adrenal fatigue or burnout. When we make it a habit to take breaks during the day, and possibly even naps or power naps, we’re sharper and more decisive.

Passionflower induces a sense of deep peace and helps us take deeper breaths. It inspires us to feel not only more grounded, but also more plugged in to what’s sacred to us, enhancing both awareness and intuition. 


brugmansia flower essence lotuswei Katie hess


If you’re attracted to the Brugmansia flower, you likely work very hard. You don’t like the thought of disappointing anyone. If you say you’re going to do something, you follow through; you are responsible and reliable. You like helping people and you know how to get things done. You are flexible and patient with others. 

When your sense of responsibility is taken to an extreme, however, it can lead you to overwork or worry about letting people down. You may feel anxious about taking a day off, calling in sick when you need it, or rescheduling plans. You enjoy life, but at times you may feel that your presence at work is vital, which can lead to sacrificing your self-care for work. 

If, over a long period of time, you sacrifice your self-care, you run the risk of feeling hardened, resentful, bitter, or impatient. If you’ve had stressful situations occur in the recent past, you may find it difficult to show your soft and vulnerable side. The pattern of not asking for help can lead to overwhelm or injuries. In some situations, you may be forced to ask for help or to streamline your work load. 

Brugmansia flower elixir is for those occasions when we find ourselves tending toward workaholism, or when we fear that if we’re not involved in a certain project, something might go wrong. When we find we’re letting challenging situations harden us, Brugmansia softens us into vulnerability and patience. 

When we work long hours or bring work into our minds during our free time, it has the potential to disturb our sleep. Brugmansia dissolves anxiety and helps us let go and let loose, inspiring a deep experience of calm and, as a result, better sleep. It encourages us to problem-solve, find creative solutions, and delegate when necessary. 


dandelion LOTUSWEI flower essences


If you’re visually attracted to the Dandelion flower you may be experiencing neck and shoulder tension or knots in your upper body. Alternatively, your body may be asking you to become more aware of how you store stress in your muscles, so that you can release it consciously and avoid more severe physical issues in the future. Tense muscles can lead to body alignment issues and poor posture. 

Dandelion flower elixir helps us identify how we store stress and tension in the body and allows us to release it. It’s a powerful elixir for clearing static and accumulated stress from our muscles. 

Especially effective for quickly releasing neck and shoulder tension, Dandelion elixir is one of the most valuable flower elixirs for massage therapists and bodyworkers. Used in mists and massage oils, it helps their clients relax more deeply. Massage therapists don’t have to work so hard at massaging out the knots, as they quickly begin to dissolve on their own. 


If you are a person who generally sleeps pretty well, you'll sleep like a baby, from using flower essences right before you go to bed. If you're among those who chronically have a difficult time sleeping, using flower essences regularly throughout the day will lead to the best results.

Flower essences for sleep, taken during the day, do not put you to sleep. They simply relax your muscles and make you more clear and relaxed. Then when it's time to go to sleep at night, you're more able to let go and fall into a deep sleep.

Being aware of the way we experience stress is the key - then we can figure out which flowers will not only help us get to sleep more easily and stay asleep, but make us happier and more fulfilled in life during the day!

Love + flower petals,

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Photo Credits: little girl sleeping - Virginia HK