November 15, 2015


We've had so many people ask us what our favorite sleep rituals are, that we created this sleep ceremony. If you have lots of time and wish to luxuriate in the ultimate self-care, do all six steps. If you're short on time, just do one of them! flower elixir in water 1. Make yourself a cup of hot tea. It can be any type of tea you like that doesn't have caffeine or stimulants. Herbal teas specifically for bedtime usually contain chamomile, lavender, california poppy and passionflower. One of my favorite bedtime teas is this one. Add five drops of the Quiet Mind Elixir to your tea. Take a few quiet moments for yourself, just sitting and drinking tea (no smartphone). Breathe deeply and really enjoy your tea and this moment. If you'd like to savor a sleep chocolate with your tea, here's our favorite one. woman meditating 2. Do a short breathing meditation or body scan.  There's nothing that relaxes and unwinds more quickly than doing a short meditation at night. Whether sitting on the floor or lying down on your bed, we recorded a short one here for you to try. If you want to listen on your phone and headphones, download the free Soundcloud app for access to the body scan relaxation for resting, power naps or a pre-bedtime downtime. 3. Pour yourself a hot bath. Relax all your muscles. Let go ... After you get out and dry yourself off, do a little self massage (abhyanga). Pour yourself a hot bath and let the stresses of the day dissolve. If you don't have time for a whole body bath, pour some hot water and epsom salts in a bucket and give yourself a foot soak. After your muscles are thoroughly relaxed, dry off and give yourself a massage with the Healing Sleep Body Oil. Self massage is SO good for the body - read more about the practice of abhyanga here. If you poured yourself a hot foot bath, be sure to include step #5 below once you're comfortably situated in bed. inner peace energy mist 4. Mist your pillows and sheets with sleep-inducing flower elixirs. Mist your pillows with either Inner Peace Mist or Quiet Mind Mist. (Figure out which formula you need most, either intuitively what you're most drawn to or by taking the quiz on the app.) Inner Peace dissolves emotional stress and worries, whereas Quiet Mind relaxes mental stress, thinking too much and physical tension. foot massage in bed 5. Give yourself a foot rub with one of these oils: Healing Sleep, Quiet Mind, Inner Peace.

You don't need to have studied reflexology to know how to rub your own feet. After you've brushed your teeth and gotten into your pajamas and into bed, put some oil in your hands and rub out any knots of tension or sore spots on your feet while you're lying on your back. When you're finished, slip your tootsies into the sheets, roll over and go to sleep. The side benefit? Your feet will be nicely moisturized, not to mention your joints lubricated (according to Ayurveda, if you apply oil to the skin, it sinks down into the tissues and joints, getting rid of excess air in the body).

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6. Anoint yourself with sleep-inducing botanicals + elixirs. 

If you love scents, apply healing sleep anointing oil or quiet mind perfume to your pulse points, especially your wrists, so you can smell them as you go to sleep. As far as scents go, Healing Sleep is floral/earthy (rose, chamomile, spikenard, sandalwood) and Quiet Mind is fresh/green (lemon, coriander, geranium).

Keep any of these formulas by your bed. If you wake up in the middle of the night, use any one of them, then put your head back on the pillow and relax - instead of being up for several hours, mind wandering from topic to topic, you'll fall right back to zzzz ...