November 23, 2022

If you’re doing some holiday shopping or indulging in a little treat for yourself, here are some fun ideas:

Anything Infinite Love

Our most consistently popular blend of all time! For self-love, attracting love or feeling that love is all around, this blend catalyzes a noticeable difference when used regularly! You can’t go wrong giving anyone a little extra love. Infinite Love collection here.

Sacred Series

Both women AND men love this collection – it’s been flying off the shelf! Not to mention that all three blends are highly needed by everyone that walks on this planet —> this collection targets patterns that are currently prevalent in the collective consciousness! That means that all of us will have experiences and disturbances that can be healed, transformed and transcended through these three blends:

Sacred Body (revitalize your energy)

Sacred Heart (soothe your heart)

Sacred Awareness (connection, intuition, expression)

Flower Essences for Men

At times men seem to be the most challenging to find gifts for. Introduce them to a world of effortless personal growth & achievement! The guys on the LOTUSWEI team are on a mission to reach more men! Here’s the bundle they put together for the men you love.

Flower Essences for Pets

Don’t forget your furry ones! Just as much our family as the humans, and sometimes better because they always come running to love on you when you arrive home (at least the dogs & cats do … not sure about your pet iguana). Or gift loved ones that have pets: pet elixirs for the food or water bowl & see how their behavior changes in front of your eyes!

Wei of Chocolate

SURPRISE! We now carry Wei of Chocolate! We could not be more excited to offer dark chocolate as a compliment to the flower essences. Earth + Sky! Confession: I eat just about an entire bar of chocolate every day - my current favorites: Ginger (spicy chunks of crystallized ginger in creamy dark chocolate) and Black Sesame (a flavor I fell in love with in Taiwan! Better than peanut butter & chocolate). Buy a bar of this chocolate for every Mom, sister, colleague & best girl friend you have - they will love you. Find chocolate here.

Wisdom Nectar Tea

DOUBLE SURPRISE! We also now carry Wisdom Nectar Teas! Ocean + Earth + Sky. One of the best ways to keep the doctor away besides the apple. Drink a relaxing cup or two of tea per day. My current fav: Chai. And what I discovered that I REALLY LOVE these days? I love adding 2 tablespoons of tea to each pot of coffee in the morning! It smoothes everything out and adds a delicious flavor! Like today: I added two spoonfuls of Chai into the coffee filter with 10 scoops of coffee (large pot for the family). Add a little raw milk or oat milk and it tastes like dirty chai! Teas are here.

Fun Little Gifts

Sometimes you just want something cute to attach to the top of a package. Or you’d like to slip a little appreciation on your colleague’s desk. Or leave a little love note & treat for someone to cheer them up. Here are a few little sweet items that everyone loves: Moon Magic Bath Salts (comes with a bath meditation), Cardamom Lip Balm (that opens your throat chakra), a Flower Card Deck (then give your friend or niece a reading!) or a sweet little Tote Bag to put all the gifts in if you’re a cloth wrapper like me.

Precisely the right blend

Want to know the precise flower essence blend that your loved ones most need? Send them this quiz & ask them to report their results to you. Now you know! ; )

Love & flower petals,