how to gift flower essences to the men in your life

November 23, 2022

Hello LOTUSWEI family! I’m Alan.

You might have seen me recently in photos & videos as we traveled for the Ripple the Void Flowerlounge Tour.

On the tour, I noticed that thus far, there are very few men who attend the events. I’ve gotten the opportunity to work with several of these men in sessions and the results were profound. And all the women notice! ; )

I’m a Doctor of Chinese Medicine at the Self-Arising Nature Center and over the last year I’ve worked intensively with flower essences.

In an effort to reach more men, this is for all the men in your life –

Husbands, dads, brothers, sons, friends, co-workers and bosses. 

Are there times when you know that they may be struggling … but they can't and don’t know how to ask for help?

There is help, even for the most stubborn of us!

Often when I need support, what might come across is grouchiness, irritability or depression.

Sometimes it’s just so hard to ask for help, especially when we self-impose strength that ends up just cutting ourselves off from those around us – even those we love and who love us!

I know I have those moments… maybe for days or weeks! Depending on who you ask. ;)

When I feel this way, usually the ones who love me can’t stand me being stupid and gently remind me that there are flower essences that have helped in the past … like yesterday! 

A few of these we have put into a bundle for the holidays for that “special” man in your life … the one you love, the one you can’t stand, the one you want to evolve into their better self.

INNER KNOWING - How can I break through my own limitations and achieve exactly what I want?!

TRUE STRENGTH - How can I find balance and stability to create momentum and growth, breaking through old patterns and habits?

INNER PEACE - How can I find confidence and strength during stressful times and dissolve nervousness to speak my mind? 


And each of these blends come in:

Chi Accelerator (aka Elixirs) - liquid honey with the power of the Flower Essences

Skin Hydration (aka Serums) - hydrating oil for face, hands or body

Body - Mind Support (aka Mists) - easy mist to calm your mind and sharpen your senses


Working with these three flower essences have brought such incredible shifts into both my life, and also in my patients’ lives. They work synergistically and also by themselves.

Remember: when those around you can positively shift, YOU will also gain the rewards! :)

So let it rip!

Get the men in your life on these formulations and watch in amazement as their life – and your life – changes!

To see our page devoted to men, click here.

With care,