Wild Abundance Mist

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  • Flower essences combined with essential oils, infused in pure water.

    MAGNIFIES: Awareness + sharpened senses; synchronicity; abundance + prosperity; gratitude + appreciation; embracing all aspects of self; gracefulness; attraction

    DISSOLVES: Self-doubt, sense of scarcity, lack of clarity

    AROMA: Floral + Wood: Jasmine, Iris, Buddhawood, Sandalwood. 

  • Mist above and around your crown, neck and shoulders 5 times a day, everyday.

    GET CREATIVE: Mist your sheets, pillows, bedroom, office, before a date, after a party, during stressful times.

    FEEL A DIFFERENCE: Most people feel a dramatic difference in their everyday state of mind within 2-3 days, with a cumulative effect over time. If used regularly, bottle lasts 3-4 weeks, enough time to experience a significant shift in mood and everyday life. Safe (& excellent) for children.

  • JASMINE: Appreciation of your own beauty, magnetism + attraction

    GARDENIA: Transforming your perceived weaknesses into strengths, embracing all aspects of your self as beautiful

    PEONY: Abundance, ability to magnetize, gratitude, elegance

    WHITE WATER LILY: Self-compassion, synchronicity, feeling more connected to everyone and everything around you, sharper senses

    YARROW: Boosts the body’s natural energy levels and helps clear energetic saturation (from technology and other people)

    PINK LOTUS: Wisdom, insight, spiritual understanding

    DIAMOND GEMSTONE ESSENCE:Abundance, manifestation, amplification, fearlessness

  • INGREDIENTS: Purified water (Aqua), Jasminum grandiflorum(Jasmine Absolute Oil), Santalum paniculatum(Hawaiian Sandalwood) Oil, Monarda fistulosa(Monarda) Oil, Iris germanica (Orris root) Oil, Eremphila mitchellii(Buddhawood) Oil, Paeonia lactiflora(Peony) flower essence, Gardenia jasminoides (Gardenia) flower essence, Jasminum sambac(Jasmine) flower essence, Nymphaea odorata(White Water Lily) flower essence, Achillea millefolium(Yarrow) flower essence, Nelumba nucifera(Lotus) flower essence and Diamond gem essence.

Customer Reviews

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Love It!

Love the fragrance and love how it makes me feel! I have even sprayed it in the air before a friend comes over and it changes the atmosphere to more lighthearted joy and fun.

I love this lovely mist

I adore this beautifully smelling and lovely mist. If you are looking for something to brighten your day and feel wonderful, this mist is for you. I feel like I'm in a beautiful garden.

What an Amazing Blend

I have had such a great time using this blend! I've seen a growth in my astrology/tarot consultation practice, including a very special booking I was asked to do which involved doing tarot at a small group meeting of some very famous and influential writers who I've long admired. I continue to use this blend as I learn about my relationship to abundance and develop more confidence in my gifts. As an extra bonus the Serum smells divine! I just reordered the whole batch once again:)

This smells divine

I’m not much of a fragrance person as I find most to be cloying and unpleasant. Lotuswei mists, on the other hand, smell light and beautiful. The fragrance in the mists is not long lasting, and I actually like that. I feel that they give me a moment to refresh my aura and take a deep breath. Wild abundance smells divine, the jasmine is perfectly balanced with the sandalwood. I got a small sample of it in the seedspark kit and liked it enough to purchase a full sized bottle. I feel like the full size bottle smells even better, perhaps because it’s better preserved in the gorgeous miron glass packaging.

Makes me feel beautiful, happy and treasured

I was so excited when this collection launched. The mist smells enchanting and I feel open to possibilities! I’m looking forward to trying the elixer and serum next. Thanks for such a great new product!