Open Heart Mist

Awaken your raw, vulnerable, beautiful self. Engage with life. The timing is perfect. Push past boundaries & forge your own path. Nature ideas. Embrace curiosity & wonder. Fearlessly dive into intimacy in all your relationships.
Flower Essences Inside



Lady's Mantle

Clock Vine


Pink Lotus

Afraid to rock the boat with a change you know you need to make? Awaken courage to look at what's not working with Open Heart. Mist all around you to awaken your raw, vulnerable, beautiful self so that you can fearlessly engage with life. 

MAGNIFIES: Vulnerability; open-heartedness; inner devotion; intimacy in relationships; child-like curiosity

DISSOLVES: Numbness or resistance to emotion; fear of seeing the truth; boredom & apathy

Smells Like
Warm cherry liquor with a slice of lemon vanilla cream pie in a candlelit lounge on a red velvet couch.

Bourbon Rose, Cardamom, Cedar, Tonka Bean & Lemon
How to Use
Mist around your crown & heart 5 times a day, everyday.
Aqua (Purified Water), Rosa Borbonia (Rose) Absolute, Elettaria cardamomum (Cardamom) Absolute, Cedris atlantica (Cedar) Oil, Dipteryx odorata (Tonka Bean) Absolute, Citrus limonum (Lemon) Oil, Couroupita guianensis (Cannonball Flower) Flower Essence, Thunbergia mysorensis (Clock Vine) Flower Essence, Saraca asoca (Saraca) Flower Essence, Alchemilla (Lady's Mantle) Flower Essence, Achillea millefolium (Yarrow) Flower Essence, Nelumbo nucifera (Lotus) Flower Essence and Green Turquoise Gem Essence.

Customer Reviews

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Absolutely love anything from this company especially the aura sprays. It shifts my energy in a such a good way. Love it

Justina Moore
Subtle yet noticeable

I spray this before meditation and it inspires a tender feeling towards life

Unexpected scent — centering result

I have deeply enjoyed the combo of this mist plus the companion elixir. I came to Open Heart (or rather it came to me, thank you divine timing via an Instagram giveaway!) with a lot of ungrounded energy and tender/teary/looking to the past-ness. I was just a few weeks in at my new house and fresh off a bit of the holiday blues (first holiday season since breaking up). This Open Heart mist and elixir combo have allowed me to be with grief and tenderness in a non-overwhelming way. I felt totally rooted and capable to navigate whatever showed up as it showed up and no longer fearful of big feelings arising. I feel more peaceful and in my body. I am grateful to and for this flower magic. Now I’ll admit the scent is different than anything I’ve smelled before. It’s not bad, simply unfamiliar and took a little getting used to but it did grow on me (think it’s the cardamom!). As I’m wrapping up the Elixir, I’m grateful to still have the Open Heart energy with this mist to transition with me to the True Strength elixir.

Timothy Smith
More energy

I've noticed since adding this line to my routine I've been feeling more energetic when waking up and so much calmer, Like it's really helped relax my anxiety. Smells really lovely too! I love to mist myself at my job in between customers. I love the elixir and anointing oil as well!! It would be so cool if you could sell incense as well

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Kelly S.
it's growing on me

I wonder if this particular essence blend has been somewhat challenging for me based on the fact that I'm pretty "closed off" in general, and despite consciously working on this aspect of myself for the past year or so, I'm continually discovering old patterning and deep-seated beliefs that contribute to this recurring behavior. There have been breakthroughs, leading to powerful states of open-heartedness that felt very transformative, though that state of being never quite "stuck." Maybe it's not supposed to; maybe being in that state all the time could be problematic, at least for me... Whatever the case, I enjoy the feeling and have been chasing after it through various methods, most recently through this aptly-named flower essence blend. I'll write about the elixir in a separate review -- as for the mist, my initial reaction to the scent was "yuck." It had an undertone that I would describe as "dirty," like wet laundry that sat around too long after you forgot to put it in the dryer. This, I would later discover, was the cardamom, which was initially overpowering to my nose (I used a cardamom essential oil recently and it had the same scent profile). Likewise, the way I seemed to emotionally/energetically react to the blend itself was a bit yucky: I felt sort of grumpy, perhaps even more closed off than before, or at least more openly critical of myself and others. The tricky astrological timing that coincided with my experimenting might've factored into this. But it wasn't what I was expecting, to say the least. I then went back and re-watched Katie's video post and read others' reviews, and decided to try pairing the mist/elixir with Infinite Love mist/elixir, which I happened to have on hand (i.e. taking them simultaneously). This definitely seemed to soften the impact. Over time, I have come to appreciate the scent of the mist in a new way, and it's grown on me to the point that I now salivate a bit when I encounter it. The underlying sweetness has opened up for me and the "dirtiness" has dissipated, or at least taken on a new association; what once was off-putting has become charming. It lingers on my skin not like mildewy wash water, but like a secret that wants to be shared (not "stay away from me," but "come closer"). I've noticed subtle shifts in my behavior, more likely to make light-hearted jokes about my own bad habits and call myself out on them in a compassionate way. Self-discovery comes easily and without much (if any) accompanying "heaviness" in the process. Feeling pretty transparent in my interactions with others, and absolutely okay with that. It's like the characteristic "storm clouds" that usually follow me around have parted, and I'm feeling sunlight on my back now, instead.

I still haven't ventured to try the Open Heart solo (sans Infinite Love) after my initial experience, but I'm now considering doing so. It's been well over a month. Now that I can appreciate the scent by itself, I think I can handle the effects on their own without my Infinite Love security blanket. I'll follow up with a review of the elixir after trying this out for awhile.