Happy Workplace Kit


Experience More Laughter & Joy with the help of the Happy Workplace Kit

- JOY JUICE Mist (50ml): Smells like a bright citrus explosion of candy in your mouth while burying your face in exotic jasmine blossoms.

- VIETNAMESE COFFEE CHOCOLATE (50g): We all know the qualities of a good cup of coffee: warming, invigorating, motivating! With this deliciously creamy coffee dark chocolate bar, you can tap into those qualities to clarify your mind, ignite your creative fire & activate your energy. Infused with LOTUSWEI Inspired Action flower essences for creativity, motivation & intuition.

You will feel:

  • More bubbly and able to laugh
  • That it’s easy to connect with people you don’t know
  • That life feels fun and playful
  • Moving from head to heart
  • Like you're moving through blocks
  • Synergy and Teamwork
  • Enhanced intuition & trust in yourself

When to use:

  • Group situations: Bringing people together that don’t know each other; at a little girls’ slumber party; in the classroom; during meetings at work
  • Boost mood: You or the people around you are feeling grumpy or cranky; your sense of humor is waning; cheer up your family & friends
  • First-time meetings: Awkward first moments of having coffee or lunch with someone you just met
  • Moments of seriousness: You catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and you have creases in between your eyebrows; you don’t remember the last time you had a belly laugh; on Mondays
  • Photoshoots: Mist everyone to make them laugh & smile
  • With children & pets: Playing with your kids or dogs feels like a chore; they get sad when you leave the house
  • In difficult situations: Delivering difficult news; a loved one is moving away & you don't want to say goodbye; in the hospital; doing a cleanse or change of diet and feeling cranky
  • For a full list of ingredients, please see each individual product's dedicated page.

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