Expansive Presence Elixir

Stepping into the spot light. Comfort with fear of the unknown. Open to receiving support & nourishment. Fuller realization of who we are as divine beings.
Flower Essences Inside

Red Cup Water Lily

Meadow Cabbage

Star Flower

Sweet Pea

Citrine Gem


Pink Lotus

Do you self-sacrifice & pay the price with depletion? Nourish your vision and magnify your ability to receive support & help with Expansive Presence Elixir. Add to all your beverages to activate powerful receptivity.

MAGNIFIES: Expansion; fearless independence; prosperity; receptivity; forward thinking; seeing priorities clearly

DISSOLVES: Holding back or hesitation; self-sacrifice & depletion; feeling stuck; fear of the unknown

How to Use
Set your intention. Take 5 drops, 5 times a day. Add to all your beverages - coffee, tea, water, etc. Put a dropperful in every water bottle.

Safe for children over 1 year.
Purified Water (Aqua), Ethically-Sourced Honey, Silver Hydrosol, Vitis vinifera (Grape) Alcohol, Nymphaea antares (Red Cup Water Lily) Flower Essence, Lathyrus odoratus (Sweet Pea) Flower Essence, Symplocarpus foetidus (Meadow Cabbage) Flower Essence, Gilia stellata (Star Flower) Flower Essence, Achillea millefolium (Yarrow) Flower Essence, Nelumbo nucifera (Lotus) Flower Essence and Citrine Gem Essence.

Customer Reviews

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I have a lot of these elixirs and have also made my own for years but these are my favorites♥️

Thank you so much :)

Letting Go of Control

My long time pattern is to try and control everything. I have an idea that I must do and all falls on my shoulders. Also, being a mother of three, this pattern can be exacerbated with me feeling I must take care of everything. My visions are big but I feel I must power and do it all.

Taking this elixir facilitated a big shift and freed up energy for me. I had the sense that I was co-creating instead of bearing sole responsibility for tasks, others, co-creations. In a stressful circumstance, I was able to surrender and rest into trust.

I found myself able to speak up and stand up for myself where I’d otherwise be timid. I was also truly safeguarding and honouring my needs and allowing myself to be nourished. I felt held.

Thank you for the alchemy creating this flower essence and helping to share the magic of Mother Earth that is available to us.

Feeling Held

This is my favourite Lotus Wei blend. I have taken it before and was drawn to take it again. My patterns before beginning were escalating stress and pushing / working harder to accomplish some goals. Immediately after taking a few drops, I felt the deepest sense of peace, that all is well. I observed a dramatic shift in energy that is hard to describe. Almost as if I felt held in a blanket of energy, and less defined sense of seperation and me only. I felt very supported.
Since taking it, I’ve observed synchronicities and things have been falling into place. Things I had thought I wanted to do just seemed to magically work out on their own. Magic.
I love the scent of the anointing oil and mist as well.

soothing and expressive

Really loved this one. My heart warms and radiates after taking this powerful elixir - truly beautiful thank you.

Current favorite

I really enjoy how this helps me focus in on what’s most important and prioritize tasks