I collected this wild Azalea in the wilderness of Yilan, Taiwan. Alongside a river, these wildflowers grow on a sharp cliff, occasionally falling into the water like flower offerings. The Taiwanese Azalea helps us see from a higher perspective: the moment we think we have it all figured out, something else arises. It dissolves the sense that there is only one way, or that what we want is unattainable, or too much to ask for. It helps us let go of holding back, so we can offer ourselves more generously to the world. Read more here!






When are you inspired to engage in some kind of sensory expression?

Allow yourself to make a steaming hot cup of tea, burn incense, apply aromatic oils, offer flowers, light tealight candles and engage in your creative endeavors with a wish for humanity.



By being intentional when taking our flower essences, we remind ourselves, our guides and the universe what it is we want to embody. Choose one of the phrases below that most resonates, or make up your own! Every time you take your elixir, close your eyes and set your intention:

I’m free to express myself
My wild creativity is an offering to the world
Don’t hold back!
I am an offering to the world
I’m devoted to my wishes
My fearless creativity enlivens my surroundings

To take it one step further, as you take your elixir and set your intention, visualize everyone else in this program, all around the world, feeling light and free. By connecting with others in our group, we exponentially multiply the benefit + ripple effect!



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Mist Truthteller Aura Mist over Gallbladder 15, 16, 17 & 18

Location: Series of four points on the top of the head. Finding the midline of the eye, kind of with the pupil, going straight up the forehead and just into the hairline about a half an inch, depending on where your hairline is, but that's about where it is.

Those first points are Gallbladder 15. And then one and a half inches behind that is Gallbladder 16, one and a half behind that Gallbladder 17, and one and a half behind that are Gallbladder 18. And those are the four points.

The good news is, we're using the aura mist, so we don't have to know the exact point-location. We can just mist the crown of our head and visualize our upper gallbladder points opening as portals to the sky and use the ritual that way.

Indications: Gallbladder 15 is called the “Head Governor of Tears”. It helps to give uss an elevated view from the mountain looking down; being able to see both the forest as well as the trees so that we can forge a path ahead and have clarity of vision.

The head governor of tears also rules the eyes which allows us to have that cathartic cry when emotions build up to the point of tears. When we allow ourselves to have that cathartic cry, we experience more freedom, a lot more creativity and connection with our intuition.

Gallbladder 16 is often translated as “Window of The Sky”, and is a direct connection to spirit. In Chinese medicine it’s also often referred to as “Heavenly Plan” - in a nondenominational way. It is a connection to the divine and this universal idea that we are interconnected and what that energy plan is like.

Gallbladder 17 is known as “Upright Living” or “Upright Nutrition” and can be thought of as strengthening our foundation and our resources so that we can access our limitless potential, creativity and expression. There is no boundary to our potential.

Gallbladder 18 is known as “Spirit Support” and is the ultimate inspiration point that comes from both our somatic experience and inspiration as human beings. It is also inspiration from the divine, connecting that with our truth and being able to clearly express it in the world.

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What creative ideas arise in your mind after taking the elixir?

What happens when you indulge in bringing your ideas to fruition?

In what ways can you allow your sensory expression to nourish you?

What offerings can you make to enliven your environment?


Prefer to have a printed sheet with the writing prompts, exquisite practices + a calendar to track your month?

Download the Taiwanese Azalea Support Guide here.



Spend quiet time alone in nature and take note of the ideas that arise.

Make offerings of water, flowers, smoke, food and aromas to inspire sacred intentions.

Dedicate your actions with a prayer for humanity to expand your impact.

Allow yourself to go after what you want and trust your creative inclinations.




Aura Mist LOTUSWEI flower essences



Effortless Communication.

I will help you:

  • Experience fearless speech + be an advocate for yourself
  • Speak freely about what's inside you
  • Communicate effortlessly even during difficult conversations

Use me when:

  • Communication issues are blocking you from getting what you want
  • You're frustrated or angry and not sure how to express those intense emotions
  • You're avoiding what needs to be said



    Teaching 1 - Seeing From a Higher Perspective

    Thank you so much for being with us in the Flowerevolution. I'm excited to talk about the Taiwanese Azalea today.

    Taiwanese -- it came from Taiwan and we traveled there last summer, and when you first arrive, if you've never been to Taiwan just as a reference for the healing qualities of the environment -- As soon as you come out of the airport in Taipei you feel this sense of lush, soft, humid air and everything's really quiet and gentle. And that theme, or that feeling translates all across the whole Island as a whole. Whether you're out in the deepest parts of the jungle soaking in hot springs, in the city, in Taipei there is this sense of gentleness, softness, safety.

    And so a lot of the flowers coming out of Taiwan are already going to have that element because they bring the healing quality of the place forward.

    The Taiwanese Azalea in terms of a flower elixir, helps us when we feel guilty, making ourselves a priority. It's for times when we feel stuck or stagnant, when we feel like what we really want is unattainable. Or when we self sacrifice. It helps us recognize that we don't have to feel guilty, that going after what we want and wanting things for ourselves and for the world is not selfish. That it benefits people.

    This wild Azalea liberates a tremendous amount of creative potential in us. You may notice when you start taking the elixir that you are flooded with new creative ideas. New ways of seeing things. It helps us really get a macro perspective. It's like the moment you think, you know it all, or you've seen it all, another layer uncovers that also helps us really go after the highest vision of what we want, knowing that it is attainable. It floods us with creative ideas, a very sharp and fast mental capacity.

    It's like when you can see the potential of what you're capable of, you become revitalized and you just want to create that and make that happen. It's a wonderful wildflower for helping us really realize what we're capable of in this world and make steps toward that.

    In order to get to the place where we collected this flower, Taylor and I rented a car and we drove out several hours out onto the East side of the Island. It's in a county and outside of a town called Yilan. And then you walkways to find this huge freezing cold river rushing down the middle of the jungly mountains. And then right next to this cold river are these like patches of hot springs. And the water, the rocks are bright red and green, and there are butterflies everywhere.

    It's so beautiful, and you can dig. It's like if you find a hot spring to sit in and it gets too cool because too much of the river water is coming in, you can dig into the sand, and it gets hotter and hotter obviously, but it's just such a strange phenomenon. This whole place is just like ripe with magic, and the azalea flower grows off of this cliff. It's like a wild Rhododendron.

    Over the next three months, we'll be working with flowers from Taiwan. The first two, specifically from this place in Yilan.

    Also this month, as we're working with Azalea, we recommend the Truthteller Mist. It'll come in a little bit smaller size than this one, and you just mist and if you're familiar already with Truthteller it helps you speak your truth, be fearless, not be worried about hurting people's feelings, be a better communicator, be more expressive.

    If you get all of these incredible, wonderful creative ideas coming to the surface, bubbling to the surface with Azalea, Truthteller will then support you to help make that happen through your speech capacity. If you need help, if you wanna ask for help, if you need to delegate, if you need to organize parts and pieces of making that creative vision come true, Truthteller will help you speak that into reality.

    The question for this week is:

    Once you are working with the Taiwanese Azalea for several days, jot down any ideas that you get. What creative ideas are arising in your mind?


    Teaching 2 - Indulge in Your Senses

    The theme for this week with the Taiwanese Azalea, is to indulge in your senses. This is gonna enhance your ability to feel creative and really tap into the quality of the flower to... It's not just getting the creative juices flowing, it's really learning how to live life in a different way, but the method or the practice is getting into your senses.

    And I don't tend to think of it as like indulge, because these are things that I don't always often do. So, can you take some aromatic oils and run them all over your body or put them on your feet before you go to bed at night? Do you have an essential oil diffuser? You can drop some essential oils in and diffuse the room with the scent. Is there some kind of really delightful or delicious tea that you can make yourself like a nice hot cup of tea, or some kind of a fancy, sparkly, bubbly drink that inspires you?

    Are there things that you know revitalize you, but in a sort of shocking creative way? Like for me, for example, it would be if I'm traveling cross country or on the road somewhere, and I see a river just like stripping all your clothes off and jumping in the river, skinny dipping or buying yourself fresh flowers.

    Or, you know, I actually heard someone say, and I can't remember who it was to give them credit, but the instruction was: for one whole year only wear clothes that you're madly in love with. And I thought, why is that such a hard thing to wrap your mind around?

    It almost feels indulgent. But it's really recharging our life in a way through our senses and through our creative capacity. For you, it could be creative projects, it could be skincare, it could be painting. So, really just like looking at what is it for you, that you can indulge in creatively through your senses, to really revitalize the energy around your life, and give you a different perspective.

    So, the question for this week is:

    What things can you indulge in creatively or through your sensory expression and pleasure, to revitalize your life?


    Teaching 3 - Streamlining Your Life

    Another aspect of the Taiwanese Azalea that I love is that it helps us get this really bird's-eye view. It helps us see a macro perspective and, you know, that could apply to many different areas in life. But I like to think of it as systems.

    So being able to sort of step out of the daily grind, to look at the systems and structures that help support you in your everyday life and streamlining those to make things easier. And it could be something as simple and practical as you need paper towels every two weeks or toilet paper or whatever are those like simple sundries that you need every now and then.

    And instead of making a separate trip that may involve a certain amount of struggle, you just get them delivered or finding ways to simplify and streamline your life so that it's full of ease. That may be asking people for help.

    Or let's say you take a really big shopping trip once a month because you're out in a rural area. It'd be so much more fun to invite somebody along with you. And then everyone can help carry all the heavy things.

    It's like, what kind of systems can you put in place that can roll in a either routine or automated way to really support you in your lifestyle of experiencing more ease and liberating more creativity and freedom?

    What are those routine things that you can either get support with, streamline or figure out how to reprioritize.

    That is the focus for this week. How can you streamline your life and looking at it from a bird's-eye view?


    Teaching 4 - Making An Offering of Yourself

    The theme for this week with the Taiwanese Azalea is making an offering of yourself. The best way to make an offering of yourself is through being 500% present in your body with yourself and with the other person or the environment that you're making the offering. Really your presence is the offering. And that can lead to other extensions of offerings, whether it's time or gifts or service.

    But the greatest offering is you and your ability to be present. Taylor was sharing with me that someone had said, you know, many people are suffering during this time. And so instead of just texting somebody and expecting that they're gonna be okay, she's writing handwritten notes and making phone calls, and now is an excellent time to practice just sort of resting an extra beat with people in your interactions and really looking at their breath and their body language, and their eyes, and how they're feeling and just being present with whatever arises.

    The offering is not in length, it's really the quality of interaction. And not only can you make an offering to other people with your presence but you can make an offering to yourself. What is there within you that wants your presence? What is happening inside of you that wants a witness or acknowledgement? Whether it's a creative inclination or some kind of project that you want, that you feel drawn to immersing yourself in, or just time to acknowledge something that's passing through your emotional landscape.

    Being able to be present with yourself without leaning into social media or grabbing your phone is wildly precious and rare these days. One of the pieces of homework I would say for this week is to notice what it feels like when you reduce the amount of time that you're on your phone or digital devices or social media or news. Just cut back just a little bit and turn your focus toward yourself and what you're up to and what you're creating in the world. Because Taiwanese Azalea is all about creativity and creation.

    Oftentimes the best creative energies just come from inside up self-arising, versus, we tend to think of creativity as output like writing a book or building a house. And this is a more subtle, internal form of creative energies, self-arising from the inside. And so creating conditions around yourself like we've talked about in previous weeks to help you feel nourished and indulging in sensory pleasure so that you can allow those creative energies to move.

    And then now, the expression of what does it feel like to make an offering of yourself to yourself or whatever wants to be seen or acknowledged within you in this moment, as well as the people in your life that you come in contact with. It can maybe be as simple as the cashier at the grocery store. If you just take an extra moment, like, "No, really how are you doing?" It makes a huge difference and can create deep connection, a feeling of deep connection with humanity around us.

    So, the question for this week is:

    How can you make an offering of yourself and your presence to yourself and to others that you come in contact with?